According To Tumblr, The Worst Thing The Olympics Closing Ceremony Could’ve Done Was Have Jessie J Sing Queen

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For the most part, the music at last night’s Olympics Closing Ceremony was a hit: The Spice Girls and One Direction were both welcomed back to their mother countries by screaming fans who had either grown up with one or had become women after witnessing the other. But the Powers That Be made a major misstep in bringing out British singer Jessie J to duet with the surviving members of Queen. And honestly, it was a weird choice. The musical number started with old footage of Freddie Mercury (who died of AIDS-related complications in 1991), and it had the audience going wild. Honestly, they probably could’ve save a ton of money and just gone with this pseudo-hologram.

But then out came the surviving members, which still whipped the crowd into a frenzy… and then suddenly Jessie struts out in an asymmetrical bedazzled outfit better suited to Katy Perry, and proceeds to take over the vocals for “We Will Rock You.” She was just so terribly out of place, and I found I couldn’t enjoy the performance as much as I would’ve. Watch for yourself:

Tumblr was ablaze with viewers’ irritation and disgust. (Which is kind of funny, because you have to imagine that a lot of Tumblr users weren’t even alive when Mercury passed away.) Here’s just a sampling of people’s knee-jerk reactions:

carnagescissorsThen…I saw Jessie J walking to the stage. I was confused, THEN THAT BITCH STARTED SINGING AND RUINED MY GODDAMN QUEEN FUCK! That was HORRIBLE, she just raped that song. WHY did they not get George Michael? Elton John? ANYONE but HER? That just made me suffer the greatest dissapoint.

Anonymousshe ruined the queen song cus she tried to make it all about her. and her little fucking squeak did not belong in it , or any song for that matter, AT ALL. sorry this is harsh lol, i just love queen and was really disappointed.

cecesigyn: Expecting like Queen amazingness then fucking Jesse J and her tacky ass outfit punches me right in the middle of my dreams!

unicornrebel: ”i wish katy perry and jessie j would collab” –no one ever

Did the Olympics committee choose Jessie simply because she’s British? It seemed like the choice was more of a pride thing than who could actually do the song justice. It’s too bad, because there’s plenty about her to admire, like how she co-wrote Miley Cyrus‘ “Party in the USA” or that she doesn’t do drugs because of her irregular heart. But this just seemed like a bad fit for her that she took for the exposure, without banking on whether it would actually go over well with fans. I completely agree that her takes on the classic song — the squeak, the sequined look — threw everything off, and honestly I didn’t think her voice was up to it.

What side did you come out on?

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    • Jake

      I love Queen But She ruined it last night.

    • Tracy

      Really? Who wouldn’t say yes to performing with Queen?! I thought she looked great and sounded great, she has an incredible voice.

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    • GoldenEagle

      Why are people bitching about Jessie J’s performance? Sure, the mismatch between her and Queen was jarring (and I’m STILL pissed that we didn’t get a Freddie Mercury hologram alongside the living members of Queen out of this closing ceremony) but frankly too many people went easy on the closing ceremony.

      It was a huge mess. All of those performers coming out for 5 seconds, trying to appeal to all generations at once and… failed miserably quite frankly, because all of those 5 seconds performances made the music sound like one huge chunk of noise. One Dimension had way too much screen-time compared to the actual music, their obviously recorded song even got replayed during a few segments of the CC, Diversity got snubbed yet again as usual, the entertainment went from noise to more noise to whimsical crap (the part where the boring black and white blocks were used to build a pyramid with Kate Bush music in the background) so by the time something FINALLY happened, like the Spice Girls reunion, many people got bored to tears.

      The David Bowie tease was a SIN, especially when they used his music to promote some models for Vogue- emm, who cares about them exactly? We want Bowie goddammit! Although George Micheal’s performance wasn’t so bad tbh. That glittery skull on his belt was a little… eh. Oh and don’t forget the Imagine part, when we got teased with Freddie Mercury’s music again. (And again, for 5 seconds. Notice a pattern?) And what did we get? Freaky Giant Lennon face. Who’s Imagine song just wouldn’t end. Better than the Freaky Giant Baby face but still. We got lots of Vespas draped in Union Jack colours too, a VERY ITALIAN ICON when it comes to scooter history. Great stuff Britain. Oh and there were lots of 60s British sports cars that weren’t shown to the Telly viewers, at least from Eurosport’s part of their coverage. I find it amusing how most reviews are either ignoring the bad parts of the ceremony or pretending it was all fun and dandy. They either got paid to be extra postive or they’re still seeing red blue and white in their vision. Olympics Euphoria can be a bad thing.

      I also love how Muse, Blur and Oasis are barely mentioned in the reviews. The Oasis part may be a very good thing, but since Muse wrote the official 2012 Olympics song, you’d think they’d get more credit from the critics then a bunch of tweens or Russel Brand. In a top hat. Pretending to be Willy Wonka and lipsinking Beatles music. Eh.

      The Jessie J problem would have been solved if the last remaining members of The Who and Queen were performing their music during the very last part of the ceremony. Oh, and when the Torch was getting switched off, the audience would have seen the Monty Python giant foot splatting it with it’s iconic “pffft” splat through telly editing.

      But that would have made the cermony actually fun to sit through.

      • GoldenEagle

        Crap I meant “The Jessie J problem would have been solved if the last remaining
        members of The Who and Queen were performing their music during the very
        last part of the ceremony -TOGETHER-.” rather than separately. Sorry ’bout that.

    • ThomasNeidhart

      I was confused. In America, the polls on yahoo and other sites that asked who you were most excited to see was a landslide for George Michael, and yet, the guy who actually has had a big hit with Queen wasn’t asked to sing with them for this, and instead, that awful ill-matched pairing came on my tv and I was quite disappointed. Coulda done without her scream/squeak, too…

      I know America liking GM the most, didn’t matter to the organizers, understandably, but George’s been voted their favorite singer several times, and Careless Whisper the top British song ever, and I can’t disagree. Also, his Faith album has been widely hailed as the foreign response to Thriller, which makes sense because both had many hits, and George had numerous #1s off it, and they both won the Grammy for album of the year, and best R&B artist, etc… I just felt like we got screwed in seeing just a couple minutes of George, and yet this Jesse girl (haha, where’s Rick) had 8 minutes of airtime or more, and was not impressive.

    • Rever

      They needed someone to hit the high notes that Freddy could. Mission accomplished!

    • Rever

      Kept waiting for Jagger & the Stones.

    • Dara Rivadeneira

      Jessie J is fudgin AMAZING why are people hatin’ on her?

    • Sandy

      Adam Lambert should have been the choice–exception made for an exceptional singer

      • Golden Eagle

        Dear god almighty I hope you’re trolling.

    • Larry

      Jessie J look so hot and sexy – yum yum give me some !

    • Kelli Waner

      Adam Lambert should have been allowed to perform with Queen. He has more than prooved he can handle the Queen songs. He did an amazing job at the six concerts with them. Just because he wasn’t Bristish he was not allowed to sing. Jessie J did Ok. It could have been so much better.