Could Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Be Pulling Off The Most Tragically Romantic PR Stunt Ever?

Ugh, I don’t know what to believe anymore about this entire Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders scandal. Is it an attempt for Kristen Stewart to get out of acting as well as her staged relationship with Robert Pattinson?

Or is it something even more unbelievable. Something so crazy and so scripted that it’s almost impossible to believe. Yet, hard to ignore. Could it be possible that this entire “cheating scandal” is setting up the most romantic reunion ever between the two star-crossed co-stars — right before the fourth and final installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters in November.

When these cheating photos leaked on Tuesday night, I would have said no. But now everything’s wrapping up so neatly and so movie-like, that I can’t help but be suspect.

Here’s what we know.

Kristen Stewart got caught publicly cheating, Kristen Stewart issued a heartfelt apology to Robert Pattinson within 24 hours of being caught publicly cheating and now stories about Robert Pattinson being heartbroken and undecided about what to do started to leak out. Like this one from Us Weekly.

Hiding out since the news broke late Tuesday, Pattinson is “really depressed,” one source close to the actor, 26, tells Us Weekly. “He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know if he should forgive her or not.” Stewart released an emotional, contrite apology to the world Wednesday afternoon, and behind closed doors is “devastated,” another source close to both stars says. “She’s very angry at herself. She’s really not blaming anyone but herself.”

So many anonymous sources are just speaking out, on behalf of two stars who carried on an incredibly private affair for several years. It’s certainly odd and it’s certainly setting up quite the plot twist for this couple.

Let’s just recap here for a second.

A woman looks for public forgiveness from her heartbroken lover after cheating on him with an older, married (and therefore forbidden) man. Sounds like the plot of a movie. A movie you don’t really care about, but have to watch to see what happens. Will he forgive her? Or will he leave her? We’ll find out after the commercial break.

Wouldn’t it be just great for tabloid headlines if he does decide to take her back, right before the movie comes out. And they can triumphantly walk down the red carpet together, holding hands and making loving faces at each other. All the fans can cheer, because just like in the story of Bella and Edward, true love does exist! Sure there are obstacles, but if you prevail, you can find love. The movie may by fantasy, but the tale they’re telling is true to life. Kristen and Robert are proof of that!

In a franchise that’s slowly losing steam to trilogies like The Hunger Games, this could be just the PR boost it needs to win big in the theaters this November. Or it could just be another celebrity scandal unfolding in front of our eyes. But as someone who follows these scandals for a living, something’s just not right here.

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    • Meghan Radespiel

      “Could it be possible that this entire “cheating scandal” is setting up the most romantic reunion ever between the two star-crossed co-stars — right before the fourth and final installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters in November.”—Smart thinkin’ Jenni!
      And if all of this is really a PR stunt, then just kill me.

    • kim

      Good thinking jenni,it totally makes sense with the movie coming out soon.

    • M

      Yes, because a family with kids being wrecked is worth a bit of PR for a movie.

      • Jenni Maier

        I think people who are investing millions into a franchise that’s losing steam would happily sacrificial a few people’s feelings along the way.

    • Mia Maria

      I couldn’t care less if Kristen cheated, but if this was solely done for publicity, I will actively start boycotting both her and Rupert’s movies. The man has two school age children, and the idea of creating a situation like this for a movie, and without a thought to them is abhorrent. Seriously, I know people don’t want Kristen Stewart to be a cheater, but you’d really prefer her agreeing to this kind of press?

    • Jill

      If they get back together that will prove the whole thing was fake.

    • Michael

      “A franchise losing steam?” Seriously? IT’S ALMOST OVER.

      This is a colossally stupid article. Please tell me they don’t pay you to write this.

      • Jenni Maier

        I actually pay to write for Crushable. I got a groupon though, so it’s not that expensive, 100 articles for the price of 50.

    • Banna

      I love it!

    • Tila

      FAKE. Those pictures where epically posed and made right around the last movie. I think shes actually a lesbian anyways and was using him to hide her self the whole time.

    • Trampire Sucks

      This is just stupid. This isn’t good PR, if they wanted to attract an audience it’s totally backfired. Kristen will forever be labeled a cheater and a homewrecker, many of her main fansites shut down today, they’re done with her. It doesn’t matter if she gets Rob’s forgiveness or not, fans aren’t going to forgive her. They are done.

      Rob is done, too, this isn’t PR, he’s never going to be seen within a mile of her again. They won’t both be at the same premieres, she probably won’t even be allowed to be there, fans would boo her. She’s the most hated woman in Hollywood and that isn’t going to change for a very long time. This was career suicide, not a set up to get more fans.

      • Googol

        Wrong, a majority of people are going to forget about it, and allegedly their contracts state that they have to take photos together at the premiers

      • Michelle Stafford

        I doubt she will be hated for long. Because majority women of hollywood are cheaters(Jolie) and do not tell me Brad and Jen were seperate or were having problems. If that person still have papers on you and the paper is not stamp divorce. Adultry, cheaters and, etc. Some of us live in “my fantasy land”(do it my way or if some else doing the same thing its wrong because you dont like it).Dont get me wrong I like Jolie(good actress), Brad(ok). If you want a person that bad take a chance an wait until the divorce is finalize than make that move. But some people like the excitement of missing with someones spouse ask Leann Rimes. I always believe what goes around comes back to you even worst or you will never profit from what you have stolen. Lol……………

      • Frances

        Meh, you know the old Hollywood adage – there’s no such thing as bad press. The whole thing puts a bad taste in my mouth, especially since I’ve always gotten a Jodie Foster-esque lesbian vibe off of Stewart and if I’m right I think it’s sad that she has to go through this pantomime to sell tickets.

    • Shells

      Agreed, Jenni! It’s all too convenient and the statements very contrived. It might be a staged break up/make up, BUT as part of the staged and scripted relationship. The alternative could be that Kristen got caught having an affair in her “real” love life which she’s supposed to keep under wraps to maintain the fake relationship with Pattinson – so the affair is only on the director’s wife (sadly for her!). But when handed lemons you make lemonade – meaning they’ll spin K’s lapse of discretion to create a grand reunion for the premiere. Could be? LOL.

    • vero

      If this was indeed a “set-up” and it certainly looks that way, whoever did it covered all their bases and released info with precision.

      They shot out the info on twitter then deactivated the account.
      Then statement were released within hours of each other through A tabloid that previously accused Taylor Lautner of being gay, Rob having cheated on kris and the two of them getting married soon. Why would they send such an important release through such an illegitimate source? Doesn’t add up peeps. Most celebs release such info through PR websites or agencies?????

    • Lee

      A set up? Do you seriously think that Rupert’s wife would willing subject herself to the humiliation and embarrassment of seeing her husband kissing and nuzzling another woman? The only way I see a set up happening is that Rupert was totally ignorant of what was going on so that means Stewart and Summit could give a flying flip about Rupert, his wife and their two young children. I personally believe this affair started shortly after the filming of SWATH started. There is so many rumors flying out there that the truth may never surface which is the way it should be. The people that needs to be concerned about this are the principle people involved.

      • Jenni Maier

        Just think about this. Before this happened no one knew the names Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross. Now everyone does. Not to mention, people might look more favorably upon casting Liberty Ross in roles now that she’s the poor cheated-on wife of a Hollywood director. And sadly, I’m sure other men in Hollywood will give Rupert major props for hooking up with a young, hot actress.

    • Lily

      Jenni, it’s like you sawed open my brain and took out exactly what was in it. They honestly think people are dumb. I see this for exactly what it is. And though I’m not sure who the pawn was, I know there are others laughing their asses off right now because this played out exactly how it was supposed to. I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. They are all clowns.

    • Lily

      And news just in, “Liberty Ross has decided to give husband Rupert Sanders a second chance”. Well that was mighty fast. I’m with Jenni on this one…. STAGED!

    • Lea Birdsong

      While stalking Fan forums these last couple of days during my Twilight Depression, I finally found this article which makes the most sense to me. Even though my mind tells me these rumors are likely true, my heart just won’t accept it. So for now, I will keep the faith in Robsten and hope to wake from this nightmare very soon. ;(

    • Dawn

      Ted Casablanca said in his tweets about this situation that everything ur reading aboutr robsten right now is arranged. Let me assure you of this. He also went on to say Robsten’s been through alot, he loves them and they know exactly what they’re doing. It was all staged. Kristen was in that car with Rupert but it was faked for a purpose and all invoved in the scandal know about it. Looking at those photos was like looking at stills from a movie. The only question left is why. He’s what I think. Jenni’s on the right track but I think it might be more romantic than we all could imagine. What better way for them to have a private wedding then to hide it behind a cheating scandal. Rob likes to get a rise out of people and this sure would. Nobody is looking for it so they would have all the privacy they need for a change. Only time may tell if I’m right. At this point I don’t think even a robsten wedding will heal the hurt that has been inflicted on fans.

      • Jamie

        I AGREE with you and Ted 100000000% !!!! You watch they’re going to come back into the public eye MARRIED!!!!!

      • millicent

        Yeah can’t believe someone else thinks this too…. Remember at Canne on the rooftop…he had a hold of her shoulders swinging them back and forth and shaking his head saying

      • D. Martin

        Have you seen the entire video on YouTube? They are so cute together and at the very end you see Rob standing there and he looks over and spots the people taking the video and sinks down. It’s too funny.

      • D. Martin

        I agree with you on this and must respectfully disagree wtih Jenni. I can’t imagine two very young people literally putting their lives on hold — or whoever they chose to date for that matter – for four years. They would have gotten caught a long time ago if that were the case. I do think that the photos may have been staged like Ted said — to cover something else. Someone likened to the movie ‘The Italian Job’ where all of these cars are going in different directions so you can’t tell which one is holding the goods. If they stage a break-up then paps are looking for him; paps are looking for her in opposite places. I had often wondered if this whole thing was to cover a wedding.

      • Jenni

        I appreciate that you’re doing it respectfully! As I’ve said before, I’m always pleased with how civil our discussions are on Crushable.

      • abbeysbooks

        Everyone likes you, that’s why. Besides you give space to opposing views. You don’t get all defensive when someone disagrees with your insane, over the top, bad, evil interpretation of a PR relationship with KS and RP! LOL!

    • Gina

      I’m sorry it just seems kind of odd that after such a very private affair where they lived together for crying out loud, that all of a sudden they would become so public about something as embarrassing as betrayal. I mean we’ve seen Robert photographed with more than one female friend, you’d think we would see a photo of the two of them at least going to the groceries or something after living together for so long, you know, the kind of things a regular cohabiting couple do together. I agree…looks staged.

    • Jenna

      I think the 3 year relationship was the big PR stunt.
      Kristen never looked happy. She was always emotionless with him.
      I think if you cheat you pay the price, she needs to pay.
      She is now promoting her new movie so she leached onto this new guy it will prob be for about 3 years till her next movie and so on.

    • Stephanie

      When this story first broke…I wasn’t sure what to think…but after seeing the pictures, I truly believe the whole thing is staged. However, I wonder if Rob is in on it…I mean what better way to get back at the tabloids and paps than to stage this whole affair, and then later throw it in their faces. They both hate the paparrazi, I think it would be hliarious if they staged thehwole thing just to see how far this thing could blow up…and I do believe that Sanders’ wife could be in on it…I mean it is Hollywood, people do crazy things. She could easily tell her kids that daddy was just “acting”….. besides I am really suppose to believe that any woman who is meeting up for a hot hookup would dress like that….I don’t think that outfit would of been my top choice!

      • Dawn

        Thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie! Finally somebody else that thinks the same thing that I do. What if they used this as a cover for a private wedding? I know it’s reaching but just saying. Rule of thumb everybody, if the biggest actress in Hollywood cheats in broad daylight with her former married director who has kids near the Hollywood sign holding her boyfriend’s hat and wearing his clothes it’s probably staged. When I was writing that last line I felt like I was writing a movie script.

    • Alicia

      There just might be something to this actually being a PR stunt to promote BD2 in the fall….I second Liberty in proclamation of “Wow!”
      Yes, I’ve seen the photos with only a couple of them appearing to have an “lip service”…while the rest they are hugging, holding…and at times look as though they are looking directly at the PAPS.
      If Summit put them up to this – this might also connect the dots as to why they gave their awards away at the last awards show they appeared at…taking the high road and passing the award onto the fans…knowing they were going to be duped in the coming weeks with this PR Stunt….I mean T Lautner appeared confused as to why they were giving away their awards…and he didn’t follow suit…maybe he is not on the NEED TO KNOW list of this smoke in mirrors trickery.
      Like all other media sites have indicated, this couple has been perfectly low key and all of the sudden this? I know, it COULD happen…but it all seems too calculated.
      This PR Stunt, if it is just that, could be exactly what all parties need to finish out the rest of the year with all of their respective movies coming out and in the process of being made. On the other hand, this does seem a bit extreme, as well….c’mon involving a family man?! Or, perhaps I’d just like this to be a night PR Stunt rather than what it is…the truth…guess we’ll have to wait and see.