New Interview With Kristen Stewart Proves That This Publicity Stunt Is Her Way Of Giving Hollywood The Middle Finger

Kristen Stewart may not hate acting, but she certainly hates Hollywood. Her latest interview with Little White Lies magazine not only reminds us how much disdain she has for the Hollywood scene, but also for her fellow actors. When the news first broke that she got caught openly cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders by a perfectly-positioned paparazzi, I got suspicious. How could an actress who’s so aware of her popularity and so invested in her privacy get photographed kissing another man at a popular location.

Almost immediately, I thought this entire scandal reeked of a PR stunt and as anyone who’s been to Crushable in the past month knows, I’m a blogger possessed. Yes, I’m obsessed with figuring out every last detail about how planned it, who knew about it and who’s making money off of it. So far everything’s going to the plan I envisioned in my head.

In case you need a quick reminder of everyone who’s profited from this publicity stunt, let me run through it for you.

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross now have name reconigition. People care who they are, what they’re working on and where they’re going. Everyone’s talking about Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart, on an almost daily basis. Cosmopolis did wonderfully in the box office despite lackluster reviews and everyone’s discussing On The Road’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Not to mention that people are already talking about how the drama between the heartbroken couple will unfold at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 red carpet. This is the kind of publicity that movies dream about and it’s all happening for free. Right now, take a moment and think about the last time you cared about the red carpet at a movie premiere.

And all this comes with the wonderful addition of a whole lot of women-on-woman hatred for Kristen Stewart. While I don’t think anyone anticipated that level of vitriol to result from the stunt, I also don’t think it’s going to ultimately affect her Hollywood career.

Mostly because I don’t think she cares about her career anymore. Sure, she may love acting, but if she doesn’t love everything that goes along with it — interviews, award shows, paparazzi, etc — then she can’t last in the field. Here’s the quote that has me convinced that she’s quitting Hollywood. That we should consider this last publicty spree her two weeks notice.

In Hollywood, with great power comes…great parties. But here’s the reason why you wont see Stewart following Lindsay Lohan into the starlet scrapyard. Through some crazy accident, indie actress got bitten by a radioactive franchise and gained special powers. They won’t last forever. But while they do…”It’s weird to be in this position of, like…” She sighs, checking herself. “Not to sound fucking crazy, but ‘financial prowes’. I feel bad about it. I feel like you need to do something. I made Welcome to the Rileys [in which Stewart played a young woman with emotional issues] a few years back and now I want to open two halfway houses, one in New Orleans and one in LA, and I want to make a documentary about why it’s important. But all this ridiculously empty charity work that you see? Like, you show up at an event and you wear a dress and you auction your dress off and you suddenly feel important. I want to do it right. Right now, I just feel it. It’s not to be wasted. Because I know my value is fucking strong.”

Do you see what I’m seeing? Not only does she acknowledge her awareness of her power in Hollywood (as in she would never accidentally get caught cheating), but she makes it clear how she feels about the shallowness of the Hollywood scene. She wants to do something bigger and better than smiling at charity events and telling people who she’s wearing at award shows. And I respect her a lot for that. Good for her to use her powers for good and not for new bags.

Good for her to fuck with Hollywood one last time by pulling off one of the elaborate publicity stunts I’ve ever witnessed. Think of this entire scandal as a giant middle finger. As a way of telling Hollywood she’ll narrate her own story. She’ll dictate the headlines and she’ll write the script. You can follow her around all you want, but at the end of the day she holds all the power in this stunt. She’s the person who can keep it going or let it fall apart — and I think that’s an incredibly bold way to quit a job.

Bravo K.Stew, this is your best performance yet.


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    • Peony

      @ abbeybooks,I do hope atleast some of the people have read the Fountainhead.I dont think the Twilight generation would have read it.But i agree to your comparing her to Dominique.I feel Kristen so much more than people perceive her to be.

    • lizzy

      Guess I’m the only one obsessing about the fameflynet connection (see my posts a few down)- but I had to dig a little more: Fameflynet is run by Simon Bridger and Danny Hayward (formerly of Matrix) who were very close to Jade Goody: Here is a quote from Sun 2009 article:
      “Jade, who will be buried on Saturday, penned a moving foreword to the book, entitled Remember Me This Way, addressed directly to her sons.
      Read the heartbreaking final letter exclusively in today’s The Sun newspaper.
      The pictures were taken by Danny Hayward and Simon Bridger of the Matrix photo agency.
      The pair, both 30, approached Jade soon after she appeared in Big Brother 3 in 2002. They initially offered their services as PR aides. But they became like brothers to her and helped her build her remarkable career as a “real-life” personality.
      They captured her triumphs, disasters and moments of personal joy on camera — and shared her rollercoaster ride from heroine to villain and back.
      They organised her jobs, arranged her diary and booked her holidays.
      When she wed Jack they were her best men. When she was christened they were her godfathers.
      They are joint trustees of her estate, along with friend Kate Jackson. And on Saturday they will help to carry Jade’s coffin before she is buried in her wedding dress near her home in Upshire, Essex”
      (Proifts from this book go to: Profits go to Marie Curie Cancer Care. )

      Read more:
      Now do we believe Kristen is involved from day 1 and that the $$ from photos is being donated to a special cause?

      • nena

        im confused this was in the paper now but happened in 2009? So these guys what were contacted by whoever to take these pics and sell them to us weekly and give the money to charity?

      • lizzy

        I believe it indicates the philosophy behind flynet as a company, and that this kind of philosophy embraced by Danny Hayward and Simon Bridger, owners/directors of fameflynet, completely contradicts the sleazy, pap photog approach that would take “cheating photos” ….adding more weight to the scandal being all a stunt, for reasons only the major players know the true answers to.

      • Ana Bastow

        I could see that. Again Rob and Kris had begged the tabloids to leave them alone. I don’t think any celebrity has suffered more on life than they and I said on life because of how the tabloids got a hold of the pics of dead bodies David Carradine and Whitney Houston just to sell pictures, disgusting if you ask me. If they realized that no matter what they will be followed, harassed and their lives a living hell just so magazine owners become rich at their expense they might as well decide to screw them all and use the money for something worth it. KS supposedly make a deal with US weekly to have her pics post scandal pics something she never did before so again more proof that something is not quite right.

      • nena

        how did you find this out? interesting

      • nena

        Also why would she do that if they were the ones that printed the cheating pics?

      • Ana Bastow

        Sorry she made the deal with or popsugar I don’t recall it now, the cheating pics were published by US weekly. So I could see US getting the pics, but for her to do the deal with People’s and Flyfame is OOC. Some people said that she fired Ruth her PR person but is not confirmed.

      • nena

        ok so who are the papz that US weekly quotes? If the pics were taken by and sold to Us weekly.

      • lizzy

        they are “storytellers” for fameflynet

      • nena

        but if they are not “the sleezy pap photog” like you say why do they have sleezy “storytellers”. Either they took the pics because KS called them and then they donated the $ they got to charity or the are just as sleezy as the rest, how an they be both?

      • lizzy

        Their storytelling is part of the stunt, and the stunt is orchestrated by Kristen Stewart et al – no authentic sleaze, just a game being played out in gossip columns to achieve certain desired results, whatever they are…

        Let’s pretend you’re famous and you’re out one night with friends, hubby is somewhere else, all is well in your life. But you’re wearing these gorgeous new shoes, and you trip holding a cocktail….and a random guy catches you. Next day headlines scream “Nena’s drunk, caught out with mystery man” and that you’re drinking because marriage is in trouble….blah blah blah. Then it can grow from there. Is it true? Doesn’t Kristen and crew know very very well how this whole gossip crap works and know how to play it to create whatever illusions they are trying to create? It’s all B.S. And the public eats it up. Not a word is said from any of the key players – they can just step out with a ring or without it like Rupert and Liberty and the stories just roll along (with a little help from “sources”).
        That’s my rambling for tonight!

      • nena

        no thats good, yes I can see it so was the guy who caught me cute?ha ha. I suppose the apologies were are part duh, Boy things have been quiet for a few days, what will we do?

      • northGAgirl

        I think the apologies were meant to legitimize the “cheating relationship”…meaning that if they were radio silent people would question the authenticity of the photos but if you apologize right away then people know you cheated….

        I will say since no news has come out I’m questioning our setup theory but I still think deep down this is still some kind of stunt.

      • nena

        well yest several media sources say he is ready to meet with her. Maybe they are just taking a break, wait a few days and then meet and be ok ready to try again, cuz I still think this wasnt to end a relationship, real or fake. The “source” said he is ready to get back but wants to talk about some changes that may help the relationship like branglina do. so….

      • nena

        also if something new came out every day aft this long like it did at the beginning people would start to wonder about that

      • northGAgirl

        Very, very true….but I need a little something to keep me coming back. And occupy myself during nap time.

      • lizzy

        he was a hottie !!

      • nena

        Oh good!!

      • JUST NO

        Ok But what the End goal? come on Kristen not quiting. I mean what all this mess for?

      • lizzy

        I think Jenni has outlined who benefits and potential end goal(s) in her articles as have others who’ve posted here with a primary goal being K breaking away from the twihard madness, etc. I don’t believe she’s quitting either, but more likely she wants to change the direction of her work and her right to live freely. I wonder if in hindsight she sometimes questions her decision to participate in the Twilight saga…while it might have given her some of her greatest blessings, the trade off in her privacy has been over the top.

      • nena

        yes I wonder if both RP and KS do. I dont think either wanted it, KS has said she just wanted to live movie to movie paying the bills etc. Im sure they like the way more movies come their way but its such a big cost for 2 very private people who dont want to play the HW fame game!!!

      • Guest

        I believe it. I don’t think K is stupid enough to get caught unless she wanted to get caught, and I believe she would not purposefully provide paps with a huge payday.

    • S

      I just read that RP is selling his house now.

    • Nena

      Hey guess what just saw LS is getting tons of scripts!!! Boy who would of thought! What a surprise! Check another one off the list!!

    • It is what it is

      So this is what we know.

      Pictures of KS and Ruperv were published in US weekly showing them embracing in public and kissing in a mini-cooper. There has been no denial from both parties that these photos were faked or photoshopped.

      Both KS and Ruperv issued public apologies to their respective partners the next day via People Magazine. There has been no denial from either camps that these public apologies were fake.

      Rob and Kristen had fallen off the face of earth when this scandal broke. No pics or credible sightings leaving their property, grocery shopping, going to gym.

      Reports that Rob was staying at Reese Ojai home but no pics or credible sightings. No denial or confirmation from Reese.

      Meanwhile, Ruperv and Lib are spotted around town. Him with his wedding ring, hers without.

      KS drops out of Cali which was scheduled to film in late August.

      Universal released the original script writer from the SWATH sequel.

      Rob emerges to promote cosmopolis looking like a Gucci wearing Greek god and deftly acknowledges the scandal with out mentioning the scandal. He is also spotted leaving his hotel and having pics of him coming back from a night out of town.

      Pop-Sugar has an exclusive on photos of KS as she emerges from hiding for her first public outing since the scandal broke. She is carrying some sticks wrapped in tissue, a Mcdonald’s coffee cup and gets into a Buick SUV.

      Rob is back in LA and does the JK show. This is the last time we see him

      Lib attends the red carpet premiere of Lawless

      Ruperv is shopping with his kids.

      There has been no official statement and sightings of Rob and KS since he did the JK show and she did her pop-sugar photos.

      This is really all we know, everything else is pure heresay and speculation. If we just take the above at face value then all we can really conclude is that she cheated with Ruperv, got caught and Rob and KS relationship is undefined.

      There are so many theories out there but none of it is substantiated with real evidence other than people feelings and perception of the situation and what they think they know about RS/KS based on interviews. We all know hindsight is 20/20 so does it make sense to analyze everything post-scandal? Would you have made the same conclusions if you didn’t know about the scandal? The problem is that we don’t have all the information. We don’t have all the photos, we don’t know what the nature of the relationship between Rob and KS or RS and LR. So let’s just accept what we know and move on. Pictures of her and Ruperv cheating and they got caught. We will never know what their motivation, intention etc.

      This isn’t healthy speculating about this because we will never know. Maybe time will tell but who knows.

      • It is what it is

        Oh I forgot the Jodie foster article denouncing the media circus around the scandal.

      • lizzy

        Why isn’t it healthy speculating? “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” ….half is probably being generous!

      • lizzy

        Why isn’t it healthy speculating? “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” – and half is probably being generous!

      • Guest

        I think this is exactly right. We don’t know, and we won’t know. Even if one of the people involved speaks up we’ll still only know what they want us to “know”.
        It’s a mystery, so it has a life of it’s own. People like to try to solve mysteries.

    • nena

      just read that KS mom filed for divorce, sad if its true

    • lizzy

      This was posted yesterday on twitter by Angelina Jolie – much of what she writes is applicable here (esp. 3A, 3 B, and 3 C – that comment in 3 C is hers!) so I thought it worth sharing:
      Today is the last day of my Twitter project – gave it a year and this is what I think about the entire experience:

      1. I truly believe in freedom of speech but things people say under alias names are so sad. So much filth and anger…

      1a. Wonder if they would write the same if their real names and photos were standing next to those words?

      1b. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion – try to rebut with arguments. ” I’ll slice your throat & kill your family” is unacceptable!

      2. Those “biggest fans” who “know you so well” are the first to throw the stone. Why is that?

      3. You can definitely stay almost unrecognized on social networks, unless media or someone else “famous” mentions you.

      3a. Why people tend to believe media over own judgement, is beyond me? Don’t be a blind follower! Never…

      3b. Do you know that more than 90% of the stories about celebrities are either made up by some magazine, or are a pr stunt.

      3c. You play along when younger but end up realizing it’s a bad idea. Studios gain, but you don’t. (Kristen – Robert thing : classic)

      3d. To all those fiction writers in media – know your boundaries – stay away from children.

      4. I thought social networks are for connecting with fans, peers, people you admire – to share mutual passions, opinions and views on life.

      4a. Except for the bunch that I have special gifts for, I got mostly trash talk and insults from “fanbase” …

      4b. Most Peers and people I admire – tend to be wrapped up in their own World, talking only about themselves…

      5. All in all – It was an interesting experience. I do love you all and remember – we are all just human.

      • nena


      • northGAgirl

        I’m a total believer in the conspiracy but is there any chance 3c is just referring to the studio sticking them together all the time and using them and they get nothing out of it?

      • nena

        could be or it could be that the studios wanted them to be together for the sake of the other movies, and they became friends that led to a real loving relationship,and maybe tired of the studios. They didnt get anything out of it except for each other which could have happened anyway. Who knows what all the studios want, maybe this was set up by the studios to have a great reunion for BD2 and to increase box office money, which was stupid because the movie would have done fine,maybe RP&KS didnt want to play,so thats why the pics are so staged. And so now they went into seclusion when maybe the studios wanted more of them interviewed or scene out in public, and so they maybe are the ones feeding the media, since RP&KS didnt breakup the promo of the movie will go on. But the studios didnt figure in the crazy fans and that they would hate KS and that RS would get no badklash. The movies of RP doing well and LS wasnt figured in but turned out ok for 3 of the people. KS will be ok

      • nena

        its funny an article says that the studios are mad cuz RP supposibly may skip BD2 promos all together. Maybe its like I said above and hes not going togo along with them, just making it difficult for them. Im the rag is making stuff like always

    • northGAgirl

      So more pictures of Liberty Ross today…coming out of a spa/salon and then shopping…she’s either got super short denim shorts and heels on or a super short denim skirt…regardless, she looks good for recently being cheated on…or she looks good for someone carrying out one of the most successful PR stunts of all times. Either way I’m sitting her typing a comment about her when 6 weeks age she could’ve walked right past me and I wouldn’t have cared.

    • Robin Van Dam

      I just found your articles. I love your attitude and perspective! I got hooked on your most recient posting for 09.04.2012 about KStew & RPats and just kept reading backward. I share your thoughts and views on the whole thing and said it from the very begining. Nice to know I’m not crazy.

    • nena

      Great article in Huffington post ” Why the public slut shaming of Kristen Stewart matters for young women” by Nico Lang finally!!!!!!

    • nena

      I wonder how KS going to be in 2 places at the same time? One article says that the host on the VMA’s says KS IS confirmed to be there with RP but didnt know if the would give out an award together or separate and how RP should do it with her cuz KS being on the stage alone could be bad cuz people may shout or boo. Then another article says she is confirmed to be in Toronto on thursday night for OTR premiere.Once again no one knows

    • northGAgirl

      Uh…anyone want to talk about Liberty Ross’s big comeback on the catwalk today…she was in some runway show at NYFW….so her youngest child is what…5-6-7? And she’s been wanting to get her career back and Poof: she’s cheated on, photographed everywhere but in the bathroom and then walking the runway. Convenient….

      Anyway, regardless of stunt or not (I feel myself wavering slightly after seeing KS looking a little worn at TIFF…but gorgeously so) it seems that everyone is in some way benefiting from this whole thing. Even KS’s On The Road is getting attention that her probably otherwise wouldn’t have gotten until it’s released in the US.

      Those are just my thoughts..for what they are worth (remember, you paid nothing for them) :)

      • Jenni

        I saw this news about Liberty Ross everywhere yesterday. Once again proving that she’s gained SO much publicity from this entire scandal.

    • nena

      Just read an article on e online that LS walked the catwalk in a surprise appearance in NYC wow she is so not a woman scorned

    • Alan

      Oh please,
      Kristen Stewart is just another Hollywood PHONY using publicity to make more money.

    • emdash13

      Here’s the deal about adutery. As Lawrence Durrell said: “It’s not the act so much that is so bothersome; it’s the lie that always accompanies the act.”
      Why didn’t Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders just get a room? Probably, because the paparazzi would have been waiting from them. Why didn’t they just go to Rupert’s place? Maybe because it was the home of his wife and children. Why didn’t they just go to Stewart’s place? Maybe because she was sharing her place with Robert (Rupert) Pattinson? Why didn’t they just go to Jodie Foster’s place? After all, what are friends for?