Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: Judging From Butch/April And Amber/Gary, All These Kids Know Are Abusive Relationships

On last night’s Teen Mom 4×08 “The Next Step,” things with Butch and April came to a head. As in, he put her head through the bathroom wall. So, our Katniss lookalike is going to be stuck in jail at least for the rest of the season while Catelynn and Tyler sit on in horror wondering how this is their family and thanking God they put Carly up for adoption. Similarly, I feel for poor Leah while Amber is relentlessly picking fights with Gary while he’s just trying to keep everything in order now that she’s back from rehab. The other two teen moms had slightly less exciting plotlines: Farrah introduces Sophia to Daniel before they take a big trip, and Maci and Kyle bought a house together.

Teen Mom 4x08 "The Next Step" recap Farrah Sophia Daniel Texas Debra


DO: Wait a while before introducing your boyfriend to your daughter

It’s difficult to tell the passage of time from reality shows, but seeing as we only met Farrah‘s new guy Daniel last week, it seemed really soon for her to be planning a threeway date with Sophia. Like, is Daniel her boyfriend or are they still just casually seeing each other? They’re planning to do a trip together to Texas, which seemed serious but also made me wonder about Farrah’s priorities. Not that she’s not allowed to have fun… but she’s in school and has a daughter, and yet can somehow plan a trip halfway across the country?

DO: Keep things civil

Farrah and her mom Debra have been doing pretty well these past few episodes, really being supportive of each other. Debra calls Farrah to wish her a good first day at school, and they even exchange “I love you”s! Plus, Debra meeting Daniel over Skype goes well, which is probably why Farrah takes advantage of her mom’s goodwill to ask that she babysit Sophia while they’re in Texas.

This probably won’t last.

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    • Tiffany

      I just wish mtv would stop pushing this as an accurate view of a single/teen mom. Most single parents I know cannot buy a house while being a stay at home mom/part time student even WITH the help of an (unemployed) boyfriend. Also, Farrah moved across country, had her CAR moved instead of driving it and lives in a condo in florida all without working. Also, amber didnt just go to any rehab, she went to a luxury one in California. And continued to pay rent. With no job. Why is it that Catelynn and Tyler live in a trailor and are the only ones who HAVE to work? Does the show pay them less?