Hallelujah And Praise The Lord: Jinger Duggar Wants To Escape The Duggars

In news so glorious that I’m tempted to spell glorious with a J, word comes from the heavens above that Jinger Duggar doesn’t want to live the Duggar lifestlye anymore. But before you send her shorts, a tank top and a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, bear in mind that I may be getting ahead of myself here.

I’m just so excited that she’s even planting the seeds for escape from the Duggars in this latest interview that I had to write about it as soon as I saw this the video. In a teaser for tonight’s season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting, the older Duggar girls discuss what kind of man everyone should marry. Because in the Duggar family, that’s completely normal conversation for teenage girls. Right in between ironing techniques and womb-enlargening exercises.

When they get to the 18-year-old Jinger, her sister Jessa Duggar says, “She might do good with a visionary spunky person, somebody that gives her coffee” and then adds, “She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization.”

As soon as her name’s mentioned, Jinger lights up,  turns to the camera and pleads for a life in a city via smoke signals in her eyes. When her sister reminds her that she’ll be happy no matter where she lives, the lights shut off in Jinger’s eyes and she’s all like, “oh, yeah, of course, definitely, I can be happy wherever I go” and retreats back into her future-Duggar-housewife mode.

But for a second we saw her breaking out of that mode and expressing her desire to be a free individual. It was like watching the classic “give us free” scene from Amistad. But with a girl in an oppressive jean skirt, rather than shackles.

Either way, the message’s the same. Jinger Duggar got enslaved by a family that tore every letter out of the baby naming book besides J. While the other Duggars seem perfectly content with their life, Jinger’s always been targeted by viewers as the girl who could escape from her fundamentalist upbringing.

And now, after so many good-hearted people commented in so many forums, she may be breaking free. She may be headed to the big city to learn all about life of a scrappy twenty-something woman trying to make her way in the world.

I just hope she doesn’t want to bea writer. Because we already have too many Hannah Horvaths taking up space in our coffee shops.

(Photo: WTF Fundie Families)

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    • http://thekimberlydiaries.com/ the kimberly diaries

      At least they haven’t brainwashed ALL the children into thinking playing the violin and making laundry soap is fun..

      • Jenni

        You haven’t lived until you’ve made laundry soap on a sunny afternoon with your 16 daughters.

      • http://thekimberlydiaries.com/ the kimberly diaries

        I’m gonna stick with Tide pods. :)

      • Jenni

        Have fun in hell. Heard they make you wear pants there.

      • Jen90


      • thaylah

        I make my own soap and I am no where close to being like them. I’m just allergic to most things and like saving money.

    • http://fairlyodd.net Frances Bean

      We all knew it would be Jinger.

    • koolchicken

      This article reads like you think she’ll never “escape” and that’s really sad. If anything the Jim Bob and Michelle are pretty honest. They’ve always said they hope their children will follow them in the life they chose to lead, but wouldn’t stop them if they chose a different path. So if Jinger chose to leave for life in the big city I doubt they’d be trying to lock her in a closet. I think the biggest challenge would instead be leaving behind her siblings who don’t want that life.

      • Jen90

        They are liars they don’t even let them wear pants or be their “own” person. They would probably diss own them.

      • littleone

        It’s not a matter of “allowing” It’s a matter of choice. Technically most fundamental religions discourage women wearing pants as it is not modest. Most religions view seeing the separation of the legs and the junction of the legs on a woman, even with pants on as a lustful thing. That’s their belief and their choice. Not ours to force a change on. If she wants to keep skirts on for the rest of her life, leave her be to make that choice. It’s no different then a woman converting to Islam and choosing to wear the Hijab. It is her choice and one no one else can change.

    • me

      Wow. Something about the Duggars really strike a chord of shame with you Ms. Meier. Otherwise you’d be sharing the mantra of live and let live, to each his own or reasonable people may differ…a.k.a. the tolerance espoused by nearly all.
      I’m forced to wonder why the thought of a young womans life you do not know offends you so. Why do you care if they wear long skirts and bathing suits?
      That’s the really interesting story in my opinion.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

        Why should we all be tolerant of them when they preach to their children about how evil I am because I have sex out of wedlock, I have drunk alcohol, and I don’t follow god. Why can’t they preach about my daily work with the elderly, and how happy my children and I are, and that isn’t that just wonderful that I am happy in my life being a good person. Where is my ‘Live and let live’ preaching about my life. I am not an evil person, I keep good thoughts in my heart and mind all day. I just don’t follow the same belief as them

    • Reese

      i cracked up at the Amistad reference. Hilarious!

    • http://twitter.com/Fiirvoen Jason Clark

      The only thing interesting about this article is how visceral your hatred of the Duggar’s lifestyle is. The lack of tolerance here is astounding.

      • Jen90

        I wonder how wide her vagina is now. It must be as wide as the grand canyon and smell like a fish market. I bet the babies are just flying out by now. lol She probably can’t hold her pee. She has one of the most used up loose nasty vaginas. Her and her husband are crazy.

      • TeamEdwardJace

        really, no need to vile about michelle duggar. it’s her choice i don’t agree with wouldn’t choose to have 19 kids, especially when you’re older, theres all these possible consequences. i also am fine with birth control

    • CW

      I hope she gets away from the whole patriarchal “quiverfull” lifestyle (assuming that’s what she wants) but doesn’t reject Christianity entirely. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many ex-fundamentalists throw the baby out with the bathwater and become very bitter about Christianity. That makes me very sad :-(

      • TeamEdwardJace

        yeahm its sad when people entirely reject their relegion

    • Duggarwatcher

      Verily, verily, I say unto thee, What is pleasing to daddy is pleasing unto Me, yea, even pleasing to the LORD–Jesus as quoted in the Gospel of Duggar

      • Jen90

        Eww, that sounds nasty.

      • Duggarwatcher

        haha i know, sick, right
        actually it was “skirts are pleasing to the lord”
        or “long skirts are pleasing unto the lord” or some crap like that
        they actually said that in one episode, cant remember which one.
        and my mother thought they said “long skirts are pleasing to daddy”
        ie whatever Jim Bob says is Word of God remember, JB is only one letter from JC :-P

    • Susie

      I feel so sorry for these children…brainwashed since birth to accept that lifestyle…I hope they wake up and walk away from those crazy parents… Hitchens was right; religions poisons everything!

      • g

        people complaint about this family when they should be complaining about the westboro baptist church crazies. now those ppl ARE crazy. leave the duggars alone.

      • TeamEdwardJace

        the duggars seem like really nice people though i don’t agree with all ther vieiws. eg one of the duggars kid joining an antigay group

      • Paige Kay

        As much as you judge the religious, you sure seem pretty extreme about your atheism. #hypocrite :)

      • Tim

        Nothing about what she said is hypocritical though.

    • Will

      I’de just like to say how utterly wrong this author is in her portrayal of the Duggar family. I am a young man who was raised in a family similar to the Duggars in values and it is not slavery to live in a way that is pleasing to God and what His word says ( ie. ladies dressing modestly through skirts and staying at home to raise as many children as God chooses to bless them with, and letting our homes be a safe haven from the evil in all the media). It is slavery to live a life given over to evil and the things of this world. True freedom is found only through God’s Son and his payment for our sins.

      • http://twitter.com/Bardlicious Ashley Jeanette

        I hate skirts and I will never wear skirts, pants do fine for me. I’m living a pretty decent life, and I kinda don’t do religion. People do what they think is best for them, and if Jinger or whatever wants to leave those values behind-then she should go for it. Do what makes HER happy. She shouldn’t have to raise kids if she don’t want to, women aren’t just baby making machines.

        Mind you the woman’s body goes through a lot giving childbirth, which is why I told my mom I won’t have kids at all. Even if I got married and my husband was like ‘Let’s have a baby’ I’d be like ‘Nope.’ Adoption though, I would consider option because there’s already a lot of kids WITHOUT parents who need someone to take them in,

      • TeamEdwardJace

        yes its good to be a christan but so jinger can’t be christian and want to live in city?

      • Will

        No there is nothing about being a Christian that keeps us from living in the city. It’s more just a personal preference thing. I was raised in the city, I live in the country now and I’ll probably never go back, but there is nothing wrong with Jinger wanting to live in the city.

      • TeamEdwardJace

        lol saw your comment. i was being sarcastic. yes you gotta do what makes god what happy but everyone has different inrpreations. i’m not baptist. and we have different views of whats “immodest or inappopruate” . i beleive in morals but in certian cases moral can be relative. e.g the debate over rock music and christian rock/metal

    • elb

      Jinger is an adult and it is normal for people of her age to want to experience things different than what they know. At her age I think it would do her good. My husband was raised in a very religious Catholic family and went through a period of time in his early 20′s where he questioned his faith. I was not raised in a religious household so I did not know until I discussed this with my religious friends that this is a very normal thing. The shocking thing is that many return to their religion after spending some time away and realizing something was missing from their lives. I think it would be a positive thing for Jinger as long as she found a city that wasn’t too far from home and got to meet people who are different from her. At her age hearing opposing beliefs can actually strengthen their own.

    • Jen90

      I don’t like that they try to control EVERYTHING with their kids and don’t let them have their own minds and be their own unique individual self’s.

    • http://twitter.com/LavMenace Crystal Lee Evans

      With lack of education there is not really much Jinger can do except wait for prince charming to show up.

    • Charlotte Groth

      >>I just hope she doesn’t want to bea writer. Because we already have too many Hannah Horvaths taking up space in our coffee shop<<

      Why do I get the feeling you fall in that category.

      You know? I don't agree with all of the Duggar family's ideas but..unless you're pretty much a teenager yourself, I fail to understand why you can't see that Jinger isn't any more into "escaping" than any other teenager would be. There comes a time when you want to decide for yourself. The others talk about marriage..just like any other teenager would–BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GET MARRIED. Jinger wants an adventure. So what? Its normal for ANY child EITHER WAY. Not just the Duggars.

      By the way–you're obnoxious.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.romanoff.7 Jessica Romanoff

      What do you expect when you misspell your kids’ name and she knows it. ‘Jinger’ does not appear in any baby name books spelled with a J

    • http://www.facebook.com/lunaloughney Luna Arnedo

      i don’t know who’s writing so much crap!!!!!!!! I’m not agree with everything about the duggar, but i admit that there’re logic!!!!! from europe there’s so many other things that seem creazy, and the duggar is not part of them!!! So I thing the american should critizise more the “church” of tom cruise instead of writing craps about Duggar!

    • BettyB

      Even the Amish escape and see how the other half lives

    • Roseanne Pickering

      I’m not sure that I completely agree with everything the Duggers do and say or their reasons for doing or saying it, but I admire the fact that in such a large family the kids are all so close.. I do know what its like to be raised in a very strict religion. I think its normal for at least one of the kids to say, “Enough! I want to see what the world everyone else lives in is like!” I know when I graduated from a Christian boarding school and got away from my parents I went wild. From that day to this, I’ve rarely graced the inside of a church of any denomination. After getting it all out of my system, I chose my own spiritual path. I’m sure Jinger Duggar will do the same. I think she’s realized there is a whole big world out there with different customs and religions. Why not get out and see it before you’re married and tied down with kids. If she doesn’t choose to live the same kind of life her parents did, I’m sure they’ll love her anyway. It’s going to be tough for her though. When you’re raised the way she was, you assume everyone is honest, kind and good at heart. It is truly a shock to get out in the world and see first hand man’s inhumanity to man.

    • Paige Kay

      Did you really just compare this girl’s excitement to leave home to the TRUE story of captured Africans turned slaves PLEADING for freedom from America’s sadistic practice of slavery????? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???????????? That is so INSANELY inappropriate and idiotically short-sighted.

    • brittany

      I don’t always agree with the duggars I feel they can give there kids some more freedom and my opinions is why is it do important for there kids to get married so young they are good people who can become a lawyer,Dr. And make a difference in people’s llives. I learn from them though how to be patient with my kids more always praise them in what they do wrong and no sex before marriage now I didn’t grow up big on religion so my kids can date hold hands go out with friends watch tv. Listen to music of there choice and if they like Emimem and church music that is there preference as far as Halloween goes I just recently informed my self on what Halloween really is so after this year of my children celebrating it with my mom there will be no more Halloween. If you believe in God have faith pray to him like I have been doing trying not to do get back at someone of have ppl piss me off to where I fight them . I feel the light inside me I feel the Lord I am living my life calmer and more happier I don’t worry as much now and in joy day to day with my friends and family enjoying the pppl who love me