In Continued Publicity Stunt News, Liberty Ross Forgives Rupert Sanders For Cheating On Her With Kristen Stewart

Well, in completely unsurprising news wronged wife Liberty Ross agreed to forgive her husband Rupert Sanders for cheating on her with Kristen Stewart. How convenient that this is all happening so quickly and so publicly. That would should be a very hard time for a family is being played out in front of the press. That a woman who “just found out” that her husband cheated on her with a 22-year-old was able to forgive him in less than a week.

While it might make little sense for people watching this drama unfold from the outside. It makes perfect sense to me. And to everyone else who believes that this entire scandal came from a marketing brainstorming session — and that everyone involved is playing their parts in a movie plot that we’re getting to see play out in the media.

Just like any quality movie script, the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson love affair needed an obstacle. They needed a reason for people to care about them again, they needed a reason for people to want to see them in the movie together. Specifically Breaking Dawn: Part 2.  And some brave scriptwriter, who’s former job involved being  a publicist for the Twilight franchise, came up with the most brilliant PR stunt ever .

A scandalous affair! Scandalous, only because she’s madly in love with Robert Pattinson. Not because she has sex. Sex is unforgiveable. Kissing can be filed under youthful discretion and foolish mistakes. People can forgive a harmless kiss. Or what did Liberty Ross just call it this morning? Oh right, “one of those silly flirtations.”

They just needed to cast the role of Kristen Stewart’s one-night-car-make-out perfectly. Perfectly, of course, meaning finding someone willing to go along with a scandal that would tarnish their name in Hollywood forever.

And so they approached Rupert Sanders, the up-and-coming director of Snow White and the Huntsman with no mainstream name recognition. As a 41-year-old in Hollywood, his window to make it as a big director was closing and he needed this kind of boost to “make it” before it was too late.

And the perk of Rupert Sanders? He came with his wife Liberty Ross, an up-and-coming actress who also had no name recognition The cherry on top of the sundae? They have two young moppets who could pull at America’s heartstrings from afar, but completely miss the scandal happening around them. It’s hard to see turmoil in your home, when it’s only happening on the front pages of Us Weekly.

“Not only will this push you and your wife into the national spotlight,” the team of publicsts told them, “but it will create incredible amount of curiosity and intrigue around the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman 2. Especially if Liberty plays Kristen’s mother again in flashback scenes. Can you imagine how many people will want to see them acting together, as mother and daughter? Oh and don’t worry about the kids. It’s just a kiss and your act in this little PR Play will wrap up so quickly that they’ll never know.  Within a few days you and Rupert will be reunited for the sake of the children. And yet, Liberty will still be able to get brownie points from casting directors who remember her as the poor, little wronged wife. And Rupert? Rupert just created a huge Hollywood scandal. He’ll certainly get pats on the back from all the other men in Hollywood who could never score a hot, young actress like Kristen Stewart.”

And Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders agreed. Especially after hearing that their roles would only requires a week’s worth of their time. In fact, less. The photos would come out on Tuesday night, Liberty Ross would be devastated by Wednesday morning, and reunited with her husband by Saturday. Just 5 days.

Then they would step aside and let the real drama unfold. They would let everyone across America start asking, “If Liberty Ross can forgive Rupert Sanders, maybe Robert Pattinson can forgive Kristen Stewart.”

Now we just wait for the next act to unfold. To see what kinds of tearful conversations are written into the script next. But don’t hold your breath in suspense. We’ve all seen enough romantic movies to know how this will end.

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    • scallywag

      For now Kristen Stewart is the tarnished ‘village slut,’ adulterous ‘home wrecker’ which in some sad way says a lot about how we value our women: perfect, flawless, gorgeous, loyal or completely damned!

      Liberty has become the forgiving revolving doormat… never mind Rupert a jolly fellow who ‘momentarily’ rubbed himself up some young girl who winked at him….

      As for Robert Pattinson he’s the wounded idealistic heart throb blown a vicious reality check…

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    • right

      So not a publicity stunt. How does anyone know if Rupert’s wife will forgive him. They might just be fortunate enough that their half of the incident is not being played out as publicly. All the stories, speculations and articles are centered around R and K. Poor Rob has even made the national news… Also probably SWATH #2 which just got a go ahead will probably not happen. BD part2 will be awkward… so cruel

    • Eva

      Maybe the writer of this article should have actually watch Snow White and the Huntsman before writing it. Liberty Ross character dies while Snow White is still a young child, therefore even in flashbacks Kristen Stewart would not be acting in scenes with Liberty.

      As for ‘silly flirtations’….I dunno but if you go to a planned location you think is ‘secret’ to kiss and grind, that’s much worse than ‘silly flirtations’.

      The only way I could possible consider this is a publicity stunt is that I can’t believe they could be so stupid to pick the location they did, out in the open, extremely foolish if you didn’t want to get caught!

      • Jenni Maier

        I did see SWATH! While I know she played the young Snow White’s mother, I wouldn’t put it past them to come up with some fantasy flashback scenes as Snow White looks for inspiration from her dead mother as she runs the kingdom.

    • umyeahno

      sorry, your article in itself scream fiction!

    • Dawn

      I love the way you think Jenni! The media is feeding us this dribble like ice cream now. It just gets better and better. Everybody needs to go to and read Ted Casablanca’s tweets about this. I can’t believe everyone can’t see right through all of this. It’s all so staged maybe for the purpose of a private wedding? What ever the reason all those involved can’t take back the hurt they have caused to fans around the world.

    • Jackie

      Ohmygosh you have no idea how much I love you for posting this. This totally makes sense, and I wish so much that it was true. The only thing is, did you explain how Rob and Kristen would EVER agree to this? I don’t see that ever happening, unless it IS to distract the paps/media so they can go get married somewhere like Dawn suggested. But I mean, it still seems kinda like they would never agree to that.

    • jenny

      The whole robsten love story seemsto have been a publicity stunt,this stunt may be to justify them going their seperate ways after the final Twilight film.

      • Nena

        If their whole relationship was a pr stunt I don’t know the reason. People who liked the movies would have done so even if they didn’t date. And now if they need a reason to end it to end the stunt just have a quite breakup. Why this horrible mess. I would be embarrassed and ashamed of myself for going along with this . I do find it interesting that Stephanie meyers and the rest of the cast has been quite. It all sucks either way

    • andy

      How do you know liberty has forgiven her husband? Oh that’s right, you don’t. Your proof is a tabloid report. Someone has to be a spokesperson for the Twihards since Ted C. got fired. There are two children involved in this mess but people only give a damn about Robsten. Disgusting.

    • Nene

      You need to send this to ET or some show. Now it’s out that library’s brother never gave an interview saying that the affair was going on for 6 months. He was the only one who supposably has said this. Now reports are saying they are fighting over the dog, really! I doubt also a person as wealthy as they are would hire a u haul to move stuff out and where did they move the stuff to. You mean no one followed either truck.? An why is it no one has seen them since? They were followed around before, they couldn’t sneeze with out it being on the news! No one followed them to see where they went, really? Did they think this thing would be covered by just a few magazines and are surprised that it went viral and picked up by everyone and now they are stuck trying to figure out what to do? We have all been in their little game. They both looked right at the camera and we have only the magazines word that they were all over each other, with 3 photographers you would think they would have many many pics of real kissing not the one that looks like they might kiss. It stinks of PR

    • Nene

      Also why hasn’t anyone contacted Stephanie Meyers or the cast or the SWATH cast? Nothing new has been printed for days, I think the longest time itching new in years!!!!

    • dale kelsch

      it is screaming PR stunt..I have been to L.A. the spot where the pre assumed cheating had happen ..well it is the worst part to do it especially if you are hiding the affair..up in the hill near the hollywood sign..very convenient..exactly where lots of paparazzi in decoy outfit stand by for any celebrity photos..these area is surrounded with celebrity homes and tourist buses drive thru here to see the outside of these beautiful homes..I know I have been to the area with the tour bus..L.A. is huge so why not somewhere else..out of town maybe? San diego..we don’t have paparazzi and its only 2 hours away with beautiful romantic spots

    • dale kelsch

      and yes with a very hurtful and public scandal like that..I don’t think any wife will not take more than a week to say she already forgive him..they had to do a quick turn around on that especially for the ruppert family so the their kids are not expose to the tabloids that long..for all we know they probably took the kids somewhere for vacation where away from exposure to tabloids..and its the perfect plot for ruppert for his new name to circulate and opportunity to help a dear friend get away with no paparazzi so she and her boyfriend rob can go get hitch…something is not adding up..for one thing kristen can’t fool me..I have watched lots of TV interviews and premier interviews of her and rob and she is all about honesty and credibility each interview and they are both so darn its so out of character for her..she might be young but believe me she is far from being stupid by ruining her fame..unless an out plan to reverse the whole plot is already been thought of and will be told just before Breaking Dawn 2 promos starts..right?

    • Guene

      Wow do you guy’s really thing they would do this, fake the whole thing?? I am so amazed that they would do something like this, this is strange, really strange to believe that this whole thing could be just some treat…………………………………:O(

    • Nene

      I wish someone would come forward and say that RS did the same thing to them (lure them) ( that is if the whole thing isn’t a PR stunt)

    • Guene

      Ok I’ll bite, so if Rob does take Kristen back then this whole thing could have been a PR stunt, wow thats kinda mean thing to do to all the fans. I to thought it was strange that his wife forgave him, and less then a week and here’s Rob taking it so hard that he runs away, this whole thing is so wierd. I have to say I hope it is fake, I don’t want Rob and Kristen to brake up, I really think they are so good together, but this is a kinda stupid PR!!!!

    • Nena

      IF this whole thing is a PR stunt, how could all involved have such low self esteem, such low opinion of themselves? Or of people in general. It has made them all look stupid and pathetic. The consequences of this are many and not good. If KS didn’t care what people thought of her before and didn’t care that she was hated, well that just multiplied by 100. Did she want to get booed? RS should move back to the UK cuz he maybe done here. Maybe KS thought if fans didn’t like her anymore then she could be in peace but I thought it was the pap she hated not the fans. Well this isn’t going to get the pap off her back , they maybe worse then ever, but it’s the fans (and maybe people in general who don’t like people cheating with married people) who are mad

    • steph

      THIS IS A PR STUNT! Does ANYONE pay attention to Hollyweird? Does ANYONE know who the hell KStew even is? Kristen Stewart is ALWAYS hyper aware of the paps and where they are. Are you kidding me?!!! There was NO cheating and there is NO scandal. Rob and Kristen are right as rain. Ask Ted Casablanca. And remember, “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

    • Nena

      Some how Extra, ET or some tv show needs to put this out there so maybe others can think out this

    • Ne

      Where did all the other posts go?

      • Jenni

        We’re switching over commenting systems and the old comments are loading in now. In the meantime, get excited for our new commenting system, it’s awesome!

      • nena

        Oh I thought my iPod was being strange. Give all the articles to ET or someone so it can get out and push their hand