7 Sexy Young Adult Books That Need to Be Made Into Movies ASAP

Twilight, Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the Harry Potter films are all based on young adult books that have inspired everything from manic obsession to philosophical appreciation. From children to teens to grown adults, almost everyone’s gotten incredibly into at least one of these series.

So with that in mind, we’ve gone and ahead and picked out the 7 popular sexy young adult books that need to be turned into movies ASAP. Some of them are already in the works and others, shockingly, still seem to be undiscovered by Hollywood. Oh, and we’ve gone even further (just for you!) and cast the films with the perfect hot up-and-coming actors. You know, just in case Hollywood needs some inspiration when it comes to turning these awesome books into even more awesome films.

You’re welcome.

*Please note actors can change their eye/hair color through the power of magic also known as contact lenses and hair dye. You may also post your own dream cast below without censure and let me know what other totally awesome books I missed.

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    • Amy

      All of those actors are too old.

      • Jenni

        Who would you choose for these books?

    • Michelle

      Battle Royale was already made into a movie. It was called….. Battle Royale. Tarantino lists it as a must see. I mean geez, do your research, it’s a cult classic an a sequel was made years ago.

    • JenJen

      Battle Royale was supposed to be made into a movie years ago, but after the Virginia Tech shooting it was deemed inappropriate(which really has no connection, but what do you expect from hollywood). The book was published over 10 years ago, made into a huge controversial movie, and i doubt anyone wants to tackle it after how impressive the original film was, and that we have the Hunger Games. In my opinion Battle Royale was better than the Hunger Games, on the plot & violence scale, but then again Battle Royale was a book about children for adults.

    • Chelsea

      This was already made into a movie. And even a sequel…
      Plus, in the book/the movie, they’re in Junior High.