Video: Kreayshawn Drops Candy Colored Clip For Putrid New Single “Go Hard (La.La.La)”

Mommy, where do memes go when they die?

Well, if they’re very lucky, they already have a record contract, so they get to duplicate their initial idea over and over, only a little bit worse every time. But also, with higher production values. It’s called “winning the hype cycle.”

So it goes with Kreayshawn, whose stubborn refusal to just go away after the viral success of “Gucci Gucci,” and viral non-success of follow-up “Rich Whores,” will culminate with the release of her first (oh God, will there be more?) full-length album Something About Kreay on August 14th.

The first single and video, “Go Hard (La.La.La.)” dropped today, and it’s got all the elements we’ve come to expect from her: bright colors, mediocre rapping, and a halfhearted entreaty to juvenile delinquency.

With its colorful animation and fresh thrift store style, the video itself is actually pretty nifty. But as always, I’m struck by the enormous gap between Kreayshawn’s visual abilities and her verbal ones. Here is a representative couplet:

“What it do, let it go and go hard/let me see you do it, go hard, like real hard”

She’s got the same bratty delivery she did on “Gucci Gucci”, as well as the same delight in mocking people who work service jobs (not everyone is comfortable stealing their stepfather’s credit cards, okay?), but the clever rhymes are just not there.

The video also continues Kreay and Lil’ Debbie‘s tradition of terrible, stiff-hipped dancing…they’re sitting down and dancing with their hands the whole time! Is their idea of “going hard” popping percs and sipping sizzurp until they can’t stand up? Because I see no other reason for this laziness. You are young, fucking look alive!

Then there’s the chorus, which does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do when Kreay goes “scream at the top of your lungs like…la la la,” as the notes descend anticlimactically into her weak lower register. That said, there’s something vaguely creepy and Eminem-like about this hook, making it the best part of the song.

Wow, did I just spend 300+ words critically engaging with Kreayshawn like she was a real artist? I sure did! Tune in next time, when I analyze the musical strengths and weaknesses of Keyboard Cat.

(Via Pitchfork)

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    • Jam

      You weren’t lying. That song was terrible. Haha

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh God, the one minute I sat through was just awful.