5 Lessons Learned From Caroline Manzo and Meghan McCain On What What Happens Live


My mom has always been on my case for watching reality TV. “How can you watch this trash TV?” “Can’t you do something better with your time?!” Well mom, I really can’t. Because if I skipped out on five nights with Andy Cohen and his celebrity guests on What What Happens Live, I would lose out on a ton of learning moments.

Now I admit, some of his guests are more stimulating than other (clearly I get more from Anderson Cooper than Alexis Bellino). Sunday’s guest, however, were a bit brighter than other bulbs, with political correspondent Meghan McCain and street-smart housewife Caroline Manzo. These two ladies taught me some pretty valuable lessons.

1. Meghan McCain has horrible taste in men. . .
When given the choice to marry, shag or kill Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, the Republican chose to marry Mitt and forget the rest. Has she seen picture of these politicos? Yes, her and Mitt vote for the same team (and the alliteration in their names adds something). But Barry is bangin’!

2. But she’s pretty bad a–. . .
During the always amusing “Plead the Fifth,” Meg let viewers know one lie she told her parents. But really, she gave us a bunch. As part of “research” for her book America, You Sexy Bitch, Meghan took some hits from a bong and traveled to strip clubs. But should we be surprised? She was almost a president’s daughter, after all.

3. But not as bad a– as Caroline Manzo. 
The red-headed Eye-talian is known for being blunt and (to some) a little bitchy. She showed those traits even more tonight. She wasn’t afraid to shoe some attitude when people asked annoying questions. “Why are you taling about Teresa so mch on the show?” “Umm because that’s what the producers tell me to do dumb a– (my interpretation, not her words.)” “How are you and Dina?” “None of your business. I don’t sell my family.” Yeah. You don’t want to mess with this momma.

4. Some states have weird laws. 
In attempts to make Sunday’s episode weirder, Andy Cohen and Co created a game called Law Breaker or Ball Buster, where guests has to decide is an American law was real or fake. And some of them were pretty messed up. Apparently, it is illegal to dress as an alligator in Louissiana. Also, you can’t own more than two dildos in Arizona.  I hope those sex addicts who liek their partner to dress as alligators are in another region.

5. Military men want you to call them. . .
Maybe? The military earned Sunday’s “Mazel of the Day” for their fabulous (and muscular) rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s jam. In addition to defending our country, they have time to learn a dance. Do you think this song and dance could finally end the war in Afghanistan?

(Photo: Bravo TV)


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