Remember That Time That Drake Bell Trolled A Bunch Of Beliebers And It Was Awesome?


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It seems awfully suspicious that in the past few weeks Drake Bell has been locked in a Twitter feud with some really pissed-off Beliebers, and today the social media platform is malfunctioning so much that there’s not even a cute Fail Whale graphic to tide us over. (Kidding, Twitter resurrected itself while I was writing this post.) Still, the Nickelodeon star has awakened a sleeping beast, and it’s mad. It all started in early July, when the Drake & Josh star criticized Katy Perry for making her concert documentary Part of Me seeing as she’s been in the cultural consciousness for just a few years. Here’s their exchange:

Drake: @katyperry these biography movies about artists who have been in the market place for 5 years in ridiculous!!!

Katy: Never thought I would categorize u as another uneducated hater, especially since we have many mutual friends and coworkers. Smooth

Drake quickly claimed that his Twitter had been hacked — it does seem odd that he would’ve tweeted his dis directly at her — but his bright idea to deflect his criticism to Justin Bieber‘s fans shows that he must have a death wish or know nothing about social media. Because when he started in on Justin’s music, an army of Beliebers bombarded him with angry tweets and what could be construed as death threats, like the user who tweeted a photo of a large kitchen knife. (Gulp.)

Above is a screenshot that shows the progression of the conversation, as rather than be frightened, Drake kept trolling the Beliebers. And I honestly love him for it, like when he rags on them for not using proper grammar. We at Crushable are very well-acquainted with that. This past Monday, Biebs tried to smooth things over with this tweet:

Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. really.

But really, I want to see Drake just keep going! Because it’s clear that his beef was never with Justin; it’s with impulsive, obsessive, irrational fans who need to be told, like bratty children, that they need a time out.

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Photo: Twitter via Reddit

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    • Cee

      He is spot on about everything, including Katy Perry. He should not have backed down.

    • Meghan Radespiel

      I agree with Cee, his interactions with the beliber fans is not only funny, but he’s accurate with their behavior.

    • Amy

      This post does not clearly state what started this it was a harmless joke from Drake Bell which was something like I wouldn’t diss Perry but Beiber however lol, it seems wrong that this alone has lead to death threat, knife pictures and even I hear people posting his address and number. This is bullying it wouldn’t be acceptable in the real world so why is it acceptable on Twitter. I am a parent myself and I just think it is time for Twitter to censors such tweets and even have the power to delete the account, with everything that has happened in the world how do we know if these Justin Beiber fans really mean what they say?

      This is a form or bullying and all bullying should be stopped be it to a normal person of to someone famous like in this case

      • Anna Little

        I agree with you, that Tweet he sent was a joke, but JB’s fans had to take it literally and start hating on Drake. This is really ridiculous, and also Justin knows this “war” is going on between Drake and his fans, but he’s doing nothing about it…

    • Evan

      I just gained so much respect for drake. It’s amazing how stupid these girls act over some random guy they have never met, but think they know. Justin beiber is not God of a god, like they treat him! … It’s ridiculous

    • Emily

      Drake, Drake, Drake. You are my favorite person on twitter right now. Haha. He is great. Some belibers are really nice and cool, but it only take a few people to give your fandom a bad name.

    • em

      justins fans are horrible, he should really get some balls and tell them its not ok to threaten people.
      Honestly, he knows its happening and by him not telling them to stop its like hes condoning that behaviour.

      But then again, he is a complete idiot so i suppose we cant expect too much from him

    • Eric

      Thanks Smosh for bringing me here for some reason :D Drake was probably one of the only “teen-stars” I liked, even though he seems to pass on the fame his talent should get. But dude, your my hero now xD I like Katy (I have eyes and…you get it :D) but its really awful how easy it is to become famous today…remember the times when an artist had to accomplish something to get a biography and/or movie? Like Hendrix and Marley for example? today everyone becomes some sort of make-believe rockstar just because some bored teens become obsessed with a new toy- I mean…person……That being said, if I’d use Twitter, I’d be a amused and proud follower of Drake :D

    • Kassey

      Ha! Good. I love drake. For once a celeb stick up for himself and isnt pretending to like justin. Obviously justin did something to drake to provoke this and drakes getting him back. I dont blame him i think its awesome. Justins fans are just delusional. No ones gonna ever take you seriously if you tell someone your a dedicated justin bieber fan. Thats just sad.

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    • keller

      The one trolling here is drake bell and btw I love it when #drakebellflopparty happened haha