Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: The Bentley Preschool Saga Continues, While Farrah Dates An Actually Decent Guy

Teen Mom 4x07 "Fresh Start" Amber Leah Gary rehab


DO: Have a game plan

On her last day in rehab, Amber makes a list of everything she wants to take care of at home: 1) get her driver’s license, 2) set up schooling, and 3) find a new house, preferably with Gary and Leah. Of course, with the delay between taping and airing, we know that she fails at most of these… but good effort!

DO: Be cautious

So at this point Amber and Gary are broken up, right? He recognizes that she’s going to need a support system as strong as what she had in rehab, but he’s apprehensive about her expecting him to automatically be that for her when he’s getting used to her being back.

DON’T: Bribe your kid

I’m not sure what the etiquette is for coming home after two months in rehab, but I was slightly uncomfortable when Amber pulled out the gifts she’d brought Leah. Maybe this is some sort of positive reinforcement thing, to make Leah feel like Mommy was just on a vacation? I guess I had instances like that as a kid, when even if my parents were out of town on grim business (like a funeral), they still brought me back a keepsake.

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    • Conspiracy Man

      Why does this article presuppose that Daniel is a good guy? We got to see about 3 minute of him on film in front of a camera. He could be a serial killer or a deadbeat dad and we would not know. Just because he looks good and does not make any foolish moves for the few minutes the editors allow us to see him does not mean that he is good.