Bummed That You Didn’t Get Your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter? Us Too! Here Are 8 Letter-Inspired Crafts From Etsy So You Can Pretend

I Need My Hogwarts Letter July 24 Etsy necklace tote bag tattoo Hogwarts acceptance letter Harry Potter

Did you know that July 24th has special significance in the Harry Potter universe? Obviously July 31st is Harry’s birthday, but it turns out that it’s exactly one week before that he receives his first acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (The first of many, seeing as Vernon and Petunia burn it and then next thing you know, letters are shooting through the door and flying out of the fireplace.) Even though the last book came out exactly five years ago, Potterheads are obviously still feeling the nostalgia when the 24th rolls around. Because one of the trending topics on Twitter today was I Need My Hogwarts Letter.

I legitimately remember watching my 11th birthday come and go (I was a fall baby, too!) without receiving my letter, and being devastated because I truly believed that it would happen. Now I imagine we bear that disappointment with a heavy dose of irony, but I know that it still hurts. That’s why we’ve searched through Etsy and rounded up the best “Hogwarts acceptance letter” art. Who knew this iconic object had such versatility? In our gallery you’ll see straightforward letters, incredibly creative jewelry, and even some body art.

Photo: Quickmeme

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