Is Anyone Really Surprised That Mama Honey Boo Boo Spent Time In Jail

Speaking of predictable news that we already kinda guessed, June Shannon, the mother of Honey Boo Boo and current star of the trainwreck show that is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, spent a little time in jail. And it’s not for turning her daughter into a national punchline.

Nor is it for allowing this to happen.

But instead it’s for something as mundane and as unexciting as theft. According to the crack detectives at Starcasm, she got arrested January 3rd, 2008 for something possibly involving child support payments — which in Georgia would be filed under theft. It’s too late in the week for me to try to figure that brain teaser out in my head, so I’ll just let it go.

Despite the plethora of dysfunction families on reality TV right now, I think the Shannon/Thompson family could be in the lead for the most depressing to watch on TV. Unlike the Real Housewives and the Kardashians, they’re not on TV to promote anything except for themselves. At least women like Kim Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel and Teresa Giudice can kind of justify exploiting their families for the sake of their brands. Cookbooks don’t sell themselves.

Honey Boo Boo, Pumpkin, Chickadee and the rest of the gang are just selling themselves — and it’s a hot commodity at the moment because they look phenomenal in GIF form. But it won’t be  as hot as stories like this arrest continue to leak out. Then it goes from being ”point and laugh” funny to “should we call child services?” serious.

Sigh. Reality TV.

And on a slightly related note, does anyone else ever stress over how to they would pose for a mugshot. If you smile you look pyschotic, but if you don’t smile, you look like guilty. What’s a girl to do if she fears her mugshot might one day leak on to the Internet? Leave your mugshot tips below! (Along with any tips on how to shed that holiday weight that you gained back in December. Also, how to tan if you only burn. Oh and creative ways to unwrinkle your dress without turning on an iron!)

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    • shan

      CANT stand this show the lil girl erks me and her mother is living a dream off her child.. DISGUSTING

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    • Hollywoodite

      This show is nauseating. Really.

    • Heidi Faith

      I love this show- but not because I get a laugh out of trainwrecks. Honestly, it’s a learning experience for me. The fact that they promote nothing (unlike the Kardashians) makes them so much more genuine. They have nothing to sell and they’re not trying to create controversy. They honestly just want to live a happy, humble life and win a few beauty pageants. Even though they’re not the best looking people, they’re all confident and happy in their own skins. I really appreciate the look into someone else’s culture.

      • Jenni

        This is their third reality show, I think they’re trying to promote themselves and make money. They know exactly what we want to see on a reality show and are really going out of their way to show us their “redneck” lifestyle.

      • miamialexis

        I agree I can’t believe I watch the show or even further that I like it. I think it’s the genuine factor that has gotten to me. I mean the kid can not win the pagents but she keeps on going, she was cheering for the kids she was going against. The Mom is not the prettiest but says she can “put a shine on the barn.” Who are they hurting? Yes there is a pregnant teenager in the family but Mom was a pregnant teen also so if you look at the percentages you see that if Mom was a teen Mom the odds of their Child being a teenage Mother are pretty high as well. She is requiring that her Daughter take responsiblity for her upcoming Daughter, with her help.

    • Michelle

      The only reason any of those other people have a brand is because they were on TV first. Lets call a spade a spade, people are on reality TV to make money…and that is a fact…at least these people are real and are not fake and selling themselves everywhere else because they are greedy and need more money that they make from their show!

    • Kally

      WE love this show!!! They are for real…its the other reality shows that are fake and disgusting!

    • Linda 2961500

      People who love this show are probably the same kind of people as those IN the show: ignorant rednecks. My god, look at that kid. She looks like a cheap bimbo. No self-respecting mother does this to her child!!!!!!!!!

    • Ronney Kendall

      Do you guys know that she has the money from the show go into a trust for her kids? Yea, I guess that is pretty rotten parenting. UN friggin believable! This is a genuine family, a close family. Not to mention less dysfunctional than most of the crap I see on TV now. They aren’t concerned with material possessions or looks, they just are who they are… HOW DARE THEY!!!!
      Those types of families are depressing to watch. They base their internal values on the external possessions. To me, this REAL family, who are content with who they are, happy at the simple things in life. We all can learn from this family. Their priorities are where they should be. They aren’t striving to get more and more and more of anything. If you think this show is ignorant, then clearly you have missed the mark!

    • kris

      yeah.. she was arrested for theft from stealing from her own employer, Burger King- in the amount of 3 thousand dollars which she stole from the safe. Her boyfriend is a sex offender. Nice people!