Lindsay Lohan Suggests She And Jennifer Lawrence Do Thelma & Louise, Jen Bursts Out Laughing Into Her Pile Of Money

Jennifer Lawrence "okay" gif Lindsay Lohan Thelma & Louise wtfLindsay Lohan must’ve smacked her head when she rear-ended that 18-wheeler while filming Liz & Dick, because on Friday she tweeted this questionable praise for her peer (I use that in only the loosest sense of the word) Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games” is genius. I want to do Thelma&Louise w/her but ala Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys

Of course LiLo is six months late to the Hunger Games party, but the real head-scratcher here is that she seems to think she could wind up on-screen alongside Jennifer. The only way that would happen is in some “Who Wore It Better?” segment, or maybe representing the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to celebrity wealth. It’s kind of pathetic that Linds thinks she can tweet something like this and we’ll all say, “Well sure, sweetie, that’s the perfect project for you girls to tackle!” She’s clearly just trying to raise her starpower by any means necessary, seeing as we currently associate her with the horrifying news that her dad has knocked up his ex Kate Major.

It’s a good thing that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have a Twitter, because then she doesn’t have to awkwardly fend off LiLo’s weird affections. She’s got House at the End of the Street and Silver Linings Playbook coming out soon, then she’s shooting her second movie in a row with last year’s Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper, then she’s helming the sequels to two major franchises before 2014. Plus, she’s actually talented and doesn’t have time for this shit.

This is just embarrassing! It’s not like it’s some sweet, unexpected star pairing that could actually happen; LiLo has fucked up her life beyond any chance of being on Jen’s level, and to pretend like she has a chance further illustrates how far she’s fallen. You almost feel badly for her, until you consider how many chances she’s had to revive her career and has just shit the bed over and over. Lindsay, try calling up Emma Roberts or Juno Temple—you know, girls who’ve done photo shoots with Tyler Shields, because that’s exactly what your little pipe dream sounds like it’s best suited for.

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    • Amy

      Perfect gif!

    • Jules

      Great gif!!….yeah, I agree, this is embarrassing and so, so, delusional of Lohan. I think Lindsey has about three brain cells rattling around in her noggin and they are fighting with each other.

    • Aaron Saltzer

      That’s right, Put someone down that is trying to revive their career. You are so mean. You people make me sick, with your fabricated stories of negativity, that are always blown out of proportion.

      • Jenni Maier

        I used to get sick working here! Then I started taking fish oil every day, as well as mixing Pepto Bismol into my morning smoothie. And now I can can print fabricated stories of negativity with only slight nausea.

    • Jules

      @Aaron…Hey, Lindsay Lohan put that tweet out for the world to see…there were no “fabricated stories of negativity” just a response to that particular tweet. Lohan is self-destructive and, as Natalie wrote has had NUMEROUS opportunities to save her career and has screwed each opportunity up. So, that’s why it seems ridiculous that Lohan would ever think (even for a nano second) that she could EVER work with Jennifer Lawrence. If Lohan wants to work with someone of Jennifer Lawrence’s caliber, than perhaps she should start by getting her shit together, become a better person, better (and more reliable actress) and earn respect in the industry and the public.

    • Taylor

      HA! What interview/Q&A is that gif from? I’d love to see what that response is really intended for.

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