You Know The Jonas Brothers’ Career Is In A Slump When Nick Jonas Wants To Be An American Idol Judge

Do you remember The Jonas Brothers? They’re this motley band of singing brother-boys that used to be really famous through Disney and screaming girls would show up to their concerts. Well they’re not as famous now, as evidenced by the fact that they’re all taking some questionable jobs, but luckily the screaming girls are still around to post scathing comments on unsuspecting blogs, so keep your eyes open for those on here. The first of the Mighty Jonaii, Kevin Jonas, is starring on a reality show creatively called Married to Jonas which follows him and his wife around as they try to restart his career. Joe Jonas is on another really crucial show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep,where he acts as a mentor for aspiring doorsteps. And let’s not forget the most precious of them all, Nick Jonas, who has clearly scraped the bottom of the fame-barrel, because he wants to be a judge on American Idol. Yeah, American Idol, that show that such luminous judging talents as Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, and Steven Tyler want nothing to do with.

The Littlest Jonas posted on his Twitter yesterday:

“The rumors are true… I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol”

Hoooo boy. A dream for who? Not for me. Maybe for Mariah Carey. I guess he’s only 19, so it’s a good career opportunity, but people are running from that show like crazy. Its numbers are way down, and I stopped watching when Taylor Hicks won, because I want my reality served young and attractive, please, not silver-haired with a banjo. I’m sure I’ll take a lot of heat for saying this, but what and why are you doing this, Nick Jonas? Can’t all you silly Jonases go back to making music for tweens’n'teens and call it a day? You’re good at that! Why you gotta be jumping on the reality TV train? Why you gotta do me like that, JoBros?

As a side note, for some reason I always thought Joe was the youngest Jonas. I guess that just goes to show you that there’s always a littler Jonas. They’re like Russian nesting dolls. That said, Jimothy, Tipper, and Piccolo Jonas could not be reached for comment.

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    • jonas fan

      shut up jonas brothers are not slump

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        NO! Jonas Brothers ARE slump!

    • Jonas Brothers Music Fan

      I’m a supportive Jonas Brothers fan, but I’m worried that my favorite band sold out a long time ago… In my opinion, Jonas Brothers hasn’t released a great album since “Jonas Brothers” & “A Little Bit Longer”. Where’s that old Jonas Brothers sound?
      I definitely admit that Nick’s recent performance in How To Succeed was impressive! But now that the show is over and Nick, Joe and Kevin are supposedly finishing up a new album, shouldn’t Jonas Brothers be planning performances and promotional appearances instead of reality television gigs? Still, I defend Jonas Brothers as talented performers and songwriters, and wish Nick, Joe and Kevin only happiness… even on American Idol!

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    • Lulu

      Alexis Rhiannon: this website is a joke, this article, a piece of shit and you ain’t a journalist, reporter, writer or whatever. You are an asshole.
      A fucking tween can write better articles than you.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        There it is! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!

    • Luke

      It’s a shame there are/were bands like this who had to copy other groups singles and class them as their own in an attempt to make it big (ie. Busted: year 3000, what I go to school for etc)

      He should get a job he’s good at. Newspaper boy?

    • Luke

      It could only happen in America, though!

      Long live Busted.

    • viola

      LOL slump? maybe this artical? 1st of all Nick hasn’t said anything yet.He is to busy RECORDING HIS NEW ALBUM WITH HIS BROTHERS and like milions of their fans all around the world cant wait for it to come out and if he decides to be an american idol judge how is than slumpy? he could get paid milions so stfu

    • Someone

      its funny how all these “Busted Fans” if there still are any,still come back to the fact that JB did covers of 2 of their song LOL 1st of all one of the band member allowed it so its not ripping of and 2nd Jonas Brothers made their songs more famous and 3rd musicians always do cover its no big deal so stfu

    • Meow Mix Meow Mix Please Deliver

      The proper pluralization is “Jonai.”

    • Tania

      You guys are definetely missing the real picture there. There many appearance in Television is ACTUALLY PART OF THE PROMOTION OF THEIR NEW ALBUM. Think about it, if they’re constantly on TV, they will have no problem promoting their songs/album. What do you think On the Floor was so popular when Jennifer Lopez was a judge on AI. Please, the song is a typical party/dance song we hear everyday, and a lot of them don’t get into mainstream. Say what you want about American Idol, but the show gets a lot of viewers.
      Has it occured to you, that maybe the raison the boy is being considered being a judge is because for a 19 years-old “KID” he has gone far in his career and AI has a lot of young contestant that can learned from a celebrity like that.
      And for the comments saying They stole Busted songs that’s why their famous, you guys need more information. Their real mainstream push was via their second self-titled album with songs like S.O.S , Hold On, When You Look Me In The Eyes, and the album itself is genious. But their popularation was definetly with A Little Bit Longer which I’ll admit is their best work. But saying they are famous because of Busted isn’t quite smart. Teen music stopped with Year 3000. They didn’t quite choose anything about their career since. Their matured lyrics began with their second album when they started taking their career in hands. They still had the Disney chain but now that they got rid of it, you can only think it’s going to get better.
      For your early question, I do Remember the Jonas Brothers and I believe you do too but you get yourself focus on what you might want to call “Trends”. Let me guess you Listen to One Direction/Bieber everyday. DOn’t worry, you’ll be posting a few articles about them in a few years. Meanwhile you’re doing what every pity websites are doing. I’ll let you guess what it is.
      You can only wait, till the only thing you will hear on TV/Radio will be The JONAS BROTHERS

    • jonas fan

      shut up alexis rhiannon you suck big time asshole big shit jonas brothers are great shut up shut up shut up shut up your website taking down for good

      • Cee

        Big shit Jonas brothers!

    • Cee

      I love you Alexis Rhiannon! Haha the comments section SO made my Monday and made my ovaries fall off for fear I will spawn children that will have to encounter these horrible people!
      I would love it if Crushable would write more articles about the Jonai. Once a month perhaps? Like a very happy period!

    • Jonatic4Life

      Who cares what they do. They will always be amazing!!

    • Lola

      Jonas Brothers are talented and handsome and models and hot girls all over the world are all over them unlike they used to have 12 year old girl now women like them.Who cares what you say? you have no life.Nick can actually make Idol interesting now.He rocked on brodway and he will give good advice to the kids who audition there plus he is hilarious

    • me

      u jerk. i hate u :O
      they will be famous FOREVER!

    • Jonas fan

      You’re such a nasty blogger. Blogging ridiculous and shameful/hateful remarks about three successful, good-hearted and talented men like Kevin, Joe, and Nick, all because you’re jealous of their career opportunities. They worked hard to het where they’re at, and they deserve all the success in the world. If you’re passionate about something and worked hard to acheive it, why shouldn’t they? Instead of attacking your Jonas fanbase audience through libel and slanderous blogging, why don’t you go vent it to your pilllow? It’s okay if you don’t like them, but have respect for the people that do, and moreso for the boys themselves. They already get enough hounding and prying from the media, and they don’t need you and your swollen fingers typing away at a computer unwaveringly trying to smear their reputations and besmirch their characters. You should be ashamed of yourself if you had even an ounce of empathy and moral reasoning.

      If you call this a serious journalism career, then I’d hate to see what your jon description entails. We need people publishing good, factual stories out there, not a bunch of lies strewn together with half-thought-out personal attacks and one-liners. And before you disregard the truth in that, I am here to tell you that there are journalism careers out there, although the media is always a little biased and it is impossible to remain completely objective, that have the ability to actually publish the truth, and their personal interest pieces certainly do not stoop to your shallow level.

    • Sally Whiteside

      Excuse me? The Jonas Brothers are legends and way more successful than you apparently. All you are is a pathetic blogger.

    • jane

      Oppportunist./ making hay while the sun shines
      Where are the Christian values. These boys are all about self.