When Olympian Danell Levya Isn’t Showing Us His Medal Winning Gymnastics Moves, He’s Showing Us His Penis

As I watched the men compete in gymnastics last night during the Olympics, I couldn’t help but think how intimidating they must be in bed. How easily they must move and how quickly they must change positions. One second you’re in the bed preparing for a night of simple sex — and the next second you’re hanging upside down from the shower rod in the bathroom doing a position that Cosmo once classified as “probably impossible.”

And now to add to my visuals, we have almost-naked photos of Olympian gymnast Danell Levya hitting the internet. To which I say, took long enough! If there’s one thing NBC is messing up with their Olympic coverage, it’s not including enough NSFW content. I want to turn on the TV and be like “PENIS!” and not like “…oh men’s rowing.”

Yesterday a woman contacted Deadspin and told them she had photos that Danell Levya sent her. Photos that are a little more revealing than his already revealing leotard.

So says a woman who came to us this afternoon with an offer to “submit some risque photos of Danell Leyva.” The woman asked for nothing in return. She says she had “some in underwear and some nudes” of the 20-year-old Miami native, some of which have already appeared on the internet. The woman says Leyva had “sorta played” her on a promised photo exchange, and that he’s done this to other women, too.

While the US men’s gymnastic team isn’t blowing us away like the women’s team, we’re still impressed with everything that they do. Mostly because I can’t imagine ever having that much strength or flexibility to pull off 1/9 of the tricks they pull off. If I could even hold onto the uneven bars, it would be some kind of athletic miracle for me. That I would instagram the shit out of so everyone can admire my heroic feat of athleticism.

Oh, and before you start tsk-tsking Danell for taking these photos (and you can see them all on Deadspin right here), there are worst ones of him floating around. Like this one of him and Ryan Seacrest that he posted to his Twitter. Ugh, Ryan Seacrest. You define NSFL. Not safe for life.


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