Gallery: We Replace The Expendables 2‘s Aging Action Stars With Younger, Hotter Dudes


The Expendables 2 comes out this weekend, and while I’m sure it’s a great action flick full of car chases and explosions, I can’t help thinking some of its stars are looking a little long in the tooth. I mean, how many times can you rip a Sylvester Stallone character out of retirement to perform some crazy-dangerous caper until he’s like “Jesus Christ, I’m 66. Leave me to my Matlock and prunes!” It’s with that in mind that I’ve come up with some suggestions for people to take the place of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, and all the other action stars who seem like they could use a rest. It’s not that we want some taut, fresh, young beefcake to ogle while things are blowing up, honest….we just think someone else deserves a turn.


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    • Yael Abraham

      I think you kinda missed the point of the whole “Expendables” films. Your reaction is exactly why Stallone decided to this project with his other contemporaries. To show that there are NO contemporaries able to replace these guys. Their style of action movies has been long gone, sadly, and all we get these days are self-doubting, sensitive pretty boys. I miss the eighties…

    • IQuit

      Jaime, you’re completely bland and lack any sense of intelligence. Honestly, because you don’t grasp a concept you decide to sully it with your “ideas” of how things should be. Sorry, there’s a reason why these people are actors and directors and why you’re just another internet article writing lackey.