Gallery: Artists Who Have Told Republicans To Stop Using Their Music

You may have noticed these past few days that the Republican National Convention has booked some of the worst bands of all time to entertain its attendees: Kid Rock, Three Doors Down, fucking CREED…the list goes on! Is the talent booker secretly a liberal who wants to punish conservatives’ ears with douche rock? Do republicans think “taste” is a concept invented by arugula-chompin’ “coastal elites”? Or do all the good musicians simply hate everything the party stands for? Making a case for the latter is the long list of artists who’ve sent cease and desist letters rather than let members of the GOP use their songs for nefarious purposes. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Photos: WENN except when noted

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    • Jenni

      But seriously, this could be the worst line-up I’ve ever heard.

    • MysticBleu

      WOW…you really put Creed on your list! To each their own however, I believe the list you stated happen to be well received by millions and it has nothing to do with the Republic Party! Elections bring out the nasty in so many! Just vote the issues. I also reviewed your list of artists that did not want to be political in their music i.e., Sting and Bruce. Both are well-educated men and give back to society in their own way…so what if they didn’t want their songs used on the campaign trail. Sounds like you are trying to make something out of nothing! Have a good time with your blog…just another’s opinion :)

    • Joe Fugyoo

      Crap musicians anyway…