Okay, Now People Are Just Making Kristen Stewart Drama Up For the Sake Of A Story

Look, I’m as invested in this ridiculous Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson publicity stunt as much as the next celebrity stalker. But we have to draw the line at stories that go beyond rumors and just enter the land of make believe.  I’m not saying we have to rule out speculation or barely substantiated stories. I’m just saying we need to write stories that have at least one fact, before we start spinning wild fictional tales of betrayal and deceit.

Like this one about Liberty Ross giving Snow White and the Huntsman sequel an ultimatum. One where the producers need to choose between Kristen Stewart or her.

“That would be awkward should they work together in the next movie,” a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “That’s just not going to happen and one of them won’t be returning. My guess is Liberty will walk away from her role if Kristen’s returning. It’s just too close to home. The entire situation would be uncomfortable for everyone involved.”

This is obviously untrue for the following 5 reasons:

1. Liberty Ross plays Snow White’s dead mother who died five minutes into the film. Unless the movie was a prequel, she’s not going to be in it. And if it is a prequel then the Huntsman is like 13 and probably not even a huntsman yet. I love Chris Hemswoth, but I don’t think he can pull off the “tween” role. Sure, they could do flashback scenes, but the only reason to do those would be so rubberneckers could watch Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross acting together in the same scene.

2.. No one even remembers what the mother looks like. If this scandal hadn’t erupted, they could have replaced Liberty without us noticing. Replacing Kristen Stewart would be more of a challenge.

3. Liberty’s role in the movie was so small that I can’t even find a photo of it on the Internet. And I just spent a lot of time looking in the darkest corners of the world wide web.

4. Despite the fact that many people hate Kristen Stewart right now for her alleged affair with Liberty Ross’ husband Rupert Sanders, she still has fans. I assure you, based on tweets and emails and comments we’ve received in the past few weeks, she still has a lot of fans. Fans go to see their favorite actors in movies. Even if they have no interest in the movie. That’s why I paid money to see New York Minute – to support Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — not to see twins ditch school for a day. So from a marketing standpoint it would make no sense to choose Liberty Ross over Kristen Stewart.

5. People only know the name Liberty Ross because Kristen Stewart kissed her husband. She’s barely an actress, let alone one that can walk around Hollywood making wild demands.

Therefore in conclusion, can we all agree to only talk about rumors that are based in some kind of truth?

Like making up a story about Robert Pattinson hosting a wild sexy orgy at Reese Witherspoon’s house works for me. Saying Robert Pattinson murdered Kristen Stewart with the help of the Good Morning America hosts doesn’t.

See the difference?

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    • kazzo52

      whaaat! point 4… She had an affair with Liberty Ross TOO!!! Dang but this story has SOME twists and turns

      • Jenni

        Ugh, I get so excited sometimes I forget how to spell Rupert Sanders!

      • Irish Girl

        Jenni…down. Your drool is starting to become a hazard to perambulatory folk.

      • nena

        I still think RP having a fling with KS mom and havin US weekly take pics. Just to get even. Thats not been out there yet. Thank god.

    • kazzo52

      whaaat! point 4… She had an affair with Liberty Ross TOO!!! Dang but this story has SOME twists and turns

    • lizzy

      I was hoping this dodgy scandal would have been laid to rest by now but with the newest wave of PR manipulaton, I guess it’s got miles left to go… so I’m curious, and I know it’s speculation, but if you were a vegas odds maker….would you put $ on Sanders as a co-conspirator in this fishy photo stunt or as a predator they were busting and trying to get removed from SWATH 2 ….?

      • Jenni

        We’re going to hear rumors until R.Patz and K.Stew have their heartwarming reunion….

      • nena

        I hope for her sake its over before that cuz if not I could see fans being real rude, throw things at her.

    • Steph

      The newest twist in the story: Kristen Stewart’s friend posted a pic of Rob’s dog Bear sitting on someone’s lap to her instagram account. Of course that got everyone going…are they together, are they not together? The suspense continues to build in this “scandal” BTW the friend ended up taking down the istagram pic, but if you google it, you can find it from other sites!

    • Kara


    • S

      I wonder what other kinds of stories will be coming out next? Anyway, the stories are going to get more crazier, when KS is at the Toronto film festival for OTR. Not to mention, everyone is going analyzing every single thing she says, her body language (I’m looking at you hollywoodlife) etc. I’m glad she is going, but you know lots of people hate her, and she has had death threats. So I would be scared as hell going anywhere if I was her.Yikes!

      • Sbrown

        Agree. Isn’t it sad what our world is coming to? A girl is getting death threats, and I am sure will have crazy fans show up just to try and humilate her. People are so caught up in this, and the sad thing is a lot of them are older women. Scary!!

    • judith

      I think rob and kris staged this to get time away to get married.. she may be pregnant I think rob and kris staged this to get time away to marry.. she may be pregnant, hence cancelling film/ getting out of acting ( ref. foster -Rob is the one guiding her to ‘safety’. )