Everyone, Stop Freaking Out About Sam Claflin ‘Kissing’ Josh Hutcherson In Catching Fire

Finnick kissing Peeta CPR Catching Fire Sam Claflin Josh Hutcherson

When Lionsgate first started seriously looking for its Finnick Odair, there was all this high-minded talk about which parts of the book they used for auditions, including the harrowing scene where Finnick hears jabberjays mimicking the screams of his beloved Annie Cresta. But now that Sam Claflin has been officially cast as Catching Fire‘s seafaring hunk, all I see on Tumblr is people losing their shit about the fact that he’s gonna “kiss” Josh Hutcherson.

Seriously, so many Tumblr users are posting “OVARIES” .gifs and other chatter about how technically Sam and Josh are gonna lock lips. And by that, I mean that (spoiler) in the Arena, Peeta runs into a forcefield and his heart stops, then Finnick performs CPR until he revives him. It’s certainly one of the more powerful parts of Catching Fire, because it makes Katniss realize simultaneously that she truly cares for Peeta, and that Finnick will do whatever is necessary to protect both of them. But the hormonal Tumblr response just cheapens it.

Here’s some of what Tumblr’s been saying:

infinityclato: i’m going to have to watch, Sam Claflin, put his lips on Josh Hutchersons whilst there wearing skin tight spandex… i am so greatfull i dont have man parts!

odairrieresWatch Lionsgate make an announcement that Josh hacked the system and cast Finnick for them.

thornshaverosestoo: That awkward moment when you realize Sam and Josh will be kissing. I might get pregnant just by thinking of it.

And of course, it’s been expressed in meme form:

Finnick kiss Peeta CPR Catching Fire Sam Claflin Josh Hutcherson

Sorry, Advice Peeta, but you don’t change the fact that people are obsessing over the dumbest thing. Yes, I know that fandom likes to slash characters—that is, to match up male characters who are usually straight in canon, through fanfiction and fan art. And the Finnick/Peeta pairing existed long before Sam was cast. And yeah, both boys are hot, so I can see why you’d concoct a little daydream about Finnick bringing Peeta back to life and Peeta deciding to ditch mean old Katniss who only fakes her love for him in front of the cameras and starting a life in a sleepy little fishermen village…

But that’s a silly diversion at most. The fact that it was the first reaction for all Hunger Games fans was just weird. What are we, a bunch of horny Fifty Shades of Grey readers? There’s so much else about Finnick we can obsess over!

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    • Maria

      Hey shut up. If we want to fangirl about Josh/Sam’s mouth-to-mouth scene we will do it. I don’t know about you but I’ve loved these books long before the movie so it is f*cking exciting that we get to put on a face to Finnick. And also Josh is hot as fuck so…

      • http://twitter.com/jordynbrianne Jordyn Cherry

        THANK YOU. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • Laila

        Then why’d you read it, though? Personally, I think the best way to go against something is to not convey its importance to you.

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    • Scorpio

      They will probably shoot it from above and cover their mouths so they don’t have to ‘kiss’.

    • Feld

      If you haven’t seen the Forger you might want to check it out JHutch in almost every scene.

    • Laila

      I just freaked out about Sam Claflin saying the sugar cube line. I was originally a Garrett Hedlund supporter, but I trust Lionsgate.

    • Pearl224

      Hi-5! I love EVERYTHING you wrote because i completely agree with you. For God’s sake! It’s C-freakin PR get OVER it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/maggie.caron Maggie Caron

      Because some fangirl knocked out the script writers and typed that in real quick before fleeing in her ninja outfit

    • Ale

      Guys by the way Sam has just confirmed the scene itself in Cannes Min 1:57-2:07 ….for whatever reason you want to watch it in the movie, Finnick is actually going to give cpr to Peeta


    • KC

      Ugh… Slash is so DUMB.

    • morerepresentationneeded

      could you kindly fuck off? look the reason fans cling on to slash pairings and make all their interactions romantic my over-analysing etc is because there is so little representation of REAL gay characters in mainstream media. Once that starts happening and big blockbusters have gay characters in them regularly, then and ONLY then will this article be an acceptable criticism of fandom.

      how dare you criticise a group of people who are so starved for representation to make gay parings out of virtually nothing.

      quite frankly you can fuck off.