It’s A Good Thing Josh Hutcherson Is Single While Shooting Catching Fire, Because Nothing Can Match His Bromance With Liam Hemsworth

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Ever since he got cast in The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson‘s relationship status is something that’s been constantly scrutinized and debated. Once fans accepted that he most likely wasn’t going to have a showmance with Jennifer Lawrence, they linked him to other past co-stars AnnaSophia Robb and Vanessa Hudgens, as well as someone named Brianna McQuinn. Josh has never really corroborated any of these, just gone about his business being sexy and sweet and saving the world, you know.

So am I the only one who’s surprised that he so easily volunteered the information that he’s single? Chatting with Ryan Seacrest this morning, Josh touched upon his co-star Liam Hemsworth‘s engagement to Miley Cyrus and how poor Liam has been bouncing around movie sets and not seeing Miley that much. Josh added,

“It’s tough when you’re in a relationship and you’re on set. I’m not in one right now because of that. Because I’m about ready to go away for like four months and it’s very challenging to keep your mind focused.”

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. (Yes, I’m looping in the guys too, Straight But Not Narrow and all that.) Josh is available, but he’s not really since he needs to dedicate his energy to macking on J. Law on-screen. I’m interested in seeing Catching Fire adapted for the big screen; it’s my least favorite book, but judging from the first movie, I know that the producers are gonna have an awesome time drawing out all the Capitol celebrations that revolve around Katniss and Peeta’s fake engagement and pregnancy. Not to mention director Francis Lawrence has plenty of experience working with celebrities during his career as a music video director.

Probably to keep fans from assuming that he’ll pursue anything with Jen, Josh made sure to add that there’s no sexual tension there, thankyouverymuch:

“Actually it’s funny because we’re such good friends that in those moments where it has to be romantic it’s sometimes challenging because we have such a good time with what we do that we have to be serious and really buckle down.”

I believe him, mostly because it’s painfully clear how much of a bromance he has going on with Liam instead. I was surprised to see how candidly he talked about his buddy’s upcoming nuptials when I don’t think even Liam has actually confirmed the engagement. In contrast to Demi Lovato, who awkwardly hemmed and hawed when asked if she had been invited, Josh enthusiastically said,

“I’m definitely going to go. I’m for sure gonna go. Liam’s my boy! I’m definitely going to be there to support him. I haven’t been invited, so I have to get the invite first to know if I’m going. I’ve got to make sure I’m invited. I say I’m going, but I don’t know, maybe Liam has other plans for that.”

Aww, he is just the cutest. I love how he hasn’t actually gotten an invitation yet, but he’s so sure he’ll get it! Just look at how cute the two are above; I’m imagining them in tuxes looking fifty times more dashing. Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the transcript!


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