Hit And Run Made Me Want A Relationship Like Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard

I was going to find this out for myself in a roundtable interview with the two of them, but alas, PR screwed up their schedules, and they had a flight to catch. Yet even the lack of interview ended up helping me out.

They actually call each other buddy. I will be the first to admit there were a few too many “buddy”s in the movie, but hey, maybe they just accidentally threw it in there. And if that’s the case, they are fully excused due to the inordinately high cute factor.

Other surprising feelings Hit and Run caused: attraction to Dax Shepard, and nada for Bradley Cooper. WHAT? I know, it’s like saying Peter Vanderkaay is the hottest U.S. Olympic swimmer. Never heard of him? Exactly. But like I said, Dax was the sensitive badass of my dreams, while Bradley was just…a jackass loser.

Semi-spoilers coming now. (Does anyone actually stop reading once I say that? I feel like if you’ve gotten this far you might as well go all the way… That’s what she said.)

As if Dax Shepard wasn’t sexy and smart and badass-y enough in the movie, he cast two guest appearances at the end that brought my love for him full circle. Just when you feel the story start to wind down, he hits you with Bateman. It’s glorious, it’s perfect, it’s the part I laughed the hardest at, and not only because Jason Bateman‘s character uses the word “ginge.” And at the very end, Sean Hayes is the perfect unexpected comedic force to leave you laughing.

Hit and Run is definitely worth the ten bucks — maybe not the extra $22 for the double train ride, but hey — and will give you a new golden standard for relationships in Kristen and Dax. Especially when he covers her eyes and does that corny speech. Just go see it, you’ll see what I mean.

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    • Maggie

      I have never not liked a movie Kristen Bell was in. Even the cheesy rom coms like “When in Rome” made me laugh, cause she’s just so darn adorable and likeable! The sloth video sealed the deal though. I just want to put her in my pocket and keep her.

      • Kelsey

        Ahh me too! Like I said, kindred spirits

      • Jenni

        Yes, the sloth video took me from liking Kristen to loving her.