Let’s Stop Calling Kristen Stewart A Homewrecker, Because If I Recall She’s Not The One Married With Two Kids

Regardless of what you feel about the motivations behind Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, let’s agree to stop calling her a homewrecker.

Not only is it an incredibly antiquated term that brings up visions of harlots seducing men in suits while their wives bake bread at home, but it’s placing the blame for this entire affair on Kristen Stewart. If I recall, and I do believe I recall correctly, Rupert Sanders is the married man with two young children. Not Kristen Stewart.

However that hasn’t people stopped all over the internet, and even on this site, from labeling her a homewrecker. A woman who set out to destroy a happy family with her rampant sexuality.

While I don’t want to say that at 22, Kristen Stewart’s not responsible for her action, she’s still just 22. An age when people make mistakes and an age when people make bad decisions. That doesn’t let her off the hook and it doesn’t make cheating okay. But it makes it understandable. What 22-year-old hasn’t made incredibly poor choices when it comes to their personal life?

However,  I can definitively say that it’s less okay that Rupert Sanders cheated on his wife Liberty Ross. He’s 41 and he has two young children. As someone almost 20 years older than Kristen Stewart, he should know better.

By labeling Kristen Stewart a homewrecker, people are implying that she barged into Rupert Sanders’ home and demanded that they have an affair in front of his wife and children. And that he valiantly protested her efforts with proclamtions that he loves his wife and he loves his children too much to ever do this.

But that her womanly wiles won out and that as a man, Rupert Sanders, had no choice but to have an affair. It reduces this entire relationship to one in which a man’s completely powerless over an attractive woman. That as a man, he’s morally obligated to have sex with whatever vagina steps into his path. He can’t help it, it’s just science.

Let’s get something straight here. Perfectly content married couples don’t cheat on each other. No woman, no matter how voluptuous and seductive, can walk into a happy marriage and destroy it out of sheer will. (Hear that Team Aniston??)

Men have the power to make choices in the same exact way that women have the power to make choices. And it’s Rupert Sanders who chose to wreck his home by having an affair with a woman 19 years younger than him. It’s not Kristen Stewart.

So call her a cheater, a fake, a whatever. But don’t call her a homewrecker.

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    • Sarah

      ur right, shes a trampire.

    • Jean

      Let’s set the record straight here and now!! I will set the record straight!! Rupert is the one who is married and made marriage vows, not Christine!! Even though they were both wrong, the blame is 50 – 50 if not 80-20 with the 80 going to Rupert. Does anyone besides me see how unfair and much of a double standard this is?? Are people that stupid??
      But I guess that’s the way we always do things in this country. We blame the female for everything that goes wrong in a relationship. I hope we will see this for what it is and as women stand united and stop allowing men and “follow the leader” females, to put all the blame on Christine!!
      “Go Wildcats” 2012
      “Go Trojans”

      • http://twitter.com/MengChiao Juwei Nam

        Go cheaters! Go cheaters!
        Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
        She KNEW very well that he was married with children. This is also not the first time she cheated. Michael Angarano was a previous person she cheated on. Rupert…married for SEVERAL years since barely out of his teens with his wife and this is the first time he cheats.
        Because it is 50-50. Never 80-20. 50 for Rupert falling for her giggly rebellious bad girl (as he put it) and 50 for Kristen being a proven multiple cheater.
        “Go Cheaters!” Because you sound so intelligent saying that. Oh wait you don’t.

    • Dr Simons

      Where to start… Firstly she is as guilty as he is. She slept with a married man knowing the consequences to his family. While he is also incredibly guilty, his guilt does not absolve her of hers. Secondly her age is no excuse for such behavior. This is no small mistake or youthful naïveté. Thirdly your belief that happily married people don’t cheat or that a third person can come between two happily married people is just plain wrong. Statistically a great many people cheat simply because they had the opportunity to. Perhaps you should not write articles on subjects you do not understand.

      • Anonymous

        I dont really think it matters how many years she spent in hollywood or how famous she is, to a 41 year old man and 22 year old is a child. Lets really think about that age difference, he is old enough to be her father for goodness sake, so yeah I am kind of expecting him to be just a bit more intelligent with 19 more years on this planet under his belt. Double standard or not I am surprised how people are just ignoring that fact. Her age is in fact a small excuse for her behavior because she is still practically a teenager and as one I am telling you right noe teenagers are idiots, we do stuff that makes absolutely no since everday, big and small, becasue we lack the common sense that I am thinking you acquire by 41. I am not sure if you have lived but this is absolutely a youthful naivete, do you really think she was exercising good decision making by going on with an older, married man, with kids, in public no less, while being one the most paparazzi plagued people on this planet. If she was prehaps thirty she might have stopped and realized all the stupidity revolving around that idea but she is not, she is 22. She never even had sex with the guy in the first place, which is weird considering that is what most people do in an affair. There are probably thousands of people who have made the same mistake around her age but did not have it plastered all over magazines and websites. You get up, look at the mess you made, make a mental note to never ever do it again, and you get a little bit smarter, life does indeed go on. Also who says he was happily married, who says he was not the one seducing her because he was so very unhappy. Not saying I know what happened but I think you should try to look at all the angels before you start judging, if you really must judge of course.
        P.S.- this scandal is completely fake and the person who thought of it is a pr genius

      • Dr Simons

        A 22 year old woman is perfectly capable of judging the consequences of an affair with a married man, his age does not excuse her. It’s also highly unlikely that they did not have sex just as it is highly unlikely this is a PR stunt. No one said they were happily married, I only stated that an affair is not proof they were unhappily married. As for considering all the angles you have that covered as you continually contradict yourself. And as for the fact that many other people have had affairs, that is no comfort to the actual people hurt by them. When you have hurt others in this way it’s just not good enough to make a mental note not to do it again and move on.

    • Illini

      She’s a home wrecker. You don’t have to be a harlot to screw up a family. Her being 22 doesn’t have anything to do with it. You don’t see every young girl out there sleeping with married men and causing children to grow up without a father at home. She knew what she was doing and didn’t care about screwing up children. Think about how many young girls look up to her as a role model. I hate how this article is portraying her as a victim, made mistakes, naive. I’m not saying he is innocent either. I know there is a double standard for women, however, it does not give us the excuse to screw up and they play the victim of a double standard role. He is a scumbag! If I were his wife I would figure out how to walk away with all his money. I would call him a homewrecker too.

      • Jenni

        How did she CAUSE children to grow up without a father. She didn’t seduce Rupert Sanders, lure him away and make him sign over custody of his children. Rupert MADE the choice to “kiss” her. If his children grow up fatherless, then that’s on him.

      • Joanie

        You can’t have an affair entirely on your own. Let me ask you, are you aware that if you sleep with a married man it could hurt his family? If you know that it can but choose to anyway how can you claim NO responsibility. “it’s his responsibility” is such a BS excuse!

      • jen

        She’s absolutely culpable. She KNEW those children. Doesn’t matter if they were hers or not. Is it ok to hurt a child as long as it isn’t your own? She had to know the damage she could do to them.

    • http://twitter.com/MengChiao Juwei Nam

      Homewrecker-person who wrecks or invades an already established married relationship of another man/woman. Ex. Kristen Stewart.
      Also this is not the first time she cheated. Before her co star Robert there was Michael. Michael Angarano..poor bloke. Well she cheated on him.
      Rupert Sanders is married for …..SEVERAL years and this is the first cheating ever… with a wife he admitted to loving so much….yeah yeah. then there is Kristen Stewart who he described as that rebellious, giggly sort of girl who has a badstreak (plus two cheats on her belt)….
      Homewrecker. That’s what she is by definition. And a cheater… Rupert Sanders is no saint, but I’m pretty sure she knew that Rupert was married with children. She wasn’t tricked into anything.

      • http://www.facebook.com/XXRebelleXX4LYFE Jolie Klinger


    • http://robinvandam1.tumblr.com/ Robin Van Dam

      I just found your articles. I love your attitude and perspective! I got hooked on your most recient posting for 09.04.2012 about KStew & RPats and just kept reading backward. I share your thoughts and views on the whole thing and said it from the very begining. Nice to know I’m not crazy.

    • jen

      I agree that ‘home wrecker’ is an ugly antiquated label, but by definition it does fit. Kristen was well aware that Rupert was married. By all accounts she had become friends with his wife Liberty and even knew their two children.She made the decision to do something she knew had the potential to destroy a marriage. Therefore she’s as guilty in wrecking that home as Rupert is.
      Also, making judgment calls on the state of the Sanders’ marriage (or the Stewart/Pattinson relationship) is unfair. Sometimes otherwise happy people DO cheat. Sometimes it is simply a moral failing. People, men and women both, believe they can have a quick, fun fling and maintain their homelife. It’s called trying to have your cake and eat it too.
      As for the tired “she’s 22, she made a mistake” arhument, well, men experiencing a nasty case of mid life crisis syndrome are also famous for their bad decision making abilities. Still no excuse.

    • emmie

      I agree with you, which is apparently an unpopular opinion.

      Yes, they both cheated. Yes, she knew he was married. But it is not her responsibility to protect his relationship, that’s his responsibility. He is to blame for the fallout he is experiencing in HIS relationship, just like she is to blame for the fallout she is experiencing in HER relationship. They are each to blame for what is happening to them. Neither is to blame for the problems in the others’.

      She’s not a homewrecker. She did cheat on her boyfriend, but she didn’t force Rupert to cheat on his WIFE. By nature marriage is a more significant commitment than dating, and thus his crime is greater. It really bothers me the way people seem to blame her entirely for what happened; basically every single article talking about their affair is centered on her. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re young and hot and your relationship with your young, hot boyfriend is of greater interest to the world than some grown man’s marriage. Honestly I think a huge reason she’s being treated this way is because people love Robert Pattinson and want to demonize her that much more for hurting him.

    • Karenindixie

      I agree. While what she did was wrong, her partner is the one with the wife and kids. I’m glad there were no cameras around me when I was 22…I made all kinds of mistakes on the road to becoming an adult. Some will say that she is an adult, and legally, are correct, but those of us who are older can look backward and point out something stupid we did at that age. Again, where is the blame for Mr. Sanders? We’ve all heard about chemistry on movie sets and, as the director, he was her ultimate authority figure. Frankly, I believe he took advantage of that. He’s the one who should have been in control of the situation. I think that Kristen has acted admirably since this incident, not hiding, public apologizing and realizing the magnitude of her actions, taking responsibility for them. What more can she do?

    • Kynan

      Homewreaker- someone who breaks up a marriage/relationship. And Kristen Stewart did that. But so did Rupert Sanders. They are both equally responsible, but which one will have a career in 5 years.

      Rupert Sanders.

      Because, subconsciously, we forgive him quickly but Kristen Stewart will never be forgiven. She is a tween idol and has list them because of this. Her older fanbase is gone too.

      The most she can hope is that one director will take pity on her and offer her a bit part so she can slowly climb her way to the top, while Rupert Sanders will continue to make movies, his wife will probably forgive him and his career will go on.

      Those are my thoughts on the matter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/XXRebelleXX4LYFE Jolie Klinger

      she is a home-wrecker idiot! hello she is not part of his family shes an imposter and hes 41 shes 22 year old disgusting tramp ungrateful for Rob and her fame serves her right.

    • stfu

      She knew he was married and had kids, doesn’t matter that he should of known better. She is STILL a homewrecking cunt.