Watch Underage Britney Spears Do A Duet With Underage Justin Timberlake

There’s nothing more precious on the Internet than classic Mickey Mouse Club videos from the ’90s. Okay, I take that back. One time I saw a video of Ryan Gosling rocking a baby sloth to sleep while Raven Symone sung lullabies in the background. But other than that gem, I’m all about the MMC.

And that’s why I found this video of an underage Britney Spears doing a duet with an underage Justin Timberlake — before they fell in love and started making fake virginity pledges to America. Weren’t those the days! Also, I think Christina Aguilera was still sober in this decade, so that’s also neat.

So before you kick off your weekend debating the whereabouts of Kristen Stewart, take a moment to to enjoy our collective youth. During our innocent, virginal days where we could spend hours just watching tweens sing.

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    • Jen Nay

      “So before you kick off your weekend debating the whereabouts of Kristen Stewart”

      Really?! Oh wait, this is coming from someone who has a second grade education… what else is there for you to ponder? It’s people like you that scare me. To know that such ignorance is out there is just frightening.

      • Jenni

        It’s gets scarier. I have an identical twin sister who’s even MORE ignorant.

      • thatgirlmegan

        You do have a choice what you do & don’t read. It’s the internet. Just sayin…

    • Margaret M. Barreca

      Why are all of the commenters on Crushable so nuts? It almost never gets this crazy on The Gloss, Blisstree, Mommyish, or The Grindstone…are celebrities really such a hot topic? People legitimately get THIS pissed about Jenni’s hilarious tongue-in-cheek style of writing that they comment something so rude as the person below me for absolutely no reason? Jenni, girl, you are awesome. Know that at least one person appreciates every single article you write. Keep it comin’! =)

      Who knew the lives of random people who just happen to be famous could bring about such hostility…