Can Bravo Turn The Real Housekeepers Of Long Island Parody Into A Real Show?

After watching more than 6500 episodes of Real Housewives in my life, I feel like I know these ladies. I know them and I know their kids and I know their husbands. And in the case of Teresa Giudice, I even know who her husband Joe Giudice is sleeping with. (Hint: it’s not her!)

But you never see behind the scenes. We never find out who cleans up all the literal messes they make. I mean, we know who cleans up the figurative messes. It’s Dr. Andy Cohen, a man who seems to really enjoy being surrounded by criminally insane people.

And that’s why watching this The Real Housekeepers of Long Island was such a wonderful delight. It reminds us that these housewives aren’t along in those big mansions. They have help. Probably so, so much help. It’s nice to be reminded of that.

Nice to remember that behind every Real Housewife is a Real Housekeeper. And tell you what, they’re not all doing their interviews in one-strap ball gowns.


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