Meet The Fan Who’s So Upset About Kristen Stewart Cheating That She Wants To Murder Me

Won’t anyone think of the children in this whole mess of a “Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinsonpublicity stunt? Because according to the wonderfully violent comment I received on this blog post this morning, I’m starting to think that they’re not taking this news so well.

So I hope the profits for Cosmopolis, the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and most importantly,  Breaking Dawn: Part 2 are worth what they’re doing to the fans.

And what this one upset fan plans to do to me. And I suppose Kristen Stewart if she ever comes out of hiding.

While my degree in therapy only comes from a 3-day course obtained through Yahoo Answers, I can clearly see that my frenemy/murderer feels angry about this entire scandal — and that “By The Truth About YOU!” is only taking it out on me because there’s an option to do that.

Unfortunately for all the betrayed Robsten fans out there, you can’t ensure that a comment you make about Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or even Rupert Sanders will reach them.

So they’re forced by this media circus to leave vivid and violent messages for blog editors that sound like they’re ripped from the pages of a Law & Order writer’s middle school diary.

While I spend the rest of my stupid,  fugly, whore life running from people holding blunt objects, the fat cats in Hollywood will just be sitting on top of piles of money, counting everything they made from this manipulative scheme.

Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be drinking mint juleps with Reese Witherspoon and Jodie Foster, cackling about how they fooled an entire country into believing that Hollywood’s highest paid actress would be stupid enough to get photographed cheating in front of a tourist destination.

As if.

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    • Frances

      Dafuq did I just read? I don’t understand the hatefulness that this writer seems to stir up, she’s one of my faves on this site. People are weird. Keep doing what you do girl.

    • GiuliaMelody

      Hahaha omg she’s so stupid xD
      you’re instead of your and if Fugly means fat and ugly then there’s the “b*tch”-part missing
      oh and by the way… wtf?! stupid little kid fallen in love with an actor…

    • caym

      You give Kristen a lot of credit. She really is that stupid.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I’m sorry, Jenni, it was me. I wrote that post. I wanted you and Kristen to go die together by bashing each others heads in public with a blunt object, but I’m better now and I forgive you.

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    • brokenhalo

      You need to be careful, cause its the fat cats holding the blunt objects!
      I’m not a Twilight fan, nor do I think KStew can act, but nonsense bs is just amazing. Anyone over the age of 14 knows that this whole break up was staged, considering how quickly Ms Ross took her husband back
      It’s kind of a shame too, because Twilight fans should straight up boycott the movie’s opening weekend. In 33 years this is one of the sickest ploys I have ever seen to drum up press for a movie.
      Twilight fans should really stop and think for a minute.
      (Oh and don’t forget Ms Stew’s parents ARE MOVIE WRITERS….)

      • Jenni Maier

        Are you saying that Hollywood insiders are threatening me because I know too much?? Fingers crossed my life is turning into a movie.

    • Why?

      Why would you post this story and give the troll attention? I would delete the post and go on with my life…..

    • allure searles

      What Kristen Stewart did to Robert was unforgivable and she has to live with the consequences of her actions and she should stay away from rob and let him be by himself for awhile what he decides to do about there relationship is up to him but I do not think he should take her back her apology was not sincere at all he should stay single I do think that rob will forgive Kristen one day but probably not right now so I wish them both well and hope that everything works out also to the person who threatened jenni mair should try to calm down and relax I get this person is angry and hurt believe me I’m appauld and angry that Kristen would do this but jenni mair does not need death threats so please get some help who ever you are.

    • Tobi

      That. Person. Is. Unhinged.

      Being upset at Kristen for cheating is one, but threatening to kill both of you with a blunt object is another.

    • Lizzy

      sigh…and now you’ll have to wear a bike helmet EVERYWHERE you go! make sure it matches your shoes ;-) and I believe I just saw a headline on google news stating “…Kristen hasn’t showered in days and can’t stop crying….” …..speechless…

      • Irish Girl

        Yeah, I saw that same headline in the Daily Mail Online, Lizzy. I was snickering while I read it. I think some of these “journalists” are writing a soap script in their heads.Or they’re frustrated fanfic writers harboring ill will towards the writer of “Fifty Shades”. Poor dears.

    • ljs

      I honestly think its a stunt as well, but K & R seemed to always be so appreciative of their fans, it doesn’t make sense that they would allow their management to go to this extreme to hurt people. People really have become too invested in these kids lives and a break was needed. I hope they are off together just enjoying a nice vacation in a secluded place where no one knows who they are.

      • Cat

        I’m thinking that they thought it wouldn’t be too bad as in a few weeks and that signs of then getting ‘back together’ would conveniently appear after the release of Rob’s movie. Such good timing and publicity for RIPattz dontchathink? The fact that they have never confirmed and have always had this are they aren’t they guessing game going on shows they have liked to play games with the fans and media to maintain interest, it’s how hollywood thrives nowadays, and the fact that they were pretty much out in the open, they needed a bigger game to shake things up for a while. I doubt they thought people would react as crazily as some have posted. The main thing it is proving is that people were living vicariously through them and don’t see them as real people which the bubble needed to burst

      • lillicat

        Maybe they were trying to lose the obsessed fans, and retain the “real fans”. People who support their work and both of them-together or apart. The media (US Weekly, and other tabloid sites)deserve to be made to look as fools.

    • hardly home

      LMAO this is hilarious. Really enjoying your insight to this story though. Keep it coming.

    • Kareli

      What the fu*k is going on with this world, first of all don’t worry girl you have great power to deal with these don’t worry some much people will cover your back ;), second the person who wrote that is a sick one and full of shit , you have to be careful what you are doing because I am a detective and sometime we we can send an alert of who you are , I am just warning you this is pretty easy for me and third of all IT IS NOT YOUR LIFE !!! so it IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS so STOP HARRASSING . I know this type of people and his final end is ROTING IN JAIL . Or most commonly DEATH END

    • Dawn

      Ted Casablanca was recently tweeted a question and it was “if you could ask Rob and Kristen one question what would it be?’ His response was “do you ever wish you got married that first tiem you talked about?” They staged all this to get married in private and they probably think when they come forward and tell the truth they’ll make verything better again. I don’t even think a robsten wedding will undo they’ve done to their fans. Think about it not one real person involved has talked about this publicly or been seen for that fact. Rob and Kristen have more privacy now then they’ve had in four years. They staged it to throw us and the paps off their trail. Every name that’s been dropped are probably wedding guests. Rob and Kristen are probably on a private island enjoying their homeymoon right now reading about all this and laughing at us and could even be this “source close to them that seem to know everylast move they’ve made in the past two weeks! They have the power, influence and money to pull it off. Everything about Hollywood is faker than Joan Rivers’ face!

    • Amazed

      I’m totally speechless with all this drama of Robsten. The recent news says that Kristen is now staying at her producer friend, Giovanni, a guy, REALLY? After all the crazy news of her cheating now she gives the world more ammo to attack her with more insults and ridicules by staying in a guy’s house? Is she that stupid? And Rob acting crazy about that fact just as the news says… I know he’s brokenhearted, but his attitude is beyond belief.. or maybe he’s been Edward too long to deal with the reality? hmm.. Wait, Rob has been staying in Reese’s house (if it’s true), can we accuse him of sleeping with her?? Is it just me or anyone feels that we’ve been reading a romance/comedy/mystery novel? I can’t wait for another chapter tomorrow!

      • lipsy

        I think the news that rob is mad about her staying with producer is fabricated..he won’t care, he is choosing not to stay with her and is angry about something she has already done..if its true and not all just a stunt he probably already decided what to do and if he hasnt told her he will take her back yet, chances are he wont so theerfore cannot be annoyed that she is staying with another man. I hate the fact the press are printing like 100 stories a day and most is rubbish and all about ‘sources’ claiming this and that when I think the sources are either made up by the papers or just people making crap up

    • Tupac Shakur

      Im back 2014 so I just wanted to say hi and let everyone know I have been safe in Cuba. I will give more details very soon I promise.

    • Stacy

      I’ve never seen this website before today, but some of the stories are hilarious! I’ve literally been laughing out loud at work. Luckily, I’m the only one here today…

      • Jenni Maier

        We try our hardest! Come back again?

    • lucygoosey74

      Ha! I love seeing people get their panties in a twist over stupid hollywood crap that in no way impacts their life.

    • Robin Van Dam

      Wow. I wrote a letter and posted it everywhere I could to warn about this:

      Mr. Pattinson: The injustice to Ms. Stewart has escalated way out of hand
      and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s to the point of
      endangerment. I find myself worried one of the fans may just be crazy enough to
      attempt to kill her if they see her in public. Don’t baulk at that. Look what
      happens when a crazed teen snaps at school! Shootings are all over! Look at the
      “Batman” movie! I could go on, but it’s not necessary. I know you get the
      point. Please, address the fans and tell them enough is enough! Be strong and
      tell them to back off! Tell them it’s none of their business! Let them know you
      are man enough to deal with your own issues without their vicious attacks on
      Ms. Stewart and you don’t want to see anyone get hurt any more than they
      already have.(Continued)

      What they are doing to Ms. Stewart and you is a total lack of respect. The
      media is subliminally painting you as a weak man, so wrapped up in his own
      pain, that can’t deal with a problem like this and refuses to face a woman that
      wronged him by confronting the issue head on. How old are you? Are you a man or
      a child? The media is portraying you as a man that runs and hides until the
      whole thing takes care of itself. You don’t look like a coward to me! You did
      great on your interviews. Is that what you want, to be portrayed this way?

      I guarantee you, one of these sick fans are
      going to cross that line in the name of “LOVE FOR RPATT!” You think you know
      pain? The heartbreak you feel is nothing compared to the pain of having to bury
      someone you love, knowing you could have stopped it. Stand up, Mr. Pattinson!
      Stand up now! Show everyone they can’t bully you or Ms. Stewart any more. You
      don’t have to give any information about anything. Let the public and media see
      your disapproval, disappointment and anger at them for acting so stupid! You
      are the only one that can! The minute anyone else, especially Ms. Stewart,
      steps up, they are ridiculed and the whole thing starts again. Ask the media to
      stop posting the pictures, linking to the incident and rehashing it! Belittle
      them if you have to! “Come on, you can’t be creative enough to tell a story
      without bringing up old news? What, no story is noteworthy without this issue?
      No wonder you work for the tabloids and can’t get a better job!” YOU ARE THE
      ONLY ONE THAT CAN STOP THIS! If this is going on to boost the BD2 film, it’s
      not worth it! PUT A STOP TO IT NOW!

    • bliss

      idk I mean we saw kristen thinner Robert weird. I want to believe what you are saying but fooling everyone its too much. true the pics of the scandal have more story to tell they are discontinued there is no video but I think kristen is not going to say it ever and it will be the enigma from hollywood , next year we see a pic of rob and kristen together and all this mess will continue…

      • D. Martin

        Weeding thru everything…I’m leaning towards Kristen being set up. More and more — from viewing the photos and various postings I believe that Sanders set the whole thing up. He looks straight into the camera — TWICE. I think the whole thing was planned and Kristen got played. We have not seen ALL the photos — the 2 1/2 hrs worth that the paps claim to have. Why? Because I think they show a lot more to this story. I do believe that Rob – initially – refused to speak with Kristen. It has already been proven — by very investigative fans — that he was not picked up in a “seedy” part of town but at his studio offices. They did not drive to a public park but a residential street 3 blocks from his house. And from the location the only place that a photographer could have hidden was in Sanders own home – with a telescopic lens – 3 blocks away. I think this will all come out and soon.

      • bliss

        I agree with you this RS has now a new movie coming with Universal, his wife LR returned to model. I know there are more photos that show smth that will prove the truth but I don’t think they will ever show us.