Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: The Bentley Preschool Saga Continues, While Farrah Dates An Actually Decent Guy

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DON’T: Confuse your lessons

It’s difficult to follow which parent feels which way about adorable little Bentley going to preschool. Maci complains when Ryan teases Bentley about ditching the whole thing, but at one point she seems to be enabling this quitting when she teases Bentley for being afraid of school “because you’re a mama’s boy.”

DON’T: Pick fights unnecessarily

Ryan is pissy that Maci takes Bentley to preschool at 3 p.m. even though it starts at 7 a.m., because she wants her morning time with him. This is confusing at first, because when did Ryan ever care about the intricacies of Bentley’s preschool schedule, but Kyle smartly hits upon the real reason: Ryan probably thinks that it’s not worth the money and carpooling energy if Maci’s gonna spend most of the day with Bentley anyway. However, she and Kyle agree that Bentley needs the time with kids his own age, both developmentally and intellectually.

DON’T: Set impossible goals for yourself

Ryan’s mom asks if he wants to have joint custody of Bentley, something which he seems lukewarm about. He has been pushing a lot to have Bentley spend time alone with him this season, but he doesn’t seem too motivated to actually start that legal process with Maci. Plus, later when he’s supposed to pick up Bentley, he flakes.

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    • Conspiracy Man

      Why does this article presuppose that Daniel is a good guy? We got to see about 3 minute of him on film in front of a camera. He could be a serial killer or a deadbeat dad and we would not know. Just because he looks good and does not make any foolish moves for the few minutes the editors allow us to see him does not mean that he is good.