Straight Guys (And A Lesbian) Tell Us If They Find Lady Gaga Attractive

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time pondering the sex appeal of Lady Gaga. Despite her being a thin blonde chick in leotards, I’ve pretty much never heard her discussed as a sex symbol, and most of her fans seem to be gay men and straight women. I’m admittedly 99% straight, but I think she’s got a decent amount of hotness goin’ on, what with her slanted take on gender, her hot little body, and her intense, feral, “I’m a monster…no, I’m a motorcycle! Ride me! Grr!” schtick. Plus, I think her face is pretty in a character-laden, New York theater chick sort of way. (Does that sound mean? I don’t mean it to be!) In an effort to see if anyone wants to strip off her weird clothes and bone her, I asked people who are attracted to women if they think Lady Gaga is hot. Some of the answers were surprising; most were not. I’m starting to think I’m as bad as straight guys at assessing the attractiveness of people of my own gender.


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    • Amy

      As a (81% ish) straight woman, I do find her attractive. I kind of prefer women who aren’t super generic looking, and her eyes/nose are a tad off kilter which makes her more interesting to look at. The costumes are off putting because she looks excrutiatingly uncomfortable all the time and her vision always seems to be partially blocked.

      I don’t care for her music, but I would certainly PVR her reality show if she had one.

    • Kyle Rooker

      i think she ssexy and hot! she is everything a person could ask for. fashion sense, avant garde i love alexander mcqueen! and her voice, i love it. her ideas and mannerisms are also quite refreshing