Watch Ron Swanson Smoke Weed With His Wife And Allison Brie

You know what the internet’s been missing lately? Celebrities smoking weed together. That’s why this video of Nick Offerman smoking weed with his wife Megan Mullally and Allison Brie is so refreshing.  Like a bong hit after a long day. Or at the beginning of the day. Or midday. After brunch. Before dinner. During lunner. I guess really any time of the day.

It’s all part of a promotion for Nick Offerman’s new movie Somebody Up There Likes Me. The film premiered at SXSW this year and just got acquired by Tribeca Films for a March 2013 release in theaters and video on demand.

Which means there’s a lot more time for more celebrity drug videos. Maybe meth? That’d be different!

The movie revolves around the relationship between Max (Keith Poulson), his wife Lyla (Jess Weixler) and Max’s best friend Sal (Nick Offerman). They’re just three people going through the hardships of life together. Just riding the emotional roller coaster all the way to the end. While it looks like there will be funny moments, the overall tone seems dark. So bring someone who you’re thinking about breaking up with to see this one!

In the meantime, get high. I guess. If you’re lucky (and your film gets picked up), it looks like Allison Brie could show up to smoke with you.

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