The Hunger Games‘ Official Panem Map Changes Everything We Believed About The Districts

Panem map revealed The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook District 4 Mexico

I’ve been a fan of The Hunger Games for a little over a year now, which was good timing: The movie had just been announced, and over the first few months of my fandom we started to get hints and on-set photos from the upcoming film. But one mystery that never got put to rest was what the nation of Panem actually looked like. Author Suzanne Collins had described it well, of course, but even the most detailed fan maps still held their biases. For the longest time, most fans accepted aimmyarrowshigh’s map, which used a nautilus-inspired spiral to demarcate the thirteen districts. But now, we have an honest-to-God, canon map!

Ever since the interactive The Hunger Games Adventures app launched on Facebook, even more than the chance to go hunting alongside our fellow fans in this online game, we’ve looked forward to the promise of unlocking the official map of Panem. We’ve finally reached that moment, though of course Lionsgate continues to tease us by identifying only the Capitol and three of the districts so far. Thanks to for capturing a photo!

The Capitol is about where we expected it to be, protected behind the Rocky Mountains in what used to be Colorado. Districts 11 and 12 are further apart than I envisioned, though that does match up with the commonly-held theories that they’re meant to represent (respectively) the South and the Appalachians/coal country. However, the most interesting choice was to place District 4 almost entirely in Mexico. At least, we think that that locked district is Finnick Odair and Mags‘ home and Panem’s fishing capital. Consider how much coastline there is, which matches with their district’s industry. And, as points out, it would match up with fan theories that Mags is Latina.

So, is District 13 that massive chunk covering Maine and parts of Canada? It would make sense for the bombed-out, supposedly lost district to be at the far stretches of Panem so that no one would stumble upon its functioning society for years, but boy, that’s a lot of land for the Capitol to ignore.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough—go log on to The Hunger Games Adventures so we can unlock the rest of the map! I’d join you, but I’m at work, and somehow I don’t think I can justify spending hours on a Facebook game, even for Crushable…

Photo: Lionsgate via Facebook

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    • Luffy22

      It’s also an iPad/iPhone app :)

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    • Peter Helmetag

      I found distrat 4 it is on the west coast middle, West nottrth west from the capitol

    • James Lonero

      all of the maps except for the one by mrs.orman are illogical in design and based on a fatal flaw that what katniss was taught in school was indoctrination and not a decent education in any sense and because of the poverty and lack of literacy and in a totalitarian
      state your access to information communication and movement are under total control of that state. so everything you were taught could be total B.S.! such as ca. fla, and tx. being under water . based on what i know about geography and geology none of this is possible under the worst conditions of global warming and any changes would be gradual even accellerated by human factors. my map would not include ca. or.wa. az. alb and bc ak and parts of idaho because these areas were never under control of the capitol and never were part of panem and since the information and movement were controlled by the capitol nobody execept for maybe high end goverment officials and maybe the high level peacekeeper commanders would know this secret . secession was never considered as one reason the nation of panem was created and would explain some the reasons for its poverty in outlying districts and if this knowledge that president coin would also have would explain why district 13 was never completely destroyed she had outside help. just a barley wine induced fan fiction scenario

    • Travis

      This article was obviously written by someone who never read the book huh?the statement about the theory that district 12 is in the Appalachians isn’t a theory it’s a fact i the book in black and white.ifigured if you were going to write an article on this you could atleast read the book first jeez…

    • stpdhe

      so district 12 is bordered by the sea? MINDBLOWN! what the hell? who said this map was official, right??

    • Renn

      IMO district 12 is kinda surrounded by forest and stuff… and where’s district 13?

    • David Lok

      Ok, so I’m technically I’m the water, since Houston is really close to the coastline, but I’m in District 4, which makes me happy, cuz swimming is my thing!

      • Alizaye Manigo

        District Four is on the west coast, where it looks more like Cali. I have no idea where District Ten is, but I feel like it is where Texas is for some odd reason. I’m just weird like that.

    • mauricio villegas

      Mexico is district 10 if you alredy know the update of the app says that district 4 is in the north west of usa and district 10 is in all maxico

    • Alizaye Manigo

      The map shows District Four as that mostly California area. District Seven is above that, and District Three is two districts above Eleven, directly northwest of District Twelve. Hope I helped!

    • rein

      Guys…….Where do you think are districts 6 and 8 are located? Guys take a look at panem map captured in a scene before the tour in 11in catching fire movie there you can see 9 its above eleven … 5 is below 4 ….. 1 is above capitol and below 7 …… 7 is above 4 ……. 2 is below capitol….10 is in mexico ..3 is above 9wich is above 11……13 is above 12 ……..theres two district unknown left its either 6 and 8 where do you think are they?

      • rein

        <- Here guys see the photo ……found before this comment

        Note you may not see 1 but according to the HG adventures its right above the capitol……12 surely is above 11 ….3 is above 9…

        My theory is that right beside capitol is 6 cause its transportations are associated to capitol and must bbe near capitol then …..8 i guess is two spaces above 11and right beside 13 cause of the story of bonnie and twill..katniss met them and theire goal is to go to thirteen so maybe they knew because theyre so close and they even cross path in 12

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