Video: Darkly Funny Parody Video Shows Honey Boo Boo Child 25 Years Later

If you think Honey Boo Boo Child‘s life is depressing now, just wait until she’s a 31-year-old hooker on the Sunset Strip living in a car with Mama.

In a video titled “Honey Boo Boo Child…25 years later,” The Today Show catches up with Alana Thompson and Mama 25 years down the line, only to find that the pageant circuit has not quite brought them the fame and fortune they desired. At least, not yet! Honey Boo Boo is, however, earning a decent living as a one-on-one “private entertainer,” which mainly seems to involve letting men blow raspberries on her belly in their cars. “Show ‘em your belly, Smoochie!”

As much as I appreciate the video’s take on adult go-go juice and pageant crack (main ingredient: crack), the video feels a little bit like kicking someone when they’re down. As Jenni saw in last night’s premiere, it’s not so funny when you take a step back and realize this family’s more, shall we say “southern gothic” characteristics are the direct result of poverty and ignorance. It’s also not super funny that some women have to become street prostitutes in order to feed themselves. But if you’re okay with laughing at massively depressing things, this video and the show it’s based on are for you.

(Via Youtube)

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