• Wed, Aug 15 2012

Don’t Make Kristen Stewart A Linkedin Profile Yet, She’s Not Officially Fired From Snow White And The Huntsman 2

Despite the pandemonium that took place last night when rumors started that Kristen Stewart got fired from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel,  the heartbroken Robert Pattinson managed to dry his depressed eyes long enough to party in NYC. Thank the heavens that he recovered so quickly from that time his faux-girlfriend faux-made-out in a staged publicity stunt.

It’s not just any actor who can bounce back so quickly from that kind of scripted betrayal.

And in even more heartwarming news, Kristen Stewart isn’t even officially fired from Snow White and the Huntsman and the Sexual Tension. Universal, the people who brought you Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron together in one movie, say that although the sequel will be focused on The Huntsman, there could still be a role in it for Snow White.

Which makes sense, because it’s called Snow White and the Huntsman – and not The Huntsman is So Good Looking That We Might Just Base An Entire Movie Around His Vague Character.  So they’ll probably find space for Kristen Stewart in the movie. However we should expect a lot of rumors to float around before that on whether or not Universal will allow her to return to the movie.

But isn’t it great how interested we are in this movie now?! It’s just curious to me that we’re a lot more invested in the happenings now that the movie may or may not star a disgraced celebrity. It’s just convenient that Kristen Stewart’s affair creates so much buzz around everything she and Robert Pattinson work on now.

Almost as convenient that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson both have individual projects (Cosmopolis and On the Road) that need publicity right now.

And in slightly related news, I do want to make it clear that I’m not completely opposed to Chris Hemsworth having a larger role in the sequel.

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  • Steph

    I agree with you that something is very interesting about this whole “breakup” I get that this would be extremely good publicity for Rob, but how do you think it would help Kristen with OTR? I get people are talking about it, but the crazy Twilight fans are ready to hang her…so Ican only imagine it may hurt that film…who knows, just a thought!

    • Jenni

      A lot of people worried that adults (non Twihards) wouldn’t see her in OTR because they don’t think of her as a sexual person, but rather a tween star. Having an affair with an older man definitely ups your sexy factor.

    • Steph

      Agree! OTR is completly different than her role as Bella…I was even surprised to learn about her topless scene and the sexual things she does! It will all be very interesting!!!

  • nena

    Im so tired of the media making up stuff. Its like in the Hunger games, if no one has faught in a while the game makers so something to get them to fight. If nothing new has happened the media make stuff up to get the fans crazy again. If all this is true (not a PR stunt) then I’d be worried about KS state of mind, a person can only take so much, and if she has all this guilt, regret,sadness and then studios reject her and she see RS getting no heat, continuing to get directing jobs and saying it was the worst mistake of his life, and seeing RP getting more popular and jobs its just too much. If this KS home wrecker crap keeps going on should her PR do something? RS needs to be kicked back to the UK. I still think its a PR thing but still cant figure out their angle. KS is so hated now, and if indeed she did pull out of Cali, and SWATH do drop her, then maybe she did want to get out of acting. Jodi Foster wrote a good article about KS.

  • Irish Girl

    I’m sick of everyone dumping on her for everything. Sanders deserves a fair portion of it and then some.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IIRCK25WSAP3RCXORVSA6SPSW4 Lymbo

    Kristen Stewart dropped from “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel, REASON Revealed Here


    • Jenni

      So here’s my problem with this story (besides it’s on Radar Online which is only 50% factual). Why would they prioritize Rupert Sanders over Kristen Stewart? No one went to the movie to see his directing skills, they went to see Kristen Stewart. No one even knew his name until a month ago. Therefore he just can’t have that much power at Universal.

    • lizzy

      the other problem is this whole “according to source” ….I’m beginning to think the inside sources are maybe…. the pizza delivery people?

    • nena

      His wife cant have any power there either,so why get rid of KS and keep him, if his wife doesnt want them to work together get rid of him.

    • S

      Maybe because KS is NOW “public enemy #1″ ( as it seems) and they are worried no one would want to go and see that movie because she is in it. It’s about $$$, and they probably don’t want to take a risk. Before, KS was the main draw. Universal wanted to capitalize on her Twi fame and fans, to bring in the audience. Now, KS made many of her past “very loyal” fans angry by cheating on RP. (Because you know, KS cheated on them too lol.) Anyway, Universal wanted her because of her popularity. Now though, she is more of a “liability” because of the cheating scandal. Universal doesn’t want to take any chances that would hurt their film at the box office. And for Rupert Sanders? Well, he is just “behind” the camera, directing the film. He isn’t the one in front of the camera, that audiences will be seeing on screen. IMO

  • kswitzerland

    Me too, so sick of all the crap they write about Kristen stewart, you would think rob would defend her or something? What a prick……well not really but i think kstew is wonderful, but the biggest thing that makes me laugh is she only kissed the guy and shes being treated like an outcast, HELLO surely we have all seen worse and it never attracted this much of publicity.

    • nena

      I think he didnt say anything about her for 2 reasons:1. he doesnt ever say anything about his personal life and 2. He cant defend her because its all a stunt, what can he say, so what ever he says about it will be a lie and so far they have not said anything about it except her apology. This way they can say that they never did or said anything, it was the studios at first and then the media ran with it. And i guess a third reason is he isnt there to talk about his relationship, he is there to talk about the movie, all the people who interviewed him are jerks. Josh Horowitz fromMTV kept the interview on tract and only talked about the movie.The media needs to take a vacation. The shooting in Colorado didnt get this much publicity.

  • lizzy

    Jenni- today TMZ has a story from a “source” indicating Kristen is pissed she’s getting all of the hate and not Rupert (or Rupig as her fans have named him) – soooooo, is he a co-conspirator in this fishy photo stunt or a predator they were busting and trying to get removed from SWATH 2 ….?

    • nena

      interesting!!!! I wonder if many parts are involved in this. I mean there is NO info really about RS or LS. I know people really dont care about him, an all the crap about KS and RP is made up rehash crap, but still. But he hadnt signed a contract for SWATH2, and other shows use different directors for each show so IDK.

    • nene

      Love RUPIG its so funny! I was at the store today and saw at least 4 tabloid magazines that had taken pics like the one with KS pointing at the director and the caption was ” get me a drink or your fired” and other crap, they all were very nasty and if someone just looked at those headlines its no wonder people want to stone her.

    • lizzy

      the other favorite seems to be Ruperv

    • Jenni

      I think Rupert/Rupig was definitely involved. He got MAJOR name recognition out of this whole scandal.

  • S

    I just read off Perez Hilton (they got this off US weekly) that Sienna Miller “supposedly” is begging RP to end things with KS permanently. Obviously, because of the cheating.But isn’t this the same women who also photographed with a married man on a boat? And did he have kids too? I’m just asking. I know this was some time ago, BUT IF this is true (Sienna giving begging RP…) she should not be offering or giving any advice about cheating. Especially, not “asking”, “begging” or pleading anyone to not give someone a second chance. She got another shot at love with RP best friend Tom Sturridge and she had a baby with him. Seems like she is happy and things are going well for her and TS. So why can’t KS get a second shot? Anyway, I just thought what I read about Sienna was pretty funny.

    • nena

      yes she did, twice once on Jude Law and then the married guy with kids. Very hipocritical of her, she needs to remember “Those who are without sin may cast the first stone” I think there are soooo many people who need to remember this!!!!!!! there seem to be a run of sinless people around now, must be hard to polish all those halos!!!! Especially the people who have those horrible t shirts out that say “Kristen Stewart is a trampire” hope they get sued!!

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