The Next Big Thing: The 15 Music Artists You’ll Know In A Year

The Next Foster the People: Imagine Dragons

Ok, we might be a little biased seeing as we interviewed them a few months ago, but we just know that Imagine Dragons is the next big thing! In a pop-dominated world where only a precious few rock bands break through to the top, Imagine Dragons has what it takes. The band’s sound is a bit heavier and harder than Foster the People’s, but features the same beat-driven style. Though the single “It’s Time” was poised to be their first big hit, it may be overtaken by “Radioactive,” after that song was featured on commercials for Chicago Fire during the Olympics.

(Photo: Las Vegas Sun)

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    • SmarterPrimate

      Been listening to Marina & the Diamonds as well as Graffiti6 for 2 years now… I sure hope they finally do make it!!

    • Brianna

      This was a fun read!

      Colette Carr has been a favorite for a few years now! She can rap her a** off and sing! I hope she will not replace Kesha but will be in a lane of her own- super fun, more classy and a drug free lifestyle, she has been encouraging her “goers” (fans) to be proud and embrace who they are.
      Go cCarr!

    • iphone

      Angelique Sabrina is truly an awesome artist. I saw her perform live and she just rocked it sooo hard. Her music is great and she is pretty.

    • Sherri

      Midnight Red is much better than 1 Direction. I think once they get launched they will be massive in my opinion.

    • Jason

      How can you even compare Marina & the Diamonds to Lana Del Rey? Marina sings Pop and Lana sings Sadcore.

    • Emily

      So happy to see Midnight Red on here. Been a fan for a little over a year now. They’re much more talented than 1D (sorry my opinion) they sing, dance, everything I a boyband should do. When they make it big they’re gonna be EVERYWHERE.

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    • Jessica

      Um… I went through this entire list just to see Midnight Red, and they were on the last page?!?!?!?!
      At least you’re saving the best for last…

    • Pepe’ Loves Music

      Midnight Red is just perfect on so many levels. your harmonies, dancing and range, you might end up being one of the biggest boy bands ever. as we all watch you climb step by step all the way to the TOP !!!
      and we wanted to let everyone know that “cream always rises to the top”

      Hell Yeah !!! Midnight Red YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND THANK YOU FOR
      Good luck on all you do and wish you all the best :))))

    • CV-01

      The next big Lady Gaga should be Hatsune Miku, because she’s TOTALLY different in so many ways. She ISN’T REAL, yet she has a HUGE fanbase and has sold out every venue she performs at, including the Nokia Theater (in LA) 2 years ago! She can hold the world record for most songs recorded, with over 200,000 songs, thanks to the songwriters behind her voice. Miku is a Vocaloid, a singing synthesizer (or “robot”) created by Yamaha in 2000, although she was released in 2007. You can compose songs or make her sing WMYB! And she’s actually Japanese. So please change whoever has the title of being the next big Gaga, because she will never compare to the awesomeness of our virtual diva! THE WORLD IS HERS!! =^^=

    • Cassie

      There is NO comparision between 1D, TW / Midnight Red. These guys will be taking the music scene by storm and the world will have no clue what hit them. These guys have sick music, amazing live shows, and things will only go up for them. 2000′s generation, say hello to what a boyband is SUPPOSED to be.

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    • David

      Emeli Sandé reminds me more of Alicia Keys than Adele.

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    • Toppixx

      Check me out Toppixxmusic

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