How Long Until Lady Gaga Skins Her New Dog For A Unique Fall Coat?

As the PETA activists among us may know, Lady Gaga recently got into trouble with anti-fur enthusiasts as well as fake-Ke$ha for wearing fur around town. Town, of course, being a euphemism for the world.

While I’m not super into fur, I’m also super not into picking-and-choosing when it comes to critiquing what Lady Gaga wears. Who’s to say that her wearing a fur coat is anymore offensive than her prancing about in stuffed Kermits. Just think about how the puppet community must feel seeing that.

With that said, I’m frightened for her new dog Fozzi. The poodle hybrid is her new favorite accessory and thanks to Buzzfeed you can see Gaga sporting him all over the place. But what happens when the weather grows colder and the dog grows needier — and Lady Gaga finds herself craving a coat that no else owns. Something unique, something quirky, something poodle-y.

I’m not saying she’s going to skin Fozzi for a coat. But I’m also not saying she won’t.

All I’ll go on the record saying is that it might be time to get Sarah McLaughlin involved. She can totally pretend that she wants to do a melancholy duet with Gaga for a commercial that will haunts our dreams — and then kidnap Fozzi and bring her to safety.

The last thing we need is puppy dog coats coming into fashion. At least not this fall. Not when I just purchased a very expensive sloth-hair coat.

(Photo: WENN)

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    • Mare Shaffer

      Seriously. Couldn’t you just vomit before you starting writing to get the poison out of your system?

      • Jenni

        I did read that Hemingway always vomited before blogging. So perhaps it’s worth a try! Should I respond with the results here or would you prefer a personal email?

      • abbeysbooks

        jenni is a working and paid blogger. She is no longer sitting in her parent’s basement in her pjamas. She has entered the Order of Production. If Shaffer, you have read the Chomsky book Manufacturing Consent, you will know that jenni does what she has to do within the wiggle room she is allowed. And crushable is far better than most places. She has nmanaged to hold to her belief about KS/RP through the storm and presnted is as a very viable speculation. This is no shabby thing.

    • Kyle Rooker

      lady gaga went to a fucking funeral for a mutilated cat that she never saw…. how dare anyone say she would skin that poor dog. and btw, when you said that you never pick on a lady gaga outfit, you do it all the time. make fun of someone who is worthy of it… like snookie for having a baby when she’s dumb enough to burn the whole fucking house down by leaving and forgetting to turn of a oven