There’s More Debate Over The Meaning Of Harry Styles’ New Tattoos Than There Was Over Blue Ivy’s Name

Harry Styles new tattoo what does it mean 165998 17 BLACK Kevin PaulIt’s been a week chock full of One Direction news! Not only did the band finally reveal the cover art for their new album Take Me Home, but Harry Styles got some new ink. Now, the latter was more of a personal choice than a business-related decision, but you know that it has Directioners all in a tizzy. Mostly because they can’t tell what the tattoo says!

Celebuzz noticed the tat in a screenshot from 1D’s new video “Live While We’re Young,” thanks to Harry going all wet-T-shirt-contest on us. We could see that it’s several numbers and/or letters, but it’s not clear. In the day or so since it was first spotted, Directioners have gone all CSI on that shit, scrutinizing paparazzi photos to try and figure out what it says on his shoulder. Here are the top two theories we’ve found.

165998: This photo is being shared over Tumblr, with fans claiming that the numbers are Harry’s X Factor audition number. Aww, that would be really sweet if it were true.

17 BLACK: But The Sun claims that Harry 17 BLACK, which is a lucky gambling number in roulette and is the number used by James Bond whenever he has to infiltrate a casino to kill some baddies. (Of course, there are fans who are saying that “Black” sounds an awful lot like “Flack,” as in Harry’s alleged ex Caroline Flack.)

Harry’s tattoo artist Kevin Paul isn’t telling, either. He spoke to Sugarscape about the various tats he gave Harry, but kept mum on the specifics:

“They’re really personal to him—the reasons he had them done and stuff, so he doesn’t really want to announce what they are. I’m doing him a half sleeve which he doesn’t mind people knowing about. We’re doing that now, so over the next week or two I’m gonna draw that up, send him the pictures over and then I’ll go back down and start it up. One was something from his childhood, and another one was something really important in his life.”

Or maybe it’s a bit of misdirection! (I swear, pun not intended.) Several Directioners have pointed out on Tumblr that Harry also got a hanger on the inside of his left bicep… and hangers hang in closets. Which means it’s a veiled reference to the secret “Larry Stylinson” affair. Hey, I’ll give you guys that one, that’s a pretty good explanation.

But seriously, the last time I remember this level of obsession over a bunch of letters and numbers, it was when Blue Ivy was born and people were saying she was some devil-child of the Illuminati. I guess we need one of these conspiracy theories every summer, and we have this one thanks to a Harry Styles tattoo. Hopefully he’ll post an Instagram pic and put us out of our misery.

Photo: @kevinp666

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    • ShankRiley

      Not sure what all the fuss is about? He’s a big star and can afford to express himself. Hey if he ever needs to look for a 9-5 job he can cover his ink with a tattoo cover up sleeve:

    • Koolkat

      It says Gemma, you directionators!!!!! It’s in arabic!!!! Gosh, some people are such nitwits!

      • Christina

        it’s in hebrew…completely different from arabic.

      • 2Sass4U

        It’s hebrew wtf

      • Israeli proud directioner xx

        Hahaha its not in arabic! (: and im from israel so i know this is in hebrew .. גמה it means gemma, his sister

    • Mrs Styles xx

      i stared to cry …. no seriously in a 12 yr old girl curious about the world and if i do find out that harry is a free mason in gonna hate him all my life and cry about it whenever i think about it.

      • 2Sass4U

        He’s not in any Illuminati cult.

    • lulu

      17Black is a tattoo he got in reference to “Tomlinson 17″ (soccer) the writing is in black, 17 is his number. Nice gesture for a “friend” hmm… ;)