Kristen Stewart T-Shirts Makes Me Wonder If ‘Taking A Revenge Dump’ Is A Thing

A few months ago I never would have dreamed that I would be coming to Kristen Stewart’s defense. Before this entire “Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson” stunt devastated the nation, I found her to an insufferable actress who sulked her way into movie roles. I couldn’t understand why people obsessed over her, nor did I appreciate her “whatever” approach to interviews, award shows and any other event that required her to smile.

But now I’m firmly in her corner because of the ridiculous backlash from her fans. Why am I the one defending Kristen Stewart from her once loyal fan base? I don’t know. It should be the other way around. However since this whole scandal happened, they’ve allowed Robert Pattinson to play the innocent victim card while Kristen Stewart gets hung out to dry. Which makes sense, because they’re doing most of the drying. Despite the fact that another human being got photographed with her when she cheated, no one wants to talk abotu him.

On one hand, understandable. Rupert Sanders who? On the other hand, the narrative that we’ve been given is that Kristen Stewart AKA K.Slut AKA Trampire is a whore who doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Over and over, on Twitter and on Tumblr and in the comments section of blogs I hear Robert Pattinson deserves better. Yes, everyone deserves to be with someone who doesn’t cheat on them. But acting like Kristen Stewart did something unforgivable by kissing another man (possibly without tongue) is ridiculous.

Creating and buying the following shirts is taking a ridiculous situation to a new extreme.

And don’t even get me started on wanting to take a dump on her. What does that even mean? Why would someone do that? I’ve never heard of people taking revenge dumps. Especially on people who didn’t personally do anything to them. Is this a secret fetish come to light now? Or is this what the kids are doing now, fantasizing about taking dumps on celebs who have wronged them after they do vodka shots in their eyes?

I’m so confused. All I’m going to say is that if you have an extra $20 this week, don’t spend it on these shirts. Do something nice for yourself and buy your self a positive message outfit that will still be culturally relevant in a few months.


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    • anony

      You’re not the only one defending her. In fact, I ONLY read articles defending her. Good day. Find me an article not defending her. That’s all the media does all day long.

      • Jenni

        To quote myself I’m not saying articles don’t defend her, I’m saying that I’m seeing Anti-Kristen comments coming from the fans, “Over and over, on Twitter and on Tumblr and in the comments section of blogs”

      • Sandy Cheeks

        Have you been living under a fucking rock?

      • nena

        Find me articles besides this website, Fox new and Jodi F article

    • Steph

      Sad world we live in. What really bothers me is that this hating is coming from other females. I get it, she “cheated” but it just goes to show that we are our own worst enemy. Women want to be treated equally, but at the same time waste no time bashing and putting each other down. This “scandal” should not be effecting anyones life, but sadly, several people have allowed it to take over theirs!

    • Irish Girl

      Jenni, you know I love you like butter, but if I might offer a suggestion? I’m as disgusted by these T-shirts as you,so…how is it expressive of that disgust to display said T-shirts? It’s free promotion for these idiots. Your blog, your rules…but…you know where I’m going with this.

      • Jenni

        I know, I knowwwwww. But it’s such a great example of the bizarre hatred coming from her former fans! Also I do need to know if dumping on people is an acceptable form of revenge. So far, no one seems as horrified by this as me.

      • Irish Girl

        Hello?! I’m standing right here, you goober.

        Ooh, and look…someone voted me DOWN…!

    • scallywag

      To date Kristen has faced the brunt of the scandal with many commentators going out of their way to decimate her reputation. But why?

      It’s one thing to become a fallen movie idol but our collective matyr for failing to live up to our fantasy female role model…?

    • Dane

      She deserves MUCH MUCH worse than this. The girl was dry humping her director in public view and two days later playing the doting girlfriend to Rob. That was not just a kiss or a momentary mistake. She knew there were millions of Twilight fans invested in her personal life and I’ve even heard some of them have taken their lives over this. Yet she played the fanbase to the core by cryptically selling the Robsten relationship to poor fans. Not to mention the marriage she broke.

      Time to let her take responsibility of her actions for once. Don’t let her PR fool you. Rob has the balls to face the world despite being the innocent party while she hides like a coward. The same girl who claimed to never give an F because she was “mature beyond her age”. One has to be REALLY dumb to fall for her desperate sympathy card now.

      • penny

        you are one sick person. Despite what she’s done,she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

      • Irish Girl

        No one deserves to be treated like this. She didn’t do anything to US, for crying out loud.

      • Chicken Ron

        Worse than Hitler she is!

      • Irish Girl

        Dear sweet Rumplestiltskin, I hope that’s satire..

      • Was @Beliebertwihard

        You are a sick person.Ever think shes not the only one that should be blamed?Rupert knew what he was doing and he was old enough to know better.How would you like it if the whole world was hating on you for making a mistake?I bet you would not be going out in public.So really just Fuck You!

      • Sandy Cheeks

        I hope you don’t breed.

      • Nena

        Maybe you saw different pics then I did, but I didnt see any dry humping!! Read more of Jenni’s articles and you will see what the rest of the peple here see, its all a PR stunt!!! Also I dont care if they actually had sex naked out in the open in front of a church, it wasnt done to YOU or me, she doesnt deserve this. SHE didnt break up any marriage, HE is the married one and from what I saw in the pics there were 2 people there. Did Arnold get this kind of crap? He did break up a marriage and had a kid, Even Tiger didnt get death threats or people making shirts. I dont know how you can say things about another person you dont know. I dont know her either but my god such venom should be for people who go to movie theatres and kill people. Hate them not a 22 year old who did take credit for it. And really hard to take credit for something that is a sham anyway. I hope you never do anything that requires a appology, and need a friend.

      • nena

        I dont know what pics you saw but I didnt see any dry humping. I dont care if she had sex out in the open in front of a church she doesnt deserve this. And I think there were 2 people involved, She didnt break up a marriage HE did, he is the married one. She did take responsible for her actions! Arnold or Tiger didnt get this kind of crap, so why her? All of this is moot cuz if you read more of Jenni’s articles you will see its all a PR stunt!! I hope you never do anything wrong and need forgiveness. I cant believe all this hatred, for a 22 year old person, save this kind of hatred for someone who goes to a movie theatre and kills people, not this situation!!!

      • Irish Girl

        Oh,for crying out loud, do you believe in fairies and the stork, too? If you think that what she did was that bad, I feel sorry for your current and future significant other.

      • Chicken Ron

        She made the nutty madam cry as well!

    • m

      First of all, whoever is going to buy these stupid T-shirts, are purely idiots who don’t have a life. I mean to HATE someone because their favorite actor got cheated on?!!Seriously, those people need mental help. Well, I hope that all the money they make goes to the “Liberty and kids” fund, because they are the real “victims” in this scandal.Because, I hope all this ridiculous,petty outrage and pure hate is because of them only (which it’s NOT). That would be the most logical explanation, IF that is even acceptable reason for all of this backlash, (like any sane person would see, it’s not).I get people being disappointed and even being mad,but pure hate, death threats, bullying etc. That’s wrong. All of this outrage is ridiculous, people need to get the hell over it. Cheating happens all the time, unfortunately. The only reason people care and are angry is because of RP., not because people really care about Liberty and her kids. People act like KS commited murder, my goodness.People are not perfect, as humans we do stupid, irresponsible things. That’s life, but we apologize (as much as we can), accept the consequences and deal with them. You live and you learn, and move on. No wonder KS won’t come out of hiding. This girl has had her life threatened because she was with RP and now because of cheating on him. Regardless, if she did right by him or did wrong to him, her life was/is in danger either way. Sad, very sad and VERY disturbing.

    • lizzy

      The venom directed towards her is disgusting and reeks of mean-girl behavior, jealousy and just plain bullying – the higher you go, the more some try to knock you down, like crabs trying to pull the other crabs back into the bucket… and how many of the haters are probably guilty of worse things.
      On a side note, there is/was a trend by Kristen fans to move more blame to Rupert and they even started having fun with it (like: it’s his fault it’s raining on your beach day, it’s his fault your car broke down) and frankly they are much more imaginative than these brainless, garbage tees. There is even a “Blame Rupert” tee on amazon:

      • Chicken Ron

        Who is Rupert?

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    • Guest

      OMG this is terrible I think people are going way too far with all this. I don’t condone what she did but, now I just feel really bad for her no one deserves to be treated this way.

    • judith Ahern

      This ‘staged’ affair, conceived as a way
      for Rob and Kristen to have a break from the spotlight, marry or whatever, needs to be revealed for what it really
      is soon. I don’t think they could have imagined the stunt would become a
      Pandora’s box of venality, lies, innuendo and media hype that would show the
      worst side of the public reactions and hatred. Even when /if they come clean with
      the truth many will still believe the story and brand Kristen as a bad person.
      If you look at Jodie Foster’s article it is as good as any explanation as to
      why this whole thing was put together… media culture destroys people’s
      (private) lives and leaves them exposed and eviscerated. Is it any wonder the
      couple chose to do try this stunt? I think that Rob is that person Foster said
      was her only hope, “someone who , put their arm around me and lead me away to safety.”

    • Chicken Ron

      Is it true Robert Pattinson was spotted wearing the hoodie?

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    • tonyzhou

      yeah,it looks very good.I want to have a unusual t-shirt, or do it yourself.

    • Peony

      Are these people mad?There are so many atrocities being committed on children,women and isues like infanticide and hunger existing in the world and We have Cartoons like these idiots making T shirts against a young kid who was supposedly kissed by some guy?GROW UP PEOPLE,LEAVE KRISTEN STEWART ALONE.

      • taffywk

        hey! don’t bring cartoons down to these guys’ level. >=0(

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    • WTF?

      “Fuck Kristen Steward” is actually nice, because I totaly would like to do that. So when you read this and discover that you really are some kind of queer, Kristen, give me a call ;)

      No seriously, I don´t get the misogynie either. So stupid, it´s not even funny anymore.

    • Jula

      Kristen jest też człowiekiem. Nie cofnie czasu! Żałuje pewnie swoich błędòw. Osoba ktòra tworzy te koszulki pewnie nie wie co Kristen czuje!!! Jestem pewna że chciałaby zapobiec temu zdarzeniu ktòre przydarzyło sie jej i może przytrafić sie komuś z jej prześladowcòw!!! Jestem wierna Kristen od początku do końca!!!

    • Robin Van Dam

      What if she was the victim of a PR stunt herself?

      Mr. Sanders is the type of man with whom I am very familiar. He is the type
      of person that befriends you to use you and get as much from you at the
      slightest possible cost to himself. He is a risk taker at the risk of others,
      knowing, well in advance, what his goal is, what his chances of success are,
      and what his level of exposure will be, well before he plays the game. He
      begins to size you up at first contact and zeros in on your most vulnerable
      characteristics. He is the top of the food chain, a predator, watching every
      move of his prey, categorizing their ticks, and carefully calculating his
      advantages over their weaknesses. His relationships, especially with women, are
      brief and to the point, hunting for the easiest target, like a lion, usually
      going for the young and inexperienced to conserve his energy or exposure. He
      minimizes his damages with promises or threats, depending on their weaknesses,
      as he lures them in for the kill and savors the delicacies of his conquests
      with an insatiable, narcissistic pleasure.

      He targets his prey based on his level of risk and exposure, knowing, the
      higher the profile, the lower the risk of exposure. He disregards what is
      morally, humanely, and civilly right. He takes advantage of his power over his
      prey, regardless of the consequences and harm imposed. He leaves them wounded
      with overwhelming guilt, self-loathing, feelings of worthlessness, and
      depression, allowing him to return to devour them over, and over, again, at his
      leisure. His position of authority allows him the luxury of praise or
      displeasure, knowing his prey will either be grateful or crumble into
      submission and he will receive the fruits of his labor, willingly, leaving them
      hungry for more or unsatisfied with their need to please him so they are worthy
      of his good graces. The situation of emotional distress, naïveté, and
      vulnerability allows him to nurture his prey, in a fatherly stature, insuring
      their loyalty, love, respect and tight lips, limiting his exposure to the bare
      minimum. He believes he is top dog and invincible. He respects no one below his
      own egotistical importance. (Continued)

      To be precise, Mr. Pattinson, you are what Mr. Sanders deems below him, more
      than anyone else. You were his true target. He had to prove to himself, and
      you, he had the power to take what he wanted, away from anyone, even someone as
      beloved as you are. He had to prove he was the stronger, more desired, more
      dominant male in town. I like to think of his type as “Caesar” and you are his
      “Spartacus.” Ms. Stewart was nothing more than a tool for him to punish you for
      your successes and over shadowing his prominence during his hour of glory. It
      ate away at him that his talents could not be recognized without your name
      boosting his production of SWATH because of your relationship with Ms. Stewart.
      You had nothing to do with SWATH! How dare you overshadow his work, his
      talents, and his creativity with the mere mention of your name! You are a lowly
      actor! He is the almighty director!

      What better way to knock you down a peg or two than to take the one thing
      you treasure most. Ms. Stewart was your vulnerability as much as you were hers
      and when you add her naïveté to the mix, neither one of you had a chance
      against the evil that hides in the hearts of men such as Rupert Sanders. You
      are nothing more than immature, naïve children in his eyes, and he knew he could
      crush you, both, with one blow. That is exactly what he did for the sake of
      fame. (Continued)

      He is winning. Ms. Stewart is a harlot, shunned righteously by you, the
      media, and the public, while Mr. Sanders, in a few short months, will receive
      pats on the back by his colleagues, and asked, “So, what was it like, you know,
      with Kristen? Was she worth it?” I won’t go further. You get the picture. Men
      are men when they cheat. Women are worthless harlots, damaged goods, and no
      longer fit to be seen with in public, when events such as these are revealed.
      It is always the woman’s fault, her seduction, her choice and her selfishness.
      Women are evil and the temptation of man. Men are the weak victims, unable to
      utter the word, “No” at the sight of a beautiful woman and unable to resist his
      own perversions in his mind because she put them there just by being a
      beautiful, desirable woman in his sights. (Continued)

      Mrs. Sanders, well let’s be nice and say I have my suspicions. She’s not
      well known in these parts, virtually invisible, until this event, and lonely,
      looking to liven up her boring, mundane motherly life with a new acting career.
      She was totally discontent with her new home and the extended absence of her
      poor, weak victim of a husband, not to mention sexless marriage. She said so,
      herself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out her part in all this.
      If I had to guess, I would bet she was heading to a divorce attorney long
      before this event and was the one that tipped the paparazzo. She too, has benefited
      from this event. Gee, how many offers do you think she has received for
      modeling, interviews, and more importantly, acting? She’s playing the innocent
      wife victim of Ms. Stewart’s irresistible temptations toward her weak victim of
      a husband, perfectly. I can’t help but wonder how long it took them to plan the
      whole thing. Those pictures, told me much more than I bet they expected anyone
      to see. I saw ‘set-up’ from the get go! The biggest give away were the two
      pictures of Mr. Sanders looking straight into the camera. The one by the
      railing looks like he was gesturing, “Did you get that?” (Continued)

      You heard Mr. Sanders, “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused
      my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world.
      I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this
      together.” It was a staged apology, cold with no hint of sincerity in his voice
      or sweat on his brow. Praying? Oh, he didn’t mean what it seems he meant! He
      flubbed his words! He forgot the last three! “I’m praying that we can get
      through this together, without getting caught!” You’ve read his other comment,
      “I would do absolutely anything and everything to save my marriage.” Yeah, I
      believe that. How about this lie, “It was the worst mistake of my life.” Let me
      hear Mrs. Sanders say that. She’s riding on a high horse with wings, right
      about now. (Continued)

      Wow, what a trade off and complete role reversal, “The demise of Kristen
      Stewart’s acting career for the rise of Liberty Sanders.” Who is overshadowing
      whom, now? It makes me so sad to see people do this to each other. Do I just
      have an over active, devious mind? I feel ashamed of myself for being no better
      than the tabloids. Please forgive me for not erasing this evil trash, but if I
      can see it, and think it, do you really think it’s that farfetched? I am just a
      normal person, sitting on the outside, looking in. I believe the Sanders,
      without Ms. Stewart’s knowledge, orchestrated it and she truly is as much a
      victim as you. The Sanders have destroyed so much goodness and it is painful. I
      am so sorry. I hope you see what I see and salvage yourselves, together or
      separately, it doesn’t matter, as long as you both survive with your heads held

      Why is it the woman’s responsibility to say “NO” and it’s
      “OK” for a married man to seduce, approach or say “Yes” to
      his sexual urges instead of him being responsible enough at 41 yrs. old to
      fight those urges, even if he is the one approached?

    • Denise

      someone should print out a tee with the quote:I wanna take a dump on twiwhores :)