The Suspense Continues To Build In This ‘Will Robert Pattinson Forgive Kristen Stewart For Cheating’ Publicity Stunt

The latest headlines about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson all revolve around his broken heart and her sorry ass. The tension builds as everyone continues to ask, “Will Robert Pattinson take Kristen Stewart back after she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders?”

And the answer is obviously yes. The timing just needs to be right to maximize the media attention they’ll get when they reunite. Otherwise that would make this entire publicity stunt completely pointless.

And right now we’re reaching the point of the plot where they’re building suspense, an anything-can-happen atmosphere where the audience is left holding their breath and praying for Kristen Stewart’s redemption and Robert Pattinson’s forgiveness.

We’re left hoping they can make it through this storm, because true love always prevails. In real life and in the movies. Especially movies about vampire love like Breaking Dawn: Part 2. (Coming out this November! Did you know that???)

Of course, we know now that this is all fake and that the powers that be are manipulating our emotions. Nothing adds up in this entire scandal and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Kristen Stewart did not actually cheat with Rupert Sanders.

But that hasn’t stopped Us Weekly from printing their lastest story about poor lovelorn Robert Pattinson. The distraught boyfriend who’s taking some time to reflect on his relationship…at Reese Witherspoon’s vacation ranch? Sure. That makes sense. Let’s go with it.

While Reese Witherspoon’s ranch doesn’t quite fit into my puzzle, I understand why he’s staying at a private residence and not at a hotel. Just because the current script calls from him to be distraught, doesn’t mean that he is right now.

His team can feed the media whatever lines they want and Robert doesn’t have to do any sad puppy dog face acting. The risk is too high at a hotel that an employee could catch him smiling — or god forbid, laughing. So off to Reese Witherspoon’s ranch he goes.

Meanwhile Kristen Stewart’s team reports the following:

An “inconsolable” Stewart, meanwhile, has been reaching out via texts and phone calls.  “She’s dying to save the relationship. It’s the only thing she cares about,” a Stewart source says.

Like I said, the suspense is building. Kristen Stewart is nearing the point of death, she’s struggling so hard to salvage this relationship.

Now it’s just up to us to figure out when they’ll have their public reconciliation dinner. My current guess? After his new movie Cosmopolis comes out in August. He still needs to milk the press for “brave Robert Pattinson walks the red carpet” headlines for that one.

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    • Steph

      I have been saying this whole time that something just does not add up with this whole story. I am not even a huge fan, but I know enough about them through various interviews to know that she is very private, and she is vary aware she is followed. She has said this for years….so I thought it was extremely odd that she would do anything in public, then I saw the photos, and thought they looked staged, especially when they are looking in the direction of the photographer! The thing that really made me think this was all a PR stunt was when she issued an apology, I mean the woman won’t admit anytihng to anyone, but then she issues an apology declaring her love for ROb. I believe she did more harm for herself by doing that it just makes no sense to me…However, I can not come up with a good reason why they would stage this whole thing, seems a bit extreme to me…but only time will tell….

      • Dawn

        I can give you a good reason, to get back at the paps for how they’ve treated them in the past. The paps were probably tipped off on purspose to a supposed “affair” (insert mystery music here) and were meant to follow them. That way they could get as many photos as they want of the “you’ve just been punked paps” show. This comes out and paps look like fools and never mess with Rob and Kristen again. As for us we all go back to loving Robsten and twilight again! We fans had to believe the lie in order for this to work. Rob is a jokester after all. I wouldn’t put this by him. Or maybe they used this mess to get married privately. Who knows but it is obvious this was all staged. Jenni, thank you for being the only source to go to about this very staged scandal. All other media outlets have gone mentally bye bye and are reporting anythting they can make up. Thank you for your sanity!

      • anagonzalezp

        I was reading one celeb blogger who says kristen called the papz becuse she was after this rupert sanders and she had already warned the wife to let him go or she would have the shameful situation of getting him stoled from supposedly these pics were for the wife and what kristen never imagined was the wife was sending it to the media, like a revenge. Now all is messed up. But who knows….it doesnt make much sense.

    • scallywag

      It seems the fate of Kristen Stewart has reached new diabolical levels with reports that she may now may even be pregnant and that she may not even know who the father is. Can the (dis)illusion of America’s demi god be any more quagmired….?

      Maybe Robert Pattinson will have to take Kristen back or maybe it’s all just a fabulous wishful fairy tale courtesy of media who are stooping to new lows….?

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    • Cathy

      FIX YOUR ERROR! You wrote:
      ‘Will Robert Pattinson take Kristen Stewart back after he cheated on her with Rupert Sanders?”

      It sounds really mess up, you know.

      • Jenni Maier

        Eeek FIXED!

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    • kalburtis13

      personally i think its a publicity stunt maybe even building up to the mtv vma’s where they are scheduled to present together….pulling in a bigger audience to see if they both show up and actually present and promo breaking dawn 2….and maybe something big will happen but i agree she was looking straight at the camera and so was rupert in one picture for someone who is so private she def wouldn’t have been caught unless it was for a reason and i think robert and liberty ross may possibly even be in on it because i mean really ross is still with her husband they are fine and from previous reports all 4 of them were friends and hanging out during the filming of snow white….so really i just have this feeling all 4 of them are in on the whole thing

      • Stephanie

        I couldn’t agree more…and just because I have no life I went on youtube and watched clips of Kristen talking about the paps, and how she knows she is followed everyday…in one clip she said something along the lines of never going anywhere because she is always followed/found by the paps. I mean she knows she is giong to get followed….and she doesn’t strike me as someone who is dumb. The the location they chose, near the Hollywood sign, really? That screans tourist location, I imagine quite a few people drive through there…then the pictures themselves look staged….and of course the U-Haul story was staged by photographers. And in “breaking news” Rob is talking to Kristen again, well that in convenient?!

    • kat

      in a way i think that this is staged. i mean, i don’t know kristen personall but i think as an avid fan, i know her enough and this is just not her thing. and again who in their proper state of mind would cheat in broad day light for everybody else to see. everything’s just messed up. i don’t get it. so i think yeah this is more of a pr stunt. i just feel bad since many fans are fighting and taking sides..ugh!

    • Mistyfied

      I’ve thought this from day one. Kristen always has a nice finger for the paps, and Rob certainly doesn’t much care for them. He even avoids airports! They both know they’re followed, they’re all friends, so yeah, why not? How else can they get (here it is) MARRIED without having paps all over the place? It’s great publicity for BD2, they seem to really love each other, and they’ve been “writing a script”. Hmm. Maybe this is the script! New reality TV! Well done, kids.

    • Amazed

      After reading all the enraging cheating, but amusing saga and your articles, 3 possible conclusions come to my mind. This is all PR stunts, Kristen is an idiot, or she is just simply that unbelievable selfish. If it happens to be the first one, well, we have to clap our hands for Robsten for giving us such a good show.. And for showing us how people are getting more creative these days. And CRAZIER. I’m not a big fan of twilight, but I just found it hearthbreaking for a guy as nice as Rob (if it’s true) to be cheated on like that and humiliated publicly. If all of this is only some scripted drama like we all have been speculating, then I feel sorry for Twilight fans, esp the teenagers, who have spent their time and energy feeling upset about this couple tragedy (Romeo and Juliet have lost their spell! – Ahem). Hope the truth will come out soon . PS: You’re a good writer, btw. Keep up the good work.

    • Guene

      I have been reading about this on other sites for about three day’s, wow do they really do this kinda stuff?? I’m really shocked that they would make there fans hurt and worry about them, I myself have been following there acting and there personal life since the beginning and I couldn’t believe it, Kristen right out in the open, kissing and messing around, this is her, she hates to be followed and she hates when they what to take her Pictures, hell she flips them off!! I like Rob and Kristen so much, I’ve tried to watch all there movies and I check to see whats up with them on several sites, but I never would believe that this whole thing is a PR Stunt.

      So what happens after Robert takes Kristen back, we just go on believing that he is giving her another chance?? will they come out and say this was a stunt?? and then everyone will be happy again? There back together and love is all right in the world again?? Wow

    • srw

      I would love to think this is a scam that rob and kris fabricated but I’m not really doesn’t add up. Everything about this crazy story is just so random. And for her to do something so foolish 2 months before promoting bd2. Like some of you said before written and rob both know they cannot go anywhere with out being followed. And she was looking right at the cameras. I want to think that maybe it was a stunt to divert attention from the two so they could get married ;) but they are both so private there’s no way they would go to the links that. It’s sad they have tainted the series,now I know why producers do not like their cast mates dating each other for this very reason. Puts a bad taste in your mouth. Hopefully they can work It out before bd2!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    • peony

      Why I think the Kristen scandal is arranged:
      1)Robsten was never ever officially confirmed.All their public sightings were always very conveniently timed to help the Twilight movie releases and any other movies of theirs respectively.Robert Pattinson worked very hard at projecting this image of’ totally in love’ bloke.It always looked to be too good to be true.
      2)Both Kristen and Robert needed to break out of the Bella Swan and Edward Cullen image drastically in one sweep.With the final Twilight coming up for release there is no reason for the ‘Robsten’ love saga to continue to entice all the teenage fans to swoon over the Robsten love story.Voila ,we have pictures of the intensely private Kristen Stewart letting down her guard in a tourist spot of all the places available in the world.
      3)Robert Pattinson does need a image boost for his movies other than Twilight.There were many reports calling him a flop actor.This PR stunt can only help him(jilted boyfriend who had worshipped his girl/heartbroken boyfriend who was on verge of proposing to his girl/Shattered beautiful Boy/Man).
      4)Kristen is trying to get into more mature roles,this scandal helps in potraying a picture of Kristen all messed up(cheating/heartbroken/shattered)the irony is whole world is up in arms against her.I doubt Robert would have encountered the same level of animosity Kristen is facing.Anyways all the publicity is bound to help her .
      5)All this PR will only help Twilight and Cosmopolis.
      6)Finally the cherry on top:Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are free to lead their separate lives and hopefully to form some real relationships with whoever they want to.
      7)The Sanders guy and his wife must have been on in the arrangement right from the inception.They can only gain from this publicity.No publicity is bad publicity in showbusiness.

    • Gloria Hovis

      I thank Robert should give Kritsen a second chance and forgive her they belong with each other they make a great couple I am pulling for you two Please spend so time talking to one another go some place alone where no one can find you and work it out I know you two can your love is strong enough to do this, I love you both and I am your biggest fan please try I want to see you two back together please give her a chance and take her back I know you two still love one another so best wishes to the both of you and good luck love your friend and fan.

    • Kristensfan

      I heard that RP will answer questions on Kristen Stewart in his interviews,i think he is set to glean all the publicity he can from the incident.(He will never get publicity like this ever again) I think he can only gain from this incident.From his behaviour it is abundantly clear that he never truly loved Kristen.Taking off at the first sign of trouble(and that too over a kiss!).That Kristen should thank her stars for a lucky escape.

    • grey

      Ive been saying this for weeks now. It just boggles my mind the stupidity of the public. (bangs head on desk). I love your articles. Straight and to the point with no bull in the middle. If people just stopped looking at everything here with their romance goggles on maybe they can see it. Sure they will get back together again but not until after his movie premiere, cant screw up ticket sales. They need to be together for BD2 promos. Ha this is hilarious.

    • sana

      yes i totaly agree. it is a publicity stunt. kristen was always very secretive about her personal life and robert. but with this guy rupert she was so open on the street and in car. it is really weired.

    • taz

      Thanks i didn’t really care but it was obvious it was a publicity stunt. They should get sent to jail for being a waste of space and so should the ones that put them up to it.
      pity it is not against the law to be a moron.
      It is more amazing people give a toss about these idiots in the first place anyway as neither of them can act convincingly in an actual movie so i guess they figured the world was a better stage than the screen to try to act.

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