The One Million Dollar Reason Every Woman Should Party Naked With Prince Harry

Remember that time last week when Prince Harry created an international scandal by playing strip billards with American strangers in Las Vegas after attempting to race Ryan Lochte in a pool? Despite the fact that 16 British nannies follow him around the world in an effort to prevent these kinds of problems, several women playing the game with Harry managed to snap photos of naked Prince Harry.

(Shocking, I know. Someone took Prince Harry pictures as soon as he took his clothes off. Who saw that coming??)

While I first thought that these women took the photos for innocent reasons, I’m now realizing that they didn’t snap photos of Prince Harry’s penis area for a fun Christmas gag gift this year. Nope. They’re in it to win it. And by win it, I mean sell every last photo and video until they’re rich enough to buy Prince Harry.

Yes, rumors among the royals say the Queen’s putting him up for adoption on the black market. He’s just too much work and he requires too much exercise and he’s probably a better fit for a different family. Preferably one that’s not forced to constantly apologize to the world for things he’d done.

According to The Mirror, a publication a tad more legitimate than your racist uncle, one of the ladies is close to signing a one million dollar deal to share her story and her media. Apparently Harry’s worried that even more racy photos  and videos could emerge from the night and the fact that someone’s willing to pay her ONE MILLION DOLLARS seems to confirm that she has something valuable.

Could a Prince Harry sex tape exist? I now have a million reasons to think the answer’s yes.

US sources last night said a girl who was invited to the private party at Harry’s £5,000-a-night VIP suite is close to signing a broadcast and magazine deal totalling one million dollars or £630,000. They include an interview with a US TV show and several magazine interviews.

So not only does this lucky lady get major bragging rights at all events for the next 10 years, but she’s also gets to be a millionaire. Which should be a lesson to you if you’re ever presented the opportunity to party with naked Prince Harry.

Just say yes. Say yes one million times over. Just make sure your phone’s charged.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

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    • Sofía


    • Sammy

      Shouldn’t the Royal Fam be busting azz to put up MORE $ to keep this gold digging Ho quiet?

      jus sayin

      • Jenni

        Apparently they’re working hard to make sure nothing else gets released. But if a network really offered this girl ONE MILLION DOLLARS, it’s hard to know if they’ll counter that. And that’s just one of the girls. There must be so many photos out there.

    • lizzy

      Really, would it have been so hard to collect the phones at the door? Just plain stupid. I hope they at least used protection.

      • Jenni

        I feel like some bodyguard-babysitters are currently unemployed.