Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: These Girls Give Themselves Way Too Much Credit

Teen Mom 4x11 "For the Best" Catelynn Tyler Dawn Kim April Carly counselor


DO: Get in touch with your feelings

Tyler‘s mom Kim admits that she’s starting to sort through her anxieties and frustrations about him and Catelynn giving up her granddaughter Carly for adoption, mostly because Kim doesn’t feel like she’s allowed to reach out to Carly’s adoptive parents. Rather than letting this build up, she talks to Tyler about it, and he suggests that she talk to the adoption counselor Dawn. Then Catelynn decides to bring her mom April for a group session.


DON’T: Make it all about yourself

While Kim’s frustration with not being able to contact Carly makes sense, April’s main issue is angsting over all her past mistakes. At this rate, she brings it up every single episode, and it’s no longer convincing. Especially since we know that since shooting wrapped, she’s such a wreck that Catelynn might adopt her little brother to keep him safe.

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