10 Super Funny Olympic ECards To Make Up For The Fact You’re Unathletic

The 2012 Summer Olympics kick off tonight in London and you’re probably not competing.

That’s okay, you’re like me. Uncoordinated. Unbalanced. Unstable. Unable.  Some people look great on the field, and other people look great on the bench. After all, cold metal doesn’t warm itself.

Nor does it look as inviting if gangly girls aren’t sitting on it, praying that no one breaks a leg and forces the coach to make them play. Non-atheletes are just as vital to the world as athletes!

Except at the Olympics. That’s a place for athletic people to be athletic. And a place for non-athletic people to vicariously live through them and say things like, “why did my parents let me quit gymnastics in preschool…if only…”

Rather than spending the next few weeks feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why you get out of breath walking up the stairs, check out these awesome ecards. You’ll feel like a gold medalist, or at least a bronze medalist, after you finishing looking at the whole gallery.

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