In Upsetting News, India Rose Hemsworth Will Not Star in Thor With Her Father Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and India Rose Hemsworth are my favorite celebrity father-daughter pair right now. I love seeing them out and about, soaking up the California sun and just enjoying life to the fullest. Sure I spent the first few months of her life feeling jealously waves roll over me each time a paparzzi shared a photo of him carrying her around town,but  I soon accepted the fact that a father carrying his daugther around is normal. A father carrying around a random blogger just because she writes about him is not normal.

Every time I learn an important life lesson like this, I pat myself on the back. I’m really growing up and starting to understand the difference between approriate relationship (gather-daughter) and inappropriate (actor-blogger).

So with that in mind, I envisioned the pair acting together in several movies, preferably starting as soon as possible.  Perhaps even a remake of Three Men and a Baby, starring Chris, his brother Liam Hemsworth and their soon-to-embarrassing in-law, Billy Ray Cyrus. Obviously Miley Cyrus would play the neglectful mother who’s all like “LOL, that’s my name, also my attitude toward leaving my baby on your doorstep.”

But today news comes out that Malekith the Accursed , the villain in Thor: The Dark World, will be played by Christopher Eccleston. I don’t know him and I already don’t like him. Do the studios not the see the value of making this a father-daughter film?

It’s just so obvious to me. So in my face that India Rose Hemsworth would play opposite her father in this epic movie, that’s probably metaphorically about raising children in the digital age. Can you imagine the fight scenes when he has to hold her up to him to do battle. It’s like an Anne Geddes calendar come to life. If Malekith the Accursed lived inside teacups and slept a lot.

But sure, cast Christopher Eccleston. Let’s see how cute he looks in Chris Hemsworth’s arms. Judging on this photo that I just artistically put together using the very advanced photo-editing program Paint, not anywhere near as cute as India.


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    • Meghan Radespiel

      Ahh that Photoshopped picture is so creepy ha very artistic though might I say. And I got a pretty good laugh picturing Chris Hemsworth lugging you all around L.A.. A girl can dream right?