Apparently Liam Hemsworth Has No Idea That He’s Hot

In a recent InStyle interview, Liam Hemsworth talked about his fashion style as well as what his fiance Miley Cyrus thinks about it. While none of the answers inspried me to rush out and change up my entire wardrobe, they did reveal a suprising fact about Liam. He has no idea he’s hot. Which explains everything. Specifically how Miley Cyrus convinced him to marry her. (And father her child?!!?)

In an excerpt from the interview on Hollywood Life, he discusses unconditional love and what he thinks it means.

Another thing Liam loves about Miley is that she loves him unconditionally. According to Liam, he could be wearing a paper sack and she wouldn’t criticize his outfit.

Um, Liam, that’s not because she loves you unconditionally. It’s that you’re hot unconditionally. You are one of the few men in the world who could wear a paper sack to a bar and pick up women.

Not only would women be totally into the paper sack, but men would be too. They’d all show up to the bar the next night wearing them. In different colors — and with boat shoes if it’s summer. Suddenly paper sacks would be all the rage and no one would even remember how to put on pants anymore. Future kids would find a pair of jeans, look at us quizzically and ask, “you’re telling me that when you grew up, people wore ‘pants’ outside and shit?”

So yeah, Miley would be slightly stupid to criticize anything Liam wore. Also, one time she wore a sheet and Billy Ray Cyrus in public, so I think she lost all “you’re wearing that out of the house!?!” privileges.

While at first the idea that Liam didn’t know he was hot shocked me, I then thought about his upbringing and the fact that his brother is the even hotter Chris Hemsworth. Life must have been dark in that shadow. That big, hulking, small-ponytailed shadow. I guess Miley realized this fact a lot sooner than the rest of us and nabbed him before anyone told him that he could do better.



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