Robert Pattinson Moves On From Kristen Stewart With…Katy Perry?

Oh, the strange, twisted world of celebrity friendships and relationships. With all this pending drama between Robert Pattinson and his (ex? current?) girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Rob is trying to take some time away to figure everything out. And who’s popping up on the scene to offer rest and relaxation away from the prying eyes of the media? Katy Perry. Supposedly even though Kristen has been trying desperately to get in touch with him, Rob wants to take a couple months away from the relationship just to do some thinking. He already had move out of their shared apartment when news broke, so he definitely needs somewhere to lie low for a little bit.

But before you get all up-in-a-tizzy about a potential new relationship, don’t. Apparently the two are just friends, and Katy is making a point of stepping up to support Rob now because he was there for her through her divorce from Russell Brand. That’s actually awesome and sweet to see two celebrities supporting each other with no ulterior motives…but that said, I have absolutely no concept of these two hanging out. I mean, what do they do? Granted I don’t know either of them, but they strike me as exact opposites. One is a high-energy, bright color and pattern loving pop singer, and the other is a scruffy, brooding, movie-vampire. Explain that combination to me. Does Rob help Katy hot glue more plastic cherries on her hot pants? Or does he refill the whipped cream canisters in her bras? Or is Katy starting an Etsy shop that offers ‘customized-grunging’ so that she can help dirty Rob up before he makes public appearances? I don’t get it.

But as even more proof the two aren’t making any canoodle-pies, Katy is rumored to be dating John Mayer. Sigh. I so deeply hope that’s not true, but if it is, he can at least give Robert some good advice for his upcoming man-to-man talk with Rupert Sanders, the man Kristen cheated with. I hope he sings it to him over the baked Alaska.


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    • Redrew

      What is the source for this information? I don’t buy it sexpesially because you made the mistake of saying they live in an apartment when they lived in a mansion.

    • Becky

      It’s really to bad that Kristen cheated, but I am wondering if this was going on for sometime or it was just a one time thing.

      Here is an article I found from there fan site

    • admin

      im so sad what about in the next twilght llolll is katy perry going to be a replacement wow kristen stewart wow wow wow wow wow :)

    • lol

      this whole bs started because katy was reading a mag with rob on the cover. the media is trying to start more drama for a man who has been publicly humiliated by his gf.

    • Chris

      Katy Perry camp are so desperately trying to hook Katy with any man they can. They tried John Mayer now trying to lap up Pattinson. They are so desperate.

    • Shay

      First off Its Robert’s House not apartment Give the some space and everyone needs to stop bashing on Kristen Everyone Makes mistakes plus the girl is only 22yrs old she is going to make mistakes in her life Plus i dont think that they she ending her career she has movies lined up. For Goodness Sake Give it a Rest, There is always a price to pay when your famous. PLus Alot of the Twihards Give their support for Rob and Kristen. And honestly who cares who is dating who.

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