Cara Delevingne, Rumored Girlfriend Of One Direction’s Harry Styles, Is Responding To Her Haters On Twitter

A lot of people hate Cara Delevingne. It could be because she’s unfairly genetically gifted in the looks department, but it may also have something to do with the fact that she’s rumored to be dating Harry Styles, of every hysterical tween’s current favorite band One Direction.

We know this because many have taken to twitter, as tweens do, to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that Harry is fucking one hot 20-year-old and not a million 12-year-olds of varying physical attractiveness. This is par for the course when you date someone in a boy band, but now it seems Cara has sunk to the tweens’ level by responding to some of their tweets individually:

Dude. Cara. I’m only going to say this once. You responding to the tweets of insane teenyboppers is like a hippo getting in a fight with an ant that looked at her funny. Sure, the ant was throwing major shade, but the hippo is starting out with quite a few advantages on said ant, and it only makes the hippo look petty.

If you really want your private life to remain private, and furthermore, for people to be able to suspend their disbelief for a minute and imagine you are a thinking person when they see you all boho chic-ed out, make like Kate Moss and stop talking. Seriously. Just stop. Or if you are going to talk, be cool and articulate like Coco Rocha. Nobody respects a celebrity who insists on having fame, riches, the penis of Harry Styles, and the unanimous adoration of everyone with a Twitter account. When you start fighting with tweens on the Internet, you are throwing yourself down a deep, dark, k-hole you may never claw your way out of. You’re welcome.

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Photo: Cara Delevingne

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    • 1summergirl1

      Thank you Jamie! Somebody who is thinking exactly what I think ;)

      • LaughsAtMorons

        Yeah, that Harry is not allowed to see who HE chooses, and that Cara is supposed to sit back and put up with stupid abuse by stupid people and not respond…Pffft.

    • 1summergirl1

      harry please stop dating a total bitch

      • LaughsAtMorons

        1summergirl, please stop presuming harry gives any thought to your opinions about who he chooses to date. It wouldn’t be you under ANY circumstances…

    • Tatiana

      I’m @TomlinsonFiesta, and I’d like to point out that I DID NOT WHATSOEVER give her hate. This article is absolute shit.

    • Thequeen

      I say let her do her thing. It’s none of our business to judge someone else’s relationship. She honestly seems like a nice person!

      • 1summergirl1

        How so if she’s being mean to people who are half her age? You don’t see Eleanor, Perrie, or Danielle doing that.

      • LaughsAtMorons

        So let me get this straight…Moron “tweens” (as you assume them all to be) are allowed to spew hatred and meanness to someone they don’t know because that person has a relationship with someone else they DON’T KNOW, and that is acceptable. But heaven forbid that the person respond to aforementioned moronic hatred and meanness by pointing out to these moronic children that 1. It’s NONE of their business, 2. Their comments are as stupid as they are in posting them, and 3. Their narrow-minded judgements upon her looks and/or personality are totally irrelevant, since she IS in a relationship they can only fantasize about? Puhleez!

        Just because “Eleanor, Perrie, or Danielle” don’t do that certainly should not prohibit her from speaking her own mind to these Twitter Trolls who foolishly believe that their inconsequential and snarky little opinions about the lives of other people actually matters…Oh, wait…That’s what YOU presume by thinking Cara needs to behave more like Eleanor, Perrie, or Danielle…lol! Get over yourself.

    • Alex

      Sorry, but I’d like to see anyone who says she’s being a bitch deal with the amount of hate her or any of the girls must get. And don’t say you’d just ignore it because you have no idea how you’d actually react to it until it happens to you.

      • 1summergirl1

        How does she have an exception? None of the other girls start getting in twitter fights with fans of 1d or anything.

      • LaughsAtMorons

        And um…You were made the self-appointed Sheriff of the Twitterverse, WHEN?

        Just because YOU don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And the “fans” who send such drivel to Cara are not behaving like “fans,” so much as jealous little girls with no grasp of reality who merely think that because they like Harry, he is somehow obligated to live his life the way THEY think he should.

      • 1summergirl1

        Its called self-control

      • LaughsAtMorons

        Oh, “self control,” like what the idiiots posting their insulting tweets to Cara are NOT showing? LOL. Do as you say, not as you do…Typical.

    • Liv

      This is bullshit. How stereotypical of you to think that we are all 12-years old. Applause.

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    • idiots

      thats not her actual twitter wtf