Ranking The Summer Olympic Sports: From Most Fun To Watch To…Weightlifting

After weeks of summer Olympic sports research, compiling data, watching old tapes, and plugging several friends into Crushable’s new technology that measures the person’s level of excitement by monitoring chemical reactions in the brain, we’ve finally done it. Of every quirky, ridiculous, traditional, and unseen-save-for-a-couple-of-weeks-every-four-years sport in the summer Olympics, we have come to some definitive scientific conclusions, ranking them in order from most to least fun to watch.

Sorry for the spoiler alert in the title, but don’t worry, I hope a few of my other choices will surprise you along the way, and that perhaps, they will inspire you to pick up a couple new sports this Olympics. Learn how to swivel your head like a professional while watching table table tennis, become an annoying non-expert in badminton and explain why that guy is getting a tenth of a point off on that dive. Or, just watch for the hot guys (Yes, that factor was taken into account in the making of this list — what do you think the excite-o-meter was for?)


(Photo: Olympic.org)

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    • EG

      Fuck you, weightlifting rules

      • Jenni Maier


    • EG

      No, just a great deal of frustration about a very misunderstood sport. But America sucks at it, so it probably won’t be interesting anyway.

      • Jenni Maier

        if you promise to explain it without using the f-word, we’ll listen.

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    • Jim

      For me judo and wrestling are the most boring and pointless. But I’d rather watch wrestling over judo.

    • Holly

      Rowing is awesome, fast-paced, exciting action if you ask me.