In Honor Of Joe Giudice Cheating On Teresa Giudice, Here’s The Best of The Real Housewives Cheating Scandals

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    • tony G.

      im sorry Theresa is 100 percent nuts. I have never seen a psychopath like her so up close and personal.

    • RevDebsky

      Darwin winner let me tell you. A- if he isn’t cheating he sure is lying and is calling his wife those names and you know it will get back to they daughters one day or the other. So at the least a horrble husband and father. B- If he is cheating who the heck thinks so little of themselves as to think I want to be with this middle aged married man with four kids who is in trouble all the time, No real money to speak of, admits in court forging his former partners signature (even if he had verbal permission from said partner….there are legal documents that allow a person to make decisions for you when you are not able to. Not just medical, but financial and all that jazz. That paper would have ruined his former partner’s court case.
      C- If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you. Sure there are exceptions to every rule but they are exceptions for a reason and as much as we would like to believe we are in that exception, odds aren’t on your favor. D- If he is having or was having an affair, I think that regardless of a divorce or not. His wife should hire someone to findout. Who, how long, how often, any financial amounts given or spent during the affair. Because, it money he earns in the marriage Is equally his and his wifes. Not to mention that fact that money could have also gone to their kids.

      Think about that. Are you telling your daughters it is ok to allow theirselves to be led on and controlled by a married man? This is how it works? The phone call sounds guilty regarding an affair. But clearly he is a bad husband and father.

    • for/real

      I really wonder if Teresa sees her self after acting like a true Nut Bag, ( that word was used just to be nice) She is so jealous about every thing around her. May be cause she really knows every one it Truly Happy w/ there spouse & them self and w/ there beautiful familey’s. She just can’t except the loss of 1/2 her way of living, cheating husband, disrespectful kid and her cute friends. Will it looks like it’s time for the snake to leave it’s skin, hopefully no one will touch her, or may be they should so she can fell the hurt that she put’s on other’s. And how in the hell would some one go for Joe omg (it’s a joke,get it)