Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: These Girls Give Themselves Way Too Much Credit

Teen Mom 4x11 "For the Best" Amber Gary Leah full custody Child Protective Services


DO: Prioritize when it comes to money

I find it hard to believe that Amber really can’t afford $400 a month for Leah‘s daycare. She could be staying with her parents instead of moving houses, and what else did she spend her MTV paycheck on while she was in rehab for two months? But she whines when Gary tells her the cost, so he offers to pay all $800.

DO: Make your daughter’s life as stable as possible

Gary and Amber decide that it’s best to postpone Leah’s birthday party until he’s gotten full physical custody of Leah; that way they’ll be able to celebrate together. Amber reflects on how difficult it is to sign her rights away, but in a rare moment of clarity she seems to get that this is the best solution that will get Child Protective Services off their backs.


Photos: MTV

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