Taylor Swift Buys Vacation Home Next To Her New Dude’s Vacation Home So They Can Be Together Forever

I’ve always thought Taylor Swift gets her heart broken a suspicious amount. Even if you date people like John Mayer, there are only so many kiss-offs you can write before people start to wonder if the problem is you. And her recent purchase of a vacation home right next to that of Conor Kennedy, her boyfriend of a few months, makes me think she might be at least partly to blame for her history of dramatic relationship failure.

According to People, Taylor Swift has just purchased a house right across the street from one owned by Conor’s grandmother in lovely Hyannis Port, MA. Because your three-month anniversary is the house-buying anniversary, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you might want to date someone for at least a year before you start investing in mansions, because you can’t just pick up a house and take it elsewhere, should things get awkward after a break up.

This may also have the unintended effect of totally freaking her new boyfriend out, because hot, rich, 18-year-old boys are not exactly known for their commitment to settling down. I can see it now:

Taylor Swift (pinwheel-eyed): “Conor, sweetie, I just got a house next to yours so we can be together forever! Also, it’s weird to make love at your grandma’s.”

Conor Kennedy: [Already hiding in the titanium space cave Kennedys save for such occasions.]

I know everything feels super intense and important when you’re 22, and you want to lock that boy in FOR LIFE before you both turn into decrepit 25-year-olds, but maybe Tay Tay should take a step back and give things a chance to develop.

Or maybe she just really likes playing golf with old rich people. Who knows?

(Via People)

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    • Cee

      Completely agree. It’s the pattern with this girl. She falls in love with anybody that wants a date with her and wants to settle down. When she finds out that someone is not on the same boat she publicly shames them. She needs to realize that she has a problem. Buying a house across the street from her 18 year old boyfriend?! Even if he says he does want commitment. It’s an 18 year old saying this! Oh Taylor…