Suri Cruise Only Has 33 Days Of Freedom Left Before She Starts School And I’m Not Sure She Will Be Ready

As you probably already know, Suri Cruise spent the weekend with Papa Tom Cruise sleeping in Cinderella’s Castle and Monday at the MoMa with her best friend Katie Holmes. How spectacularly abnormal for a 6-year-old child who’s about to start real school in 33 days. Shouldn’t she be spending her days in socialization classes that specialize in how to sit still for hours on end as well as how to exchange information about the floor plans of summer homes without being too show-offy.

I just don’t know if Katie Holmes is taking this schooling matter seriously enough. You can’t just walk into an exclusive NYC private school and fit in. Not with kids who have been taking extracurricular classes since conception. Children who have so many friends-of- friends and networking connections that their nannies are forced to carry mutliple ’90s style rolodexes around, from town car to town car.

As you know, I hate to speculate on celebrity matters that I know nothing about — but I must do it because no one else out there will. Not when every other publication’s focusing on the right to bear arms and the right to see footage from the Olympics before NBC airs it 10 hours later.

So here goes. I don’t think Suri should be globetrotting and jetsetting and museum-visiting right now. I think she should be doing more group gymanstics classes and more money-counting classes and more whatever it is that wealthy 6-year-olds do in the city. Perhaps join an equestrian team? I don’t know. Just less time with her parents.

Because I do know that Suri’s going to need something to talk about on her first day of school. And no one will believe the story that she slept in Cinderella’s castle.

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    • Caroline

      I agree! I feel so bad for her because it seems that she has no friends! Enough with crowding her with people and things beyond her age.