The Most Real Thing About Bunheads Is The Shock That Someone Didn’t Finish Fifty Shades Of Grey

Y’all. I am seriously counting down the days until Bunheads is over. I watch this week by week for you. And that you is probably like five people if that. I missed the live episode last night because I was busy with my real life, figuring I could catch it again at 10pm since they usually run encore episodes. Except ABC Family decided to re-run The Secret Life Of The American Teenager instead, which is a whole other issue that I need to talk to my therapist about. So I spent an hour on Sidereel trying to illegally stream this episode knowing that these hacker/pirate types are laughing their asses off at me for trying to watch Bunheads of all things.

But the videos wouldn’t work so I let some of them load overnight and got up an extra hour early to watch this shit. And no, it wasn’t worth it. Nothing is realistic in this place. It’s Michelle’s birthday and her friend flies in from Vegas to celebrate with going to a movie truck. What in the hell is a movie truck? It’s a movie theater. In a truck. Apparently this is a thing. Fanny decides to take a week off on a whim, leaving Michelle to teach Fanny’s classes. Do you see these dance classes? No. Because God forbid Bunheads included more than five seconds of dance. Excuse me while I bang my head on my keyboard jfkda;gore’pigvjnvckn. This show is going to kill me.

Anyway. The most realistic thing out of the entire season that I’ve picked up on is the complete shock when Truly admits at the book club that she didn’t finish Fifty Shades Of Grey. These ladies can’t believe it! Sure, Truly is kind of homely and reserved. But the quiet ones are always the freaks, eh? She should have finished that book. Everyone is so up in arms about her not finishing it, and I was too! It’s how I am with my friends who haven’t finished it or haven’t even read it. I’m all “OMG READ FASTER SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT!”

When a friend of mine says she’s not into that kind of book, I politely want to slap her upside the head. “It’s not porn!” I would yell. Sure, it might be Twilight fan-fiction, and it’s certainly not a literary masterpiece like Harry Potter. But this shit is good. The storyline is important and touching. Why can’t women read sexy books in public? I will proudly walk around with that gray tie plastered on my book cover (this is very Hester Prynne) and say “Yes, strangers, I love this book!”

So yeah I’d say it’s pretty accurate that the book club is so upset that Truly didn’t finish the book. It probably would do her character some good to take a nice long bath with Christian Grey. She’s way too high strung.

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    • Emma

      Hah my friend could finish fifty shades of grey because she’s into bdsm and found the book waaaay to inaccurate. She also complained about the overall lack of sex and how bad it was written. I think I’ll stick to the free porn on the Internet.

      • Caitlin Corsetti

        I know a lot of people are upset at the way BSDM is portrayed in the book. As far as the “lack of sex” is concerned, it’s supposed to be more about the progression of the relationship between Anastasia and Christian. It’s definitely a misconception that the book is just sex, sex, sex all the time.

    • KAS

      Definitely my favourite episode so far in the series, how can you not love this show? That final dance scene (which I believe was longer than five seconds.) was amazing and really encapsulated what was going on with Sasha, who I think has become my favourite character on the show.

      • Caitlin Corsetti

        I like the characters because they’re weird and funny, but that really comes down to the writers. This show just isn’t realistic, much like every other show on ABC Family.

    • Nicole

      I am one of those people who stopped watching this show after the pilot. I have just been frequently looking up whether this show was finally canceled. While realizing abcfamily is still stupid and hasn’t canceled this show (yet) I came across your article. I totally agree with everything. I am no professional dancer but with the amount of dance in did for 5 years, even I could tell this show is a joke JUST by off the pilot. The humor was funny at times but then started to get old. Even comedy wednesdays aren’t that cheesy. Anyway, hope abcfamily will get a brain and finallly cancel the circus show. It’s about time. They need to bring back make it or break it.

      • Caitlin Corsetti

        I wish I could stop watching! I have articles to write. And yes, I agree, the kitschy humor is only funny for so long.